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Learn what are the Causes of Herniated Disc (Slipped Disc)

Our Clinical Teams Treats the Root Causes of Herniated Disc.

What is the Cause of Herniated Disc (Slipped Disc) and How to treat it Without Surgery?

Disc damage, prolonged sitting and poor posture are the primary cause of herniated disc. Spinal disc damage occurs with prolonged sitting, injuries and poor posture. Herniated discs are better known by the lay-term “Slipped Discs” are an incredibly common disorder. Our modern lifestyles and a lack of sufficient activity have predisposed our backs to undue stresses. In this section of our website, we will familiarize you with the cause of herniated disc as well as the non-surgical options that your surgeon forgot to mention!

Some people experience back pain as a fleeting problem, but for many, the pain lingers, becoming an agony almost impossible to bear. Today, back pain is fast becoming an epidemic in which there is no immunity. Besides the common cold in the United States, back pain results in more lost workdays than any other affliction. The economic burden of back pain in the United States is reported to have been as high as 196 Billion US dollars in 2006 alone!

Causes of herniated disc that compress spinal cord and nerves.

Spinal Disc Is Best Treated Non-Surgically

A herniated or slipped disc is a painful condition affecting the young and the old alike. It is the leading cause of disability. A herniated disc is the number one reason why people have spinal surgery. It also has the highest and most flawed method of care compared to any other spine disorder. The most common site for a herniated or slip disc is the low back, but it can occur anywhere in the spine. Approximately 80% of spinal disc issues are in the neck or low back. Key to recovery without surgery is a therapy that addresses all causes of herniated disc.

Treatments offered by most do little as they lack the ability in targeting the root causes of herniated disc. Some, don’t have the proper therapy equipment, while others are inexperienced. What is worse, are the centers with limited knowledge or insufficient skills to address the real cause of herniated disc (slipped disc). And as such, the vast majority of patients treated fail to show sustainable improvements.

Effective Therapy and Treatments for a Slipped Disc?

For therapy to be effective, it must address all of the root causes of a herniated disc. The multiple causes of herniated disc make it difficult for many to offer you effective non-surgical solutions. so treatments must be focused and target specific. For the treatment to be effective, the therapist and your doctor must have a thorough understanding of your condition. Furthermore, treatment options must be holistic. In other words, the treatment and therapies you get should address all of your spinal disc issues at their roots. So, patch-ups or short-term palliative care and even painkillers or muscles relaxers fail in the long-term. Thus, so it benefits you to investigate your options; choosing those that removes all barriers preventing repairs. In other words, opt for targeted treatments that repair the root causes of herniated disc. Before a disc herniates, it must go through some changes.

These changes include muscular weakness, ligamentous laxity, joint fixation and of course: insufficient blood flow to the injured disc. Holistic care means treating every aspect or as many elements as possible. Anything short of this will lead to reaggravation, flare-ups and even worsening of your condition. Shortcuts and ineffective treatments do not address the causes of herniated discs. Neglecting your spinal disc issues or any attempts at getting by through shortcuts will only result in more misery. Mainly because in time you will get worse and may even need surgical intervention. In other words, don’t waste time with ineffective or insufficient attempts for the sake of short-term gains.

We Address and Correct the Cause of Slipped Discs

Some offer pain management but, yet pain management will fail as they only have limited clinical applications. You should manage health conditions for which there are no fixes, repairs or cures. A herniated spinal disc (Slipped Disc) does not fall into the category where pain management is the primary means of care. For those with significant discomfort, pain management should be rendered concurrent with a holistic corrective care. Pain management has never addressed the causes of herniated disc, and it will fall short.

Since we do not live in a perfect world, holistic clinics and hospitals are hard to find. Successful treatments occur when you get comprehensive care. So, when it comes to herniated discs, absolute knowledge as to the causes of herniated disc (slip disc) as well as effective treatments options are paramount for successful outcomes.

Chiropractic Specialty Center has gone to great lengths to acquiring breakthrough technologies that provide effective holistic care that targets the root causes of herniated disc. Besides, we hold regular training and educational courses. We are continually improving our skills and knowledge through research. In short, we have put measure and taken steps to bringing non-operative treatments that none has in Southeast Asia. In fact, we are not aware of any that offer the same or similar form of holistic therapy anywhere else.

Research-Based Non-Surgical Treatment for Disc Herniation in Malaysia

Our commitment to research and learning has enabled us clinical successes that others can not match. Hence, the reason why so many of our patients come from India, the Middle East, Africa and even Europe. For they come to us in search of our non-operative care. Don’t just take our word for it, visit us today to compare. They come to our centers from all over the world because our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors offer the best of world-class treatments right here in Malaysia         

Healthy disc without compression of spinal cord or spinal nerves.

At our centers, we spend lots of time analyzing the cause of your condition.

Our root-cause-analysis of a spinal disc takes much into consideration. What we mean by this is that our clinical research-based teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists will spend enough time to understand your daily activities, especially those that contributed to your disc herniation. When we treat you, we consider the whole being and not just the damaged part hence, the initial steps of a holistic treatment option. Our unique methods of comprehensive (holistic) spine treatments are just one aspect of why we achieve results when others fail! There are many other essential components but, we will not bore you with those here. Our Bulging Disc, Degenerated Disc, Sciatica and Slipped Disc treatments work better because our treatments are focused, targeted methods that repair your spinal disc holistically.

Our spine treatments incorporate the best and most effective principals of treatments in chiropractic and physiotherapy, all under one roof. Best of all, treatments your get for your neck pain or back pain is further backed by advanced spine technology that others do not have. But what makes us unique is not just our technology, it is our compassion and our willingness to listen and hear all that you have to say. Every bit of information is helpful in your recovery. When you visit one of our centers, you will notice that we take lots of time to document and analyze the actual cause of your pain.

Top view of a degenerated spinal disc.

What are the actual Causes of Disc Herniation?

The simple fact is that a healthy spinal disc does not herniate (slip disc). In fact, some degenerative changes are necessary before a disc can herniate [Jill PG Urban and Sally Roberts 2003]. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, disc herniations do NOT occur suddenly. Even in a traumatic accident (i.e., auto accident, sports injury, etc.), disc herniations only occur when there is a pre-existing condition such as a degenerated disc.

According to research presented by orthopedic surgeons Adams & Hutton: mechanically induced ruptures of a healthy spinal disc are only induceable in vitro (controlled laboratory testing) by mechanical forces larger than those that are ever commonly encountered; in most experimental tests, the vertebral body failed rather than the disc [Adams & Hutton].

Disc hydration and disc vascularization.

Direction of Slippage in Disc Herniation

In most cases, the discs herniate (either partially or entirely) posteriorly (towards the back) or postero-laterally (towards, both back and side). When a disc herniates (slips) it presses on the nerve roots in the spinal canal (the spinal canal houses the spinal cord) or the foramina (the opening in-between each vertebra, where nerves exit) (Jill PG Urban and Sally Roberts 2003).

Herniated lumbar and cervical discs have proven to be a clinical challenge and to understand this; we must take a closer look at the mechanism of disc herniations and its clinical implications. In other words, all of the root causes of herniated disc must be discovered before formulating a treatment plan. And you know what, we are the best at identifying these issues. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of slipped discs are the reason why so many doctors, surgeons, and even hospital directors send their loved to our Doctors of Chiropractic for treatments.

Human Spinal Disc

Spinal discs are avascular structures. In other words, they do not have a direct blood supply. To comply with the demands of the hungry disc cells; nutrients diffuse inwards. The diffusion of nutrients takes place through the vertebral end-plate. The vertebral end-plates are less than 1 mm thick and embedded in the bones of the spine. Contrary to the common belief, these vertebral end-plates are not part of the vertebra, but part of the spinal disc. It serves the spinal disc by providing an anchoring point to the vertebra and as a structure through which nutrient must diffuse through. Injury and neglect of minor spinal conditions lead to a malfunction to end-pates and an eventual interruption in the flow of nutrients to a spinal disc. Continued disruption in the flow of nutrients is the leading cause of a herniated disc.

Load bearing cause of herniate discs.

Lack of the Needed Nutrients is the Primary Cause of a Herniated Disc

Disc cells manufacture the aggrecan (protein molecule that is the building block of disc cells) molecules. Disc cells continuously create, replace and rebuild the aggrecan molecules. As long as the disc cells have a proper uninterrupted flow of nutrients (water, glucose, amino acids and oxygen) and a non-acidic environment, the spinal disc can rebuild and repair as needed. An interruption in the flow of nutrient flow for the starving discal cells leads to degenerative changes. These degenerative changes in-turn leads to a more severe disc condition such as a bulging or herniated disc.

Often, a herniated disc compresses the sensitive nerve fibers as they exit the spine. Compression of these fibers can lead to a local or radiating pain of varying intensity. The most disturbing aspect of a herniated disc is not the pain caused by the compression, but rather the prolonged compression of the spinal cord or nerve. Thus, the importance of having our expert clinical teams assesses all aspects of your pain for a complete recovery. Our clinical team’s skills and knowledge is unmatched by others. At our centers, you will find the best Chiropractic Physicians in Malaysia. Our team members wrote this article, and as you can see, we know the spine inside-and-out. Hence, We Treat You Better!

So, don’t settle for less. You only have one spine. Let our team provide the care you need today.   

Spinal Cord and the Spinal Nerves

Unlike the spinal disc, the spinal cord and the spinal nerves have a direct blood supply. Tiny vessels within the spinal cord and spinal nerve provide the nutrients needed by that nerve to function. These small vessels often get compressed and pinched; disrupting the proper flow of nutrients into the spinal cord or nerve, which can lead to degeneration and possible necrosis (death of cells) of the neuronal (nerve) fibers, causing life-long neurological impairments.

Nerves control all cells in the human body, and for us to function at a 100%, we need our nerves free from compressions and irritation. The human body a magnificent structure with an elaborate system of checks and balances through nerves. So, it behooves us to ensure their proper and uninterrupted function.

The Importance of Fixing a Pinched Spinal Nerve

In the human body, there are approximately 800 billion cells. But, what you may not realize is that nerves control the function of each cell. The vast majority of these nerves originate from the spine. So, when a spinal nerve gets compressed, it just may cause more than back pain or neck pain. A compressed spinal nerve can lead to malfunctions that go beyond the aches and pains one feels in or around the spine. In other words, the nerves that exit the lower back controls the functions of muscles of the spine, buttocks, and legs, but most importantly they control the circulation in your abdomen, buttocks, and legs. Additionally, the lower spine nerves also control the functions of your intestines, bowels, bladder, reproductive and sexual organs. Thus, highlighting the importance of fixing pinched nerves.

Pinched Nerve Caused by Herniated Disc

The 62 spinal nerves originate from the spinal cord, situated inside the spinal canal (a protective housing provided by the vertebral column) should not be compressed. Our clinical team is the expert you need to identify these areas of compression for an accurate diagnosis. Once we have diagnosed your condition, we will start our target methods of treatment backed by sophisticated therapy equipment.

For our cell to function at 100%, we need the nerve that controls that cell to function at 100%. Let’s look at another example, the nerves that originate from your neck control not only the muscles, ligaments, joints, disc, and vessels of the neck, but also every single cell in your upper extremities (shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, and fingers). If one of these nerves are irritated, compressed or starts to go through degenerative changes, as seen in necrosis, that nerve, and every cell that it controls loses function.

Load bearing cause of herniate discs.

The bottom line Herniated Disc cause more than just neck pain or back pain!

The bottom line is that a herniated disc is far more complicated than what most believe. They are life changers and the change they bring is life-altering. Take our advice and trust only the learned and experienced. Get your slipped disc treatments from a center like ours. In other words, those that treat all of the root-causes of herniated disc. Back pain or neck pain treatments are only beneficial if they are based on holistic methods of targeting and fixing issues quickly. Having back pain, neck pain or a herniated disc may not be your fault. However, you have no one but yourself to blame for not getting the expert care you need.

When a disc herniates, its fibers protrude (slip) and compress either the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. Prolonged compression of these delicate tissues leads to cellular damage within the nerve fibers. Damaged nerves will lead to disability, which limits every aspect of life. Heed the warning and get care from our team. Our non-surgical treatments are better and more effective compared to the best of what others can do. Don’t get shortchanged, let our team of advanced chiropractors and physiotherapists help you today.

Weakness in Legs and Loos of Bowel and Bladder Functions

A person with a herniated disc (slipped disc or protruded disc) usually develop leg pain, tingling, numbness, and even worse, weakness in the muscles and ligaments of their extremities. In some severe cases, patients develop paralysis of the involved extremity. There are many cases where patients have lost bowel and bladder control in the presence of a lumbar (lower back) disc herniations. Erectile dysfunction often develops when back pain and slipped discs are ignored or treated improperly. As for the females, they can end with gynecological problems including fertility issues.

Therefore, timely diagnosis followed by proper treatments are of vital importance.

So, don’t ignore your pain. If you are a back pain sufferer or a neck pain patient with or without a herniated disc, we can help. Call one of our centers and let our clinical research-based teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists identify and correct the actual causes of herniated disc (slipped disc). Contact Us Now! All you have to lose is the PAIN!

Integrative and Collaborative Approach to SLipped Disc Treatment in Malaysia

At our centers, our clinical teams of physiotherapists will see to all of your therapeutic needs. Your care starts by seeing one of our research-based chiropractors who will pay close attention to actual cause and diagnosis all the root causes of your condition. In short, our collaborative methods are designed to provide you with the best options from chiropractic to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We leave nothing to chance.Atn our centers, you will get the best of both worlds. So, you don’t have to choose between a chiropractor or a physiotherapist anymore.

When you visit one of our centers, the most significant beneficial impact you get occurs when we use our advanced spinal technology. But, it not just the technology that improves you, rather how we use that technology. To put it in cooking terms: many know how to cook, but there are only handful of Michelin Star Chefs. Similarly, our clinical teams of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists offer much more than others. Our knowledge, skills, technology and our archived clinical successes are testaments to how good we are. So, we back up our ability to treat the causes of herniated disc better!

Learn what are the Causes of Disc Herniation (Slip-Disc)
Clinical Knowledge Backed by Advanced Spine Technology

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