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We Can Heal Back Pain Without Injections Or Surgery

Get treated at our award-winning center today. Our clinical teams can heal back pain without injections or surgery! CSC’s advanced methodology (NSD Therapy®) & breakthrough therapy devices can give you lasting relief from back pain; contact a CSC center near you today!

How To Heal Your Back Pain Without Medication, Injections, Or Surgery?

Many have asked, what is the best method to heal back pain? As a result, we have prepared this article to answer that question. Back pain is the leading cause of disability for millions. It is the number one reason for emergency room visits and missed workdays. Before providing the answer to the question, let’s explore the primary reasons why back pain is becoming such a huge problem:

  • We sit too long
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Neglecting a minor back issue
  • Improper treatments

Why Sitting Is The Number One Cause Of Back Pain?

proper sitting at a computer

Pay attention to your posture if you want to heal back pain. Prolonged sitting and poor sitting posture is the leading cause of back pain. In a seated position, the spinal disc is under excessive load. Anytime the spinal joints or spinal discs are under load, the pressures within discs and joints increase. The average intradiscal pressure (pressure inside spinal discs) in the supine position (lying on your back) is 25mmgh.

Standing for prolonged periods can increase this pressure to 100mmgh. Bending at the waist rises it to 150mmgh. But, sitting can increase the intradiscal pressure to 200mmgh. And, leaning forward in a seated position can lead to intradiscal pressures of 250mmgh or more. The increased pressures in joints and spinal discs during sitting positions lead to degenerative changes that are life-changing.

So, the first thing you would need to do is to be aware of your posture. This holds especially true if your job requires sitting. The worst sitting position is one that requires you to sit in front of a laptop. Those who use a computer regularly sit in a slightly flexed position. As such, these are individuals that experience more serious forms of back pain. Healing back pain is not possible unless poor posture is limited. You may not be able to avoid sitting, but you should pay attention to your sitting posture.

Don’t Neglect Minor Pains.

There is no such thing as a normal backache. So, if the pain you experience isn’t normal, shouldn’t you have it checked out? Of course, you should. It is always better to solve a simple problem than a complicated issue such as a herniated disc, extruded disc, or fragmented disc. Back pain treatment needs to start as soon as you feel pain. You can initiate some of them at home. For starters, put an ice pack for 15 minutes on your back. Icing the back will reduce the swelling. But, make sure not to the ice for more than 15 minutes and never put ice directly on the skin. It would help if you used a towel. Between the ice pack and your skin. If the pain continues or emerges again, visit one of our centers.

Our advice to those that experience even the mildest back issue is to visit a Chiropractic Specialty Center® near you. If you live in Shah Alam, visit the best clinical chiropractic and physiotherapy team of experts in Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam) today. We can provide the targeted treatments to heal back pain without injections or spine surgery.

Improper Treatment Of Mild Pain Lead To Complicated Back Issues

excerpt of research on back pain & chiropractic care

The Klang Valley has hundreds of competing centers claiming to offer effective therapies for back pain. However, the vast majority of them lack a basic understanding of identifying the actual cause of back pain. Identifying the cause through proper diagnosis is the first step toward recovery. Improper diagnosis is the leading reason for a failed recovery. Therefore, we encourage you to opt for focused treatment that addresses the actual cause of your pain.

Our clinical teams have the expertise, knowledge, and specialized technology to diagnose and treat you holistically. Holistic treatment of the spine through our advanced corrective methods of chiropractic and physiotherapy is second to none. Moreover, our breakthrough spine technology has helped thousands avoid surgery or injections.

How To Heal Back Pain Without Surgery?

As mentioned, numerous centers treat back pain. The most effective of these centers are those that address patients collaboratively. In other words, chiropractic and physiotherapy are the best means of back pain care if you want to avoid spine surgery. However, the provided treatments must consider joint and spinal disc health before care. Chiropractic treatment that incorporates rotatory adjustments (manual adjustments with patients lying on their sides) tends to aggravate the joint. Yes, it feels great to get the spine cracked, but in particular instances, it can further irritate the joint capsule or spinal discs.

Aggressive Physiotherapy

Similarly, aggressive physiotherapy is stretching, and exercise programs can damage an existing back issue. Exercise is essential to recovery. But, your chiropractor or physiotherapist must provide it at the proper time. In other words, the joints and spinal discs must be stable enough to withstand the stretching and exercise program. Furthermore, your chiropractor and your physiotherapist should deliver therapies such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or traction explicitly to tissues in need with precise settings that target the cause.

Far too many centers perform ultrasound therapy inaccurately or provide traction therapies that further aggravate a spinal condition. Traction therapy is an outdated means of treating mechanical spine conditions. The majority of patients receiving traction find it useless. However, advanced traction methods that utilized specialized devices for the spine, such as the RxDecom®, can provide targeted methods of care when traction fails.

The RxDecom® provides the best and most advanced means of spinal decompression therapy. In fact, through the RxDecom®, we have managed to fix, repair, and even reverse severe spinal disc herniation, extrusion, and partially fragmented discs. Don’t just take our word for it; read about our proven slipped disc treatments.

Let Our Clinical Teams Of Chiropractors & Physiotherapists Provide The Targeted Treatments You Need.

We can heal back pain without spine surgery. Our clinical integrative teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam have the expertise and the technology to heal back pain without spine surgery, injections, or medication. If you live in Klang or near Setia Alam, please contact our chiropractic & physiotherapy center in Setia Alam.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Shah Alam (Kota Kemuning & in Setia Alam), Bukit Damansara, Petaling Jaya, and Sungai Buloh specialize in advanced clinical back pain treatments through non-surgical decompression therapy (NSD Therapy®). In our centers, we combine research-based chiropractic, clinical physiotherapy, advanced spinal decompression, and target-specific rehabilitation to heal back pain without neck surgery or back surgery.

NSD Therapy® has been proven the most effective method of preventing patients with back problems from going under the knife. If your doctor suggests surgery, you should always take the initiative to seek a second opinion before making your decision. Back surgery should always be the last option as any surgical procedure comes with its own set of risks.

Chiropractors and physiotherapists at Chiropractic Specialty Center® have teams of experts who can help you answer your questions and doubts. We have several locations throughout the Klang Valley. If you live in Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, or Sungai Buloh, rest assured that our clinical teams can deliver the best non-surgical back treatment options for you.

Can Surgery Heal Or Cure Your Back Pain?

Spine surgery is much like a patch. As with any patch, it may help for a while but can reoccur. Therefore, in our opinion, back surgery should be the absolute last resort. Moreover, our views regarding spine surgery are based on the research published by surgical and non-surgical experts. The best thing you can do for your back pain is the non-invasive methods of care we offer in our centers. So, before opting for invasive procedures, learn as much as you can. Life is too short to live with regrets.

What Are The Surgical Goals Of Spine Surgery?


The shared goal of surgery is to achieve decompression of a disc bulge, disc herniation, or disc extrusion. Surgical decompression removes the compressive effects by cutting the protruded, bulged, or herniated disc fibers. The problem with this procedure is that it does not address the cause of your spinal disc disorder. In other words, your back pain may have resulted from weak muscles, injured ligaments, irritated joints, and of course, tears and slippage of spinal discs.

The surgical intervention only addresses one component, the slip of the protruded disc. They go in and cut those fibers. Some procedures may even involve the shaving of bones and spinal joints. The process of cutting protruded discs, and shaving the bony landmarks of the spine in itself, often leads to additional problems later in life.

Spinal joints and spinal discs are encapsulated structures, and an invasive procedure will alter the homeostasis of the spinal joint and spinal discs. Yes, it is possible to have a pain-free life for a while. The length of improvements is dependent on several factors, and it varies from person to person. Currently, published research puts this pain-free period anywhere from two to five years. And that is if your surgery is successful! The invasive nature of spine surgery and the harmful impact on the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) is the primary reason for the relapse of back pain. Also, there are scenarios where patients get worse after surgical intervention.

Complications and side effects of spine surgery are too numerous for us to address in this brief article but can include increased pain, numbness in legs, weakness in legs, paralysis, or worse. There are several types of back surgery. We will discuss the three most common types of back surgery here.


Laminectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the bony arc called the lamina. The lamina is an essential bone proving attachment points for muscles and a protective barrier for the spinal cord and nerve. Removal of the lamina leads to more serious spine issues later. The laminectomy process starts with the removal of the lamina, bone spurs (bony projections), muscles, and ligaments, leading to spinal instabilities. Spinal instabilities brought forth through laminectomy are a leading cause of disability.

Patients that opt for a laminectomy can experience acute pains for months or years following their surgery. Most complain of a recurrence of pain months or years post the operative procedures. In addition to laminectomy, some may also have a spinal fusion, which may further stress the healthy spinal segments. Spinal fusion can help stabilize the spinal segment in need of an operative intervention but places undue burdens on adjacent vertebrae. In time, the healthy vertebrae start showing signs of wear and tear. The wear and tear of the healthy vertebrae result from increased stresses resulting from the fusing of spinal bones.

Discectomy will not heal back pain!

Spinal dIscectomy & laminectomy

Discectomy is a procedure whereby parts or the entire intervertebral (IV) disc is surgically removed to relieve the area of nerve root compression. If only a part of the IV disc is removed, it is referred to as micro-discectomy, while removing the entire IV disc is called a discectomy. A microdiscectomy is a minor invasive procedure when compared to the traditional open back discectomy. However, this would entirely depend on the severity of the IV disc herniation, i.e., disc bulge, herniation, and extrusion. Apart from that, the recovery rate post-operation is lesser in a microdiscectomy compared to a discectomy procedure. The downfall of micro-discectomy is that in time a relapse occurs, and such is the need for further surgical interventions. Therefore, a conservative course of care is better in the long term. But for conservative care to work, it must be targeted and based on accurate diagnosis.

Spinal Fusion Has The Highest Failure Rate According To Published Research!spinal fusion a closeup view

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure performed to fuse or join two or more vertebrae. Typically, it is provided together or in combination with other surgical procedures such as discectomy. Spinal fusion can relieve some of the nerve root compression, but the loss of segment mobility often causes additional issues that were not present before.

Spine fusion is often performed on patients with hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum, spinal canal stenosis, or facet arthritis (facet hypertrophy). Patients are always told that symptoms can decrease, but recently published research has reported that 75% of patients who opt for spine fusion still suffer in pain years after spine surgery. Before you opt for a non-reversible operative procedure, contact us for effective conservative treatment. We have helped many with failed spine surgery and can do the same for you. Our center offers the best treatment option for a slipped disc in Malaysia. Let our experts help your recovery today.

It is normal to feel worried or anxious when you are diagnosed with a herniated disc. Ultimately, it is your decision. But, do take our advice and avoid spine surgery. You should exhaust your conservative treatment first before even thinking of getting surgery.

You are the one who has to live with the successes or failures that result from the type of care you receive. So, it behooves you to learn as much as you can about the surgical and non-surgical methods to heal back pain. We encourage all back pain patients to choose our proven non-invasive methods to heal back pain before opting for a surgical approach. NSD Therapy® has helped many mild and even severe slipped disc patients regain better back without surgery.

 NSD Therapy® can Heal back pain without injections or surgery faster

NSD Therapy

Best of all, NSD Therapy® makes it possible for you to live a healthy, active, pain-free life without the risks and side effects of surgery. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the best spine and joint treatment center in Malaysia. Our non-surgical methods of treatment are second to none. Back pain and neck pain are common conditions caused by a variety of health conditions. Visit our article section to learn more about our methods and treatments. The articles we provide on our site can help you understand your condition better.

Don’t wait until surgery becomes your only option. Call Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, or Sungai Buloh today. We have qualified clinicians who can discuss the benefits and risks of the different treatment forms as related to your condition. Let our team help you understand all the options that others have not mentioned to you. So, if you want to heal back pain without spine surgery, visit one of our centers today.

chiropractic & physiotherapy treatment with breakthrough technology

Contact one of our centers today and start your recovery from back pain. At CSC, we treat back pain through advanced methods of chiropractic combined with physiotherapy & breakthrough technology. CSC’s methodology will heal your back pain without surgery or injections; call us now.

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