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The spine category articles cover signs, symptoms, home remedies, and treatment options for various spine conditions. If you don’t find the article you are looking for, do contact us! Please keep in mind that we have not written articles on each spine condition we treated. The articles in this section are for the most common spine complaint treated or assessed by our clinical teams.

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The spine disorder section of our site is brought to you by Malaysia’s top-rated chiropractors and physiotherapists. We have discussed conditions & disorders such as sciatica, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, slipped discs, ligament & muscle issues. Also, we have an in-depth article on spine surgery. Or someone you know is thinking about spine surgery; it might be worth reading this article. So, please feel free to share these articles with your circle of friends and family.

C5-C6 Disc Bulge, Slip Disc, Retrolisthesis & Stenosis

Best Treatment For C5-C6 Disc Bulge, Herniation & Spondylosis The C5-C6 disc bulge treatment program at Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) is the most comprehensive non-surgical slipped disc treatment for C5-C6. The C5-C6 disc slip disc (bulging or herniated disc) is through evidence-based chiropractic, clinical physiotherapist, and NSD Therapy®. CSC's C5-C6 treatment is ideal for all types of neck issues, including: C5-C6 radiculopathy (C5-C6 pain, numbness, or tingling that runs down the arms)Degenerated & arthritic C5-C6C5-C6 Disc BulgeDisc herniation at C5-C6C5-C6 spondylolisthesisSpinal Canal StenosisCervical or cervicothoracic scoliosisWhiplash injuriesC5-C6 spondylosisFacet hypertrophy &…

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Webster Technique In Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Webster Technique In Kuala Lumpur At CSC For Pregnant & New Mothers Chiropractic care is essential for all new or expecting mothers, and it's best accomplished when your chiropractor combines the Webster technique of chiropractic with the Activator methods specific for pregnancy. The Webster technique is a safe, gentle, and particular chiropractic assessment and treatment method, which aims for healthy gestation and postpartum for mother and baby. The Webster technique is a system of analysis and treatment incorporating specific spine, sacrum, and pelvis analysis methods before your chiropractic treatment session.…

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Pregnancy Pain Treatment For New & Expecting Mothers

Get Rid Of Pregnancy Pain Safely Chiropractic Specialty Centre® (CSC) has been treating pregnant patients with pregnancy pain since we started operation in 2006. Our combined methods of chiropractic and physiotherapy offer benefits that physiotherapy or chiropractic as a standalone fails to provide for pregnant women who experience spine and joint pain during pregnancy. Then 40 weeks of pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, each lasting about 13 weeks. A recently published study in the American Journal Of Obstetrics and Gynaecology reported that clinicians should expand the commonly accepted three…

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Chiropractor For Back Pain And Sciatica

Chiropractor For Back Pain And Sciatica In Kuala Lumpur An evidence-based holistic chiropractor for back pain and sciatica is the best alternative to medication, injections, or spine surgery.  Back pain and sciatica result from pinched nerves or muscle spams in the lower back or buttocks. Sciatica and back pain can be debilitating or crippling. Patients with sciatica or sciatica-like pain syndrome may experience piercing leg pain. Pain medication or steroid injections may give short-term results. However, a holistic chiropractor In Kuala Lumpur for back pain and sciatica is your best…

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L5-S1 Disc Bulge, Slip Disc, Stenosis & Spondylolisthesis

Best Treatment For L5-S1 Disc Bulge & Herniation For Back Or Leg Pain Chiropractic Specilty Center® (CSC) provides the best holistic non-surgical treatment for an L5-S1 disc bulge, protrusion, prolapse, herniation, and extrusion. CSC's L5-S1 treatment can fix and repair the root causes of your back and leg pain; contact us today for the best alternative to an L5-S1 surgery. The L5-S1 spinal segment is located right below the belt line. It is the last segment of the lower back, articulating with the sacrum (tailbone). Published studies show that 80%…

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Prenatal & Postpartum Treatment In KL For Pregnancy Pain

Prenatal & Postpartum Treatment In Kuala Lumpur For All Types Of Pregnancy CSC provides holistic prenatal & postpartum treatment in KL for expecting and new mothers. This article shares some home care, prevention, and the dos and don’ts to avoid pregnancy for new and expecting mothers. Call us now to book your appointment for our prenatal & postpartum treatment from a top-rated pregnancy-specific chiropractor with over 26 years of experience combined with a team of clinical physiotherapists at our Kuala Lumpur center today. Pregnancy care comprises postpartum or postnatal (after…

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Arthritis Treatment With Chiropractic And Physiotherapy

Learn the different types of arthritis and the causes, signs, symptoms, and best treatment options for arthritis in Malaysia. Combining Chiropractic Treatment & Physiotherapy To Manage Arthritis Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints in the body. Swelling and tenderness can occur in and around your joints if you have arthritis—it limits day-to-day activities, including dressing, walking, and bathing. CSC's chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment programs for arthritis will help; call one o our centers today! It is estimated that nearly 23% of adults in the United States have…

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