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Best Activator Chiropractic Treatment Center in Malaysia

Learn why Activator Method of Chiropractic Treatment is Better than Diversified, Thompson or Gonstead Techniques.

All You Need to Know About the Activator Method of Chiropractic Treatment

An “Activator” is a hand-held chiropractic instrument used in treatments of muscles, ligaments, joints, and spinal discs. The Activator method of chiropractic treatment is the most researched chiropractic treatment techniques today. There are hundreds of clinical trials that support the efficacy and supremacy of this targeted method of chiropractic treatment. It is an-assisted chiropractic treatment method delivered through the hand-held instrument for greater control and efficacy.

Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr first introduced the method in 1967. Dr. Fuhr is the co-founder and current chairman of Activator Methods International. To date, there are over 100 abstracts, manuals, and manuscripts published in reputable peer-reviewed journals, more so than any other analytical method of chiropractic treatment. The U.S. National Institutes of Health, as well as the U.S. National Institute of Chiropractic Research, have been strong supporters of Activator research and methods of treatments.


Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and elbow pain.

What Condition this Instrument Assisted Treatment Method?

The Activator instrument is the most versatile chiropractic tool that is enabling a Doctor of Chiropractic in his or her treatment of the spine, joint and sports injuries with an exceptional level of efficacy. In our center, we use this instrument in treatments of a slipped disc, scoliosis, sports injuries, knee pain, hip pain, foot pain, jaw pain, and shoulder pain and injuries.

Back pain, headaches, and neck pain can be a cause for significant discomfort. Our Doctors of Chiropractic take the time to analyze your condition before coming up with a targeted treatment plan. In general, our Doctors of Chiropractic use this hand-held instrument to help realign a mal-positioned or malfunctional joint or spinal segment. Our chiropractors prefer this method as it uses low-energy pulses to target areas in need of repair or realignment. In short, the Activator instrument can help activate a problematic segment, muscle, or ligament. This is why the method is called the “Activator.”



Chiropractor reviewing MRI, and adjusting a female patient with activator.

So, what are the advantages and why is this used by our Doctors of Chiropractic?

The Activator system of treatment is not new. Chiropractic treatments through this instrument have been actively used for the past six decades and continue to be one of best methods of chiropractic. It is an excellent treatment tool that can help with various stages of repair, recovery, and pain relief. Our chiropractors, as well as thousands of American, Canadian, Australian, and European chiropractors, trust the research behind this method and the value it has to add to their arsenal of tools.

The most clinically critical point that led to the notoriety of the Activator instrument was the level of specificity and control it offers. Chiropractors familiar with this device and those who want to zone in on the troubled area without causing harm will almost always opt for an Activator instrument over the manual hands-on-method of the chiropractic adjustment.


Activator treatment of a shoulder joint.

Activating the Spine or Joints through an Instrument Speed Healing and Recovery Better

Precision, targeted, and focused treatment with the highest degree of control is a must in any part of medicine, and that doesn’t change with a chiropractor. Before you get chiropractic treatment, be it manual or Activator-assisted, our chiropractor will perform a detailed assessment to identify aberrant and malfunctional tissues (muscles, ligaments, spinal discs, and joints). Once your assessment is complete, and a diagnosis rendered treatments may begin. In our centers, we do more than just chiropractic, but also targeted physiotherapy and focused rehabilitation.

So, the combined clinical efforts of our chiropractors and physiotherapists will positively impact the level of care you get from us. Best of all, this instrument can help our doctors of chiropractic to provide you with the best of targeted treatments without rotating or twisting your neck or back. The procedures used by an activator provide you with low-impact pulses to the aggravated region in a controlled manner, not possible through manual means.


Activator treatment of the upper and mid back.

The primary focus of any treatment option is to consider the risk profile.

The most compelling reason for using this chiropractic treatment device is not just its efficacy but also its safety. In other words, when you opt for any care or treatment, be it chiropractic, physiotherapy, medication, spine surgery, or injections, you should always look at how risky the procedure is. Regarding chiropractic treatments, Activator-assisted therapy is considered the safest and least risky of all chiropractic treatment procedures. And that is why our chiropractors, as well as the chiropractors around the world, prefer the Activator instrument as their “go-to” method when treating patients.

It has a plethora of advantages, but this is the one that stands out. It can do well in all situations while pinpointing tense muscles and help in the realignment of malpositioned spinal or joint segments called “subluxation.” Best of all, the Activator method of the spine or joint realignment is a painless and least aggravating or irritating method of chiropractic treatment.

With the risk profile being so small, along with its versatility for the young and old, it is easier to see why our doctors and patients prefer the activator methods of treatments. In fact, once our patients get an Activator-assisted treatment from use, they are no longer interested in the manual hands-on-methods. It feels better and gets the job done at a level not possible with traditional and rotatory methods of spinal manipulations.


Activator Treatment of a Slipped Disc (slip-disc or Herniated disc) treated through technology and activator.

What is the best method of Chiropractic  Treatment for a Slipped Disc (Slip-Disc, Herniated, Prolapsed or Protruded Disc)?

Herniated, protruded, prolapsed, and extruded spinal discs better known as a “Slipped Disc” or “Slip-Disc” are severe spinal conditions requiring precise and accurate non-surgical treatment for recovery. Chiropractors have used a variety of methods and techniques to restore joint position and repair damaged spinal discs. To date, there has been lots of research published in reputable journals citing the benefits of chiropractic and physiotherapy when it comes to patients that suffer from a slipped disc.

As mentioned above, the field of chiropractic has numerous methods of spinal manipulations that restore a joints function. The best and most researched methods of care are those rendered through an activator. In 1998, Drs. Polkinghorm and Colloca published a case report titled “Treatment of symptomatic lumbar disc herniation using activator methods chiropractic technique.”  Their research was published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics on March 1, 1998.

In their research, Drs. Polkinghorm and Colloca concluded the use of an Activator to be of greater benefits over side-posture manipulative techniques that others use. They further related that treatment of a spinal disc lesions, such as a herniated, protruded, prolapsed disc (slipped disc) is better through an activator as opposed to the traditional methods utilized in Gonstead or diversified methods because there are zero torsional stress imposed upon the disc during instrumental spinal adjustment (chiropractic treatment via an Activator.


Can you Activate the Muscles and Trigger Points Thorugh Chiropractic Treatment?

Contrary to the common belief, a chiropractic adjustment does more than just realign your spine. That is if they use an Activator. In fact, an activator can realign a joint to a better position, help restore a malfunctional disc as mentioned in the case study above, and even contribute to reducing trigger point and myofascial release. Drs. Blikstad and Gemmell published research in which 45 subjects between the ages of 18-55 with chronic trigger points. The subjects were divided into three groups: Activator trigger point treatment group, manual myofascial band therapy group, and sham ultrasound group as a control group. The trigger point treatments rendered through the Activator was seven times more effective compared to the group obtaining manual trigger point therapy or the ultrasound (control group).

This eye-opening research is yet more proof why our research-based chiropractors use the Activator when they render their chiropractic treatments for patients that suffer from the spine, joint, sports injuries, slipped disc, scoliosis, or trigger points. We have provided a link to the abstract of this research here for your review.