Physiotherapy Treatment At Chiropractic Specialty Center®

Chiropractic Specialty Center® is more than just chiropractic. We also provide advanced clinical physiotherapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation for the spine, joints, and sports injuries. Physiotherapy treatment at our center is through advanced methodologies combined with breakthrough therapy devices. 

The science and art of physiotherapy are of equal importance. The science part involves understanding various health conditions, healing processes, therapy devices, and methods. The art part of physiotherapy is the physical part of giving the therapy, be it manual or through therapy devices. Having the ability to customize manual methods or treatment through therapy devices is an art that is more impactful than science.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers top-rated clinical physiotherapy that is unmatched elsewhere. What makes us better than competing centers is our skill sets, knowledge, expertise, the training programs we provide our physiotherapists, and our integrative setting.

Our physiotherapy focus on getting you back to a healthy, active life without medication, injections, or surgery. Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides physiotherapy by the best clinical physiotherapists in Malaysia!


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Advanced Physiotherapy For Joint Pain, Scoliosis & Slipped Disc

Our physiotherapists work within a broad spectrum of health issues or physical problems related to different systems of the body. The main treatment areas include musculoskeletal systems such as bones, joints, and soft tissue (nerves, nervous systems, muscles, ligaments, bones, spinal discs, and joints). For example, if you suffer from sciatic & spondylolisthesis, neck pain & stiffness, acute & chronic back pain, slipped disc, or joint pain (hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, arm, wrist, hand, or foot pain), we can help.

Our physiotherapy for slipped discs, sciatica, and scoliosis is superior to what competing centers provide. In addition, our joint and sports injury treatment for hips, knees, ankles, shoulder, arms, or wrists is unmatched. What makes us better is our expertise, skill sets, knowledge, and breakthrough technologies. Another significant difference is our combined or collaborative spine and joint treatment methods. In our centers, the physiotherapy you get from our physiotherapists is improved with the treatment provided by our evidence-based chiropractors.

Contact us today and schedule a physiotherapy treatment session with us. Get treated with our advanced methods enriched by breakthrough technologies.

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