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Remedies For Neck Pain, Back Pain, Joint Pain, And Sport Injuries

Neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and sports injuries are treatable with complete recovery. To recover, you need proper assessment, treatment, and lifestyle modifications. Our clinical teams have put together articles that pertain to spine and joint conditions to help your recovery. Our health blog aims to help those with acute and chronic neck and back pain or joint and sports injuries. These articles will provide in-depth information on homecare, natural remedies, and focused therapy options. 

Chiropractic Specialty Center’s health blog page provides in-depth articles on health issues and conditions our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists treat. We treat neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and sports injury treatment through a combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy. Their purpose is to familiarize you with the best and most advanced methods of clinical non-surgical treatments. Please read and share them with friends and family members. Should you have any questions about our locations, services, or franchise, please contact us.

Neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, and joint pain can is best treated non-invasively. Surgery, injections, and medication should be sought when conservative management fails. We have the best chiropractors and clinical physiotherapists in Malaysia for spine and joint injuries or pain. NSD Therapy® offers the best therapy options for neck pain, back pain, and slipped discs. NSD Therapy® is spine care through advanced methods and technology. Please scroll down to find articles specific to your condition, and should you have any questions, please contact us. 

Arthritis Treatment With Chiropractic And Physiotherapy

Learn the different types of arthritis and the causes, signs, symptoms, and best treatment options for arthritis in Malaysia.  Combining ...
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Front desk of a Good Chiropractor

Top Nine Tips For Finding A Good Chiropractor Revealed

Finding A “Good Chiropractor” RevealedTop nine tips for finding a good chiropractor revealed. Contact Us Today  Call Damansara Heights CenterCall Sri ...
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bone spur in the spine

Bone Spur Causes, Home Care And Best Treatment Options

Our Bone Spur Treatment Get You Better FasterOpt for bone spur treatment enriched with advanced technology, clinical physiotherapy, and research-based ...
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Lift without hurting your back

How To Lift Without Hurting Your Back

Learn How To Lift Without Hurting Your BackLift without hurting your back from an expert. Proper lifting is critical to ...
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Active life with chiropractic care first

Choose Chiropractic Care First Before Other Options

Opt For Our Multidicipinaly Method Of Chiropractic Care First! Choose chiropractic care first before other options! Learn the benefits of ...
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styloid process elongation and eagle syndrome

What Is Eagle Syndrome?

What Is Eagle Syndrome? Advanced non-invasive treatment for Eagle syndrome with evidence-based chiropractic and clinical physiotherapy. Call Us: +603-2093 1000SMS ...
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Nerve cell shown

Best Nerve Pain Treatment Without Injections Or Surgery

Nerve Pain Causes & How to Get Rid Of Them This article covers the best nerve pain treatment through advanced ...
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Acid reflux and hiatal hernia pain

Hiatal Hernia Treatment Through Chiropractic Care

Hiatal Hernia Treatment Through Chiropractic CareHiatal hernia (hiatus hernia) symptoms can improve and subside with focused chiropractic treatment. Opt for ...
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Gonstead Diversified and Activator

Gonstead Chiropractic, Diversified, And Activator

Gonstead, Diversified & Activator Chiropractic TechniquesA close look into the top three treatment methods in chiropractic. Learn why the Activator ...
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frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Best Frozen Shoulder & Adhesive Capsulitis Treatment In MalaysiaOverview of frozen shoulder treatment through advanced methods. Understand the cause and ...
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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in Malaysia

All About Spine Surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Risks, Complications & FailuresPublished medical research: Minimally invasive spine surgery and spine fusion failures are common! ...
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Have Back Pain and need targeted back pain Exercises

Facet Hypertrophy Treatment

Facet Hypertrophy Treatment, Symptoms & Actual CauseFacet pain, facet arthritis, and facet hypertrophy treatment by our non-surgical experts and breakthrough ...
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Foot pain from plantar fasciitis

Best Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment By Heal Spur & Foot Pain ExpertsChiropractic Specialty Center® provides the best plantar fasciitis treatment we fix ...
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Ligamentum Flavum Hypertrophy

Ligamentum Flavum Hypertrophy

Ligamentum Flavum Hypertrophy: The Best Non-Surgical TreatmentThis article provides in-depth information on the definition, causes, signs, symptoms, and best treatment ...
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we have the best chiropractors in Malaysia

Slipped Disc In The Jaw

Treatment of Slipped Disc In The JawOur clinical research-based teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists provide the best non-invasive conservative treatment ...
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Chiropractor in Sungai Buloh

Heal Back Pain Without Injections Or Surgery Faster

We Can Heal Back Pain Without Injections Or SurgeryOpt for expert treatment enriched by spine-specific technology to heal back pain ...
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Spinal schmorl's node

Schmorl’s Node

Schmorl's Node Treatment With Advanced Clinical Methods In MalaysiaThis article covers Schmorl’s Nodes as well as how it is diagnosed ...
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L4-L5 Surgery or Conservative Treatment

L4-L5 Disc Bulge, Slip Disc, Stenosis, And Spondylolisthesis

Best L4-L5 Disc Bulge & Slipped Disc Treatment In KL L4-L5 disc bulge, slipped disc, spondylosis, bone-spur, and joint pain ...
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back pain and Tarlov Cyst

Tarlov Cyst Treatment Without Injection Or Surgery

Tarlov Cyst, Perineural Cyst & Synovial Cyst: Cause And TreatmentUnderstand your conservative natural treatment options when for Tarlov Cyst Or ...
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treatment for Back Pain During Pregnancy

Best Prenatal Treatment For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy: Get The Best Treatment Post-Natal CareLearn home care, prevention, and the dos and don'ts. Visit Chiropractic ...
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best spondylosis treatment in Malaysia

Spondylosis Treatment By Advanced Non-Surgical Methods

The Best Non-Surgical Spondylosis Treatment In MalaysiaChiropractic Specialty Center® provides customized spondylosis treatment by advanced non-surgical methods; call today! Spondylosis: ...
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best treatment for L2-L3 and slipped disc

L2-L3 Treatment Of Disc Bulge, Nerve Pain, And Slip Disc

Best Non-Invasive L2-L3 Treatment Of Disc Bulge, Nerve Pain & Slip DiscOpt for the best non-surgical L2-L3 slip disc treatment ...
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Best Carpal Tunnel Test and Treatment in Malaysia

Carpal Tunnel Test And Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Test & Treatment: Learn Your Options TodayLearn about the carpal tunnel test and treatment from Malaysia's top non-surgical ...
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MRI assessment of spine

MRI Should You Get One And Is Side Effects?

MRI Should You Get One And Why It Is Better?MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the gold standard in assessments ...
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Best tinnitus treatment in Malaysia

Tinnitus Treatment To Fix Fullness And Ringing In The Ears

Tinnitus Treatment By Advanced Methods & TechnologyAdvanced tinnitus treatment to fix fullness and ringing in the ears from expert chiropractors ...
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Malaysia's best female chiropractor

Best Female Chiropractor In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Get Treated By The Best Female Chiropractor In KL, MalaysiaOpt for integrative treatments fom our female chiropractor and physiotherapists today ...
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best TMJ Specialist in Malaysia

TMJ Specialist For Non-Surgical Jaw Pain Treatment

TMJ Specialist: Best Collaborative Jaw Pain Treatment In Malaysia TMJ Specialist In Kula Lumpur, MalaysiaIt is not too hard to ...
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how to treat Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis Treatment

Spondylolisthesis Treatment By The Best Non-Surgical Team In Malaysia Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides the best non-surgical treatment for spondylolisthesis in ...
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chiropractic specialty center

Chiropractic Specialty Center®

Chiropractic Specialty Center®: Research-Based Care With TechnologyChiropractic Specialty Center® is more than chiropractic. We are Malaysia's Home for top physiotherapists ...
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Malaysian franchise in UAE

Franchise Business In Chiropractic And Physiotherapy

Franchise Business In HealthcareGet a healthcare franchise business in chiropractic and physiotherapy from Chiropractic Specialty Center®.! Malaysian Franchise: The First ...
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Chiropractors and physiotherapists training

Chiropractors And Physiotherapists Training Program

Chiropractic And Physiotherapy Training Session Made Us The BestChiropractic and Physiotherapy training session is the reason why we get results ...
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Best Non-surgical treatment options for slipped disc

Non-Surgical Treatment Option For A Slipped Disc In Malaysia

The Best Non-Surgical Treatment Option For A Slipped Disc (Slip-Disc) in MalaysiaOur non-surgical treatment option for a slipped disc is ...
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Best Slip Disc Treatment in Malaysia

Best Slip Disc Treatment In Malaysia! Non-Invasive Care

Are You Looking For The Best Slip Disc Treatment In Malaysia?Best slip disc treatment in Malaysia from our Integrative spine ...
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Chiropractic and Physiotherapy in Malaysia

Evidence-Based Chiropractic Combined With Physiotherapy

Chiropractic Combined With Physiotherapy In MalaysiaOpt for advanced research-based chiropractic combined with physiotherapy in Malaysia. Call us today for the ...
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Our Slipped Disc Treatment Works Better

Our Slipped Disc Treatment Works Better It Fixes Disc Damage

Learn How Our Slipped Disc Treatment Works Better!Our slipped disc treatment works better it fixes disc damage, bulging discs, and ...
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Our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Center in Malaysia

Our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Center in Malaysia

Our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Center in Malaysia Treats You BETTER Opt for Our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Center in Malaysia for ...
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How a disc gets damaged

How A Disc Gets Damaged

How A Disc Gets Damaged & What Is The Best Treatment Option? Learn the cause and effect of how a ...
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Imbibition and the spinal discs

Imbibition And Your Spine

How Imbibition Infelunce Spinal Disc Health & Recovery From A Slipped Disc? Imbibition pertains to the diffusion of nutrients (blood) ...
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Slipped disc care at chiropractic Specialty Center in Malaysia

Slipped Disc Care At Chiropractic Specialty Center®

Why Slipped Disc Care At Chiropractic Specialty Center® is Better?Slipped disc care at Chiropractic Specialty Center® is better because multidisciplinary ...
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get the best Effective Knee Treatments

Knee Therapy

Effective Knee Therapy & Treatment That Helps You Avoid SurgeryGet the best and most effective knee therapy and treatments when ...
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RxDecom BEST Spinal Decompression Therapy


RxDecom® is the BEST of Spinal Decompression Therapy Spinal decompression therapy is one of the best non-surgical modalities specific to ...
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Breakthrough Treatment Technology for Neck Pain and Back Pain in Malaysia

Breakthrough Treatment Technology For Neck Pain And Back Pain

Opt For Our Breakthrough Treatment Technology For Faster Recovery Opt for breakthrough treatment technology for neck pain and back pain ...
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Spinal Decompression Therapy By RxDecom® in Malaysia

Spinal Decompression Therapy In Malaysia

Get The Best & Most Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy In MalaysiaOpt for advanced spinal decompression therapy at Chiropractic Specialty Center® ...
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Fix neck and back pain today through NSD Therapy®

Fix Neck And Back Pain

We Can Fix Neck And Back Pain Without Injections Or SurgeryOpt for our targeted treatment to fix neck and back ...
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Back pain relief without spine surgery

Back Pain Relief Without Spine Surgery

Get Back Pain Relief Without Spine Surgery From Us Today Our back pain relief without spine surgery is enriched through ...
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What will your life be like when you Retire

What Will Your Life Be Like When You Retire?

What Will Your Life Be Like When You Retire? Ever wondered what will your life be like when you retire? ...
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pain caused by Subluxation

What Is A Subluxation And How It Robes Years From You

Subluxation Is A Chiropractic Term For Misalignments That Cause Pain Learn how our clinical teams correct a subluxation through integrative ...
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best Slipped Disc Treatment in Malaysia

Slipped Disc Treatment

Are You Looking For The Best Slipped Disc Treatment In Malaysia?Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides the best slipped disc treatment In ...
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posture correction with chiropractic treatment

Posture Correction

Posture Correction With Corrective Chiropractic Treatment Our posture correction with chiropractic treatment has helped many improve pain and posture. Contact ...
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the best Overuse Knee Injury Treatment

Knee Pain Treatment

Best Knee Pain Treatment Without Injections Or Surgery In Malaysia. Our knee pain treatment protocols incorporate clinical physiotherapy, research-based chiropractic ...
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Malaysia's best Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist & Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist Treating Collaboratively With Chiropractors Physiotherapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation provided by our physiotherapist are coupled with chiropractic and breakthrough ...
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Chiropractic Therapy in Malaysia

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic Therapy Made Better With Clinical Physiotherapy Opt for research-based clinical chiropractic therapy from Malaysia's top corrective chiropractors today. Best ...
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opt for Text neck cure

Text Neck Cure

Text Neck Cure By The Best Non-Surgical Team In Malaysia Opt for our text neck cure and treatment options for ...
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How Large is the Chiropractic Profession

How Large Is The Chiropractic Profession & How Chiropractors Treat?

How Large Is The Chiropractic Profession? Over the years, many have asked us: How large is the chiropractic profession? Chiropractic ...
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Which organs are extra?

Which Organs Are Extra?

Which Organs Are Extra? The Impact Of Cutting & Throwing Away Boday Part Which organs are Extra? It almost sounds ...
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What happens if you discontinue your care once you feel better?

What Happens If You Discontinue Your Care Once You Feel Better?

If You Discontinue Your Care, Your Pain May Return The Pain May Return If You Discontinue Your Care Too Soon! ...
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How does the medication find the pain?

How Does The Medication Find The Pain?

How Does The Medication Find The Pain? Can Pain Meds Cure you? How Does Dedication Find The Pain? How does ...
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Are the treatments painful

Are The Treatments Painful?

Are The Treatments Painful? Are the treatments painful? No, and it should never be. If your chiropractor’s treatments are painful, ...
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Here is Why Take Supplemental Vitamins

Are Vitamin Good For You?

How Daily Vitamins Helps Your Recovery? Why Should You Take Vitamin or Mineral Supplements? Most nutrition references define a vitamin ...
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Good Mattress for better spine in Malaysia


Mattress: Understand The Importance Of A Good One Learn for our experts which mattress is good for you. All You ...
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Best Chiropractic Treatment Center in Malaysia

Chiropractic Or Physiotherapy

Chiropractic or Physiotherapy? Should you opt for Chiropractic or Physiotherapy? Both are good options, but in our centers, you get ...
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Physiotherapy by Clinical Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy By Clinical Physiotherapists

Benefits Of Clinical Physiotherapy By Expert Physiotherapists Opt for the best clinical physiotherapy from Malaysi's top physiotherapists at Chiropractic Specialty ...
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Best Knee Treatment in Kuala Lumpur

Knee Treatment

Knee Treatment From Malaysia's Top Non-Surgical TeamChiropractic Specialty Center® offers the best non-surgical knee treatment in Malaysia. Call us now ...
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best Sports Injury Treatment in Malaysia

Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment From The Best Clinical Team Opt for our non-surgical sports injury treatment. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is Malaysia's ...
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neck pain, back pain, slip disc and chiropractic

Slip Disc And Chiropractic

Slip-Disc And Chiropractic Combined With PhysiotherapyLearn about slip disc and chiropractic treatment that is combined with breakthrough technology and clinical ...
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best Back Pain Treatment in Malaysia

Backache Treatment In Malaysia

Holistic Non-Invasive Backache TreatmentOpt for the best backache treatment in Malaysia. Our treatment is through expert physiotherapists, chiropractors, and enriched ...
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Best Slip Disk treatment in Malaysia

Slip-Disk Treatment

Slip-Disk Treatment By Advanced Non-Surgical MethodsSlip-disk treatment from our clinical teams and breakthrough spine technology can fix, and repair your ...
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Chiropractic Center Near Mont kiara

Chiropractic Center Near Mont Kiara

The Chiropractic Center Near Mont Kiara Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the premier physiotherapy and chiropractic center near Mont Kiara today! ...
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Dr. Yama with chiropractic patient

Best Chiropractors

We Have The Best Chiropractors KL, Malaysia Get your neck and back treated by the best chiropractor in Kuala Lumpur ...
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Best slipped disc treatment in Malaysia

Slipped Disc

Can A “Slipped Disc” Be Helped Non-Surgically?Yes, as slipped disc can be helped, fixed, reversed and even cured from pain ...
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Avoid getting Slipped Disc (at the gym)

Avoid Getting Slipped Disc During Your Workouts

Avoid Getting A Slipped DiscLearn for our experts on how to avoid getting a slipped disc. This article will teach ...
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