Slipped Disc & Spondylosis Treatment

A slipped disc occurs when the soft portion of the cushions or spinal disc is pushed out or slips out. Slipped discs can be painful if they compress the spinal cord or nerves. A slipped disc is not a medical term; It is a layperson's term that is now common. The following is a list of medical terminologies descriptive of a slipped disc:

  1. Bulged disc
  2. Herniated disc
  3. Protruded disc
  4. Prolapsed disc
  5. Extruded disc
  6. Fragmented disc

On the other hand, spondylosis is degenerative arthritis commonly seen in persons with sciatica or slipped discs (bulging, herniated, protruded, prolapsed, or extruded discs). Bone spurs that grow from the edges of the spinal bones (vertebrae) are called spondylosis. Spondylosis can be pretty painful and even cause disability with compression of nerves or the spinal cord. 

Can Spondylosis And Slipped Disc Be Treated Without Surgery Or Injections

Slipped discs and spondylosis are treatable without injections or surgery. Injections or surgery should only be contemplated when you have exhausted a thorough course of conservative care.

The best treatment for a slipped disc or spondylosis is a combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy.  However, chiropractors and physiotherapists are not all alike. Some are better than others!

What Is The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Slipped Disc & Spondylosis?

The best non-surgical spine care for acute and chronic cases is CSC's NSD Therapy® methods of care. NSD Therapy® is for you if you have sciatica, spondylosis, or slipped disc. It is a combination of evidence-based chiropractic combined with clinical physiotherapy, nutrition, and targeted rehabilitation. NSD Therapy® is the most advanced and comprehensive form of spine care. There is nothing better than NSD Therapy®.

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