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Schmorl’s Node Treatment With Advanced Clinical Methods In Malaysia

This article covers Schmorl’s Nodes as well as how it is diagnosed and what you should do.

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Schmorl's Node in the spine

What Is Schmorl’s Node?

By definition, a Schmorl’s Node (also known as Schmorl’s nodules) is either a downward or upward notching or protrusions (pushing) of the spinal disc cartilaginous structures and bony surfaces of spinal bones called vertebrae. Schmorl’s Node is a common occurrence of degenerative changes with aging, detected in routine spine x-rays. However, we may also find it in young adults and even teenagers.

Schmorl’s Nodes or Schmorl’s Nodules (spine nodules) in young adults and teenagers are often hereditary predisposition results. 70% of those diagnosed with Schmorl’s nodes are said to have a genetic predisposition. In essence, a Schmorl’s Nodes is a vertical herniation of the spinal disc. This herniation often results when there is a weakness in the vertebral end-plates. Although most cases are asymptomatic, they are clinically significant.

Schmorl's Node causing wedged vertebrae

A clinical research study of 400 back pain patients reported Schmorl’s nodes in about 20% of the participants. Therefore, you should take steps to avoid the complications of additional spinal disorders as you age if you have Schmorl’s Nodules. As such, it becomes a point of clinical significance, especially when the discovery of Schmorl’s Nodes is in teenagers and younger adults.

How A Schmorl’s Node Diagnose?

The most common diagnosis of Schmorl’s Nodes is through spinal x-rays. But, CT-scan and MRI assessmentsMRI images of Schmorl's Node offer a much greater detail of the vertical disc herniation. X-rays, CT Scans, or MRI tests will show a notch or a bump seen pushing into the vertebrae. This little notch is called a Schmorl’s Node. As mentioned earlier, the diagnosis of Schmorl’s Nodes in young adults is a point of concern. Although most of these cases are genetically linked, some develop it due to excessive load-bearing activities.

Are Spinal Nodes Painful?

A Schmorl’s node is not painful, but they interfere with transferring nutrients from the spinal vertebrae to the spinal disc. The spinal disc does not have a direct blood supply and, as such, is considered avascular. However, they still require a constant flow of blood, which brings in the needed nutrients. The nutrient-rich blood to the spinal disc is obtained through the process of diffusion or soaking up. So, the spinal discs are dependent on the blood vessels within the vertebrae to give them nutrition. Without the needed nutrient, your spinal disc becomes weak, wearing, slipping, and tearing prematurely. So, while a Schmorl’s Node does not cause pain by themselves, they can lead to other conditions.

What Is The Clinical Significance Of These Nodules?

In short, if you have it, it means that there is a weakness in your end-pates. The endplates are the caps situated at the top and bottom of every spinal disc. These are anchors used to connect the spinal disc to the spinal bone. Also, the vertebral endplate is the structure needed to transmit the required nutrients to the spinal disc. Therefore, any weakness in the spinal end-pate will directly impact the health of the spinal discs. As such, those diagnosed with q Schmorl’s Node will develop spinal disc disorders. Therefore, precise preventive plans and even lifestyle changes for the young adults diagnosed are critical regardless of your age at the time of diagnosis.

Teenagers and young adults need urgent preventive measures that help avoid progression. The same applies to older adults, as Schmorl’s Nodules can progress and cause spinal bone collapse, leading to significant pain and disability. Get in touch with us and discover how our methods of combined care are best for you. Our chiropractic and physiotherapy center offers holistic therapy options that fix and repairs the cause of your pain. 

What Are The Treatment Options For Patients With Spine Nodules?

Although there is no specific treatment for Schmorl’s Nodes, there are things that one diagnosed with such a condition can do to prevent other more spinal severe diseases such as degenerative disc disease, herniated disc (slip-disc or slipped disc), or fragmented disc. Prevention is better than cure, and for those with Schmorl’s Nodes, they need to heed the warning. In short, if you have Schmorl’s Nodes, it would be best for you to partake in a preventive program to avoid the nasty pitfalls of a slipped disc.

Prevention should not just be through care or therapy programs but also changes in lifestyles. It is best to avoid heavy lifting or contact sports at a young age. It is best not to do the heavy lifting with a young spine.

If you have spinal disc problems and Schmorl’s Nodes are involved, don’t worry because, at the Chiropractic Specialty Center®, we use unique and cutting-edge technology to repair your injured spinal disc. Our expert chiropractic care plus our clinical physiotherapy is an unmatched collaborative method of care. We can provide results not available anywhere else. If you have pain from muscles, ligaments, joints, or spinal disc, call our center today. We are Malaysia’s premier center for neck pain, back pain, slipped disc (slip-disc), and sports injuries. If diagnosed with Schmorl’s Node, call us today for targeted therapy and an effective preventive and management program.

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