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Excellence in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy With Advanced Technology

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We Redlined Excellence in Chiropractic By Combining Chiropractic with Physiotherapy in Malaysia

Chiropractic Specialty Center® started operation in 2007. We were one of the first centers to offer physiotherapy and chiropractic collaboratively. We are as much a physiotherapy center as we are a chiropractic facility. What makes us better is our dedication, skills, knowledge, and technology. For more than a decade, we have been the premier non-surgical center for spine and joint injuries and disorders. Our centers are centers of excellence in chiropractic and physical therapy (physiotherapy). Our clinical teams are the experts you need for scoliosis, slipped disc, sports injuries, jaw pain, headaches, and migraines. Should you have any questions about our services, locations, or investment opportunities, please contact our main center at 03 2093 1000.

Our Doctors (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Dr. Yama Zafer: Doctor of Chiropractic Excellence in Chiropractic

Yama Zafer, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic (U.S. Board Certified)

Dr. Yama Zafer, better known to his patients as Dr. Yama, is our founder and director. He is an American Doctor of Chiropractic, with 20 years of clinical expertise. His philosophy of chiropractic care and treatments is one of the holistic care. In other words, to achieve excellence in chiropractic care: every aspect of a condition needs treatments. Excellence in Chiropractic Care is possible only when treatments are based on accurate diagnosis and followed by targeting specific treatment procedures. Thus, to recover therapeutic measures must be based on sound clinical judgments. Dr. Yama’s compassion is always on full display, instructing all our clinical and support staff to treat patients as they would treat their dearest and closest family members. He is a firm believer in giving the best and most compassionate Chiropractic care to all our patients.

Dr. Yama has spent the last 20 years researching and implementing clinical and therapeutic procedures that enhance Chiropractic care as well as Physiotherapy treatments. His unyielding commitment to excellence in Chiropractic Care led to the development of NSD Therapy. Dr. Yama is the founder and developer of NSD Therapy®. In addition to NSD Therapy®, he is the inventor of the RxDecom®, Spinercise®, and FD-3000 (a flexion/distraction modality).

Dr. Yama is an avid researcher with a particular interest in spine, joint, and sports injuries.

He was motivated to become a Doctor of Chiropractic by his battle with intense back pain. He was a Pre-Med student when a work-related accident sent him to the hospital with debilitating lower back pain. There, the doctor recommended surgery. Not liking that option, he decided to research other, more non-invasive ways, in getting back to a more healthy life. In that investigation, he found chiropractic care. After completing his chiropractic care, he enrolled at the Cleveland Chiropractic University of Kansas City.


Dr. Yama graduated from Cleveland University in Kansas City in 1996. For the first 11 years, he was the clinic director of Zafer Chiropractic Health Clinic; a clinic that specialized in treatments of difficult and challenging cases. His skills and knowledge were the reason why many chiropractors, family physicians, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons referred patients to him.

His graduate, Doctorate (Doctor of Chiropractic or D.C. degree), and continuing education studies include nutritional counseling, women‘s nutrition, sports injuries, acupuncture Chiropractic care, and Physiotherapy treatments. Additionally, he has extensive training, research, and experience in the diagnosis and chiropractic treatment of spinal and mechanical disorders such as neck pain, back pain, disc disorders, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, foot problems, headaches, and migraines. He enjoys public speaking and has been invited to lecture throughout his hometown (Kansas City, USA) as well as the Klang Valley. Dr. Yama has conducted classes and training sessions for Chiropractors and Physiotherapists alike; Advocating Excellence in chiropractic and physiotherapy through Research.

Dr. Yama desires to make every aspect of chiropractic treatment more efficient. He has developed new procedures and revised several existing methods to improve clinical outcomes. Dr. Yama moved to Malaysia in September 2006 to fulfill a lifelong goal of manufacturing new and innovative modalities for his profession. He lives in Klang Valley with his lovely wife and two children, who are his biggest fans. 

Dr. Jihad Sakr a Chiropractor from United States of America.

Jihad Sakr, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic (U.S. Board Certified)

Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Jihad was almost never a chiropractor. He came from a long line of engineers and was studying to become one, but sitting behind a desk on a computer for more than 2 hours at a time caused much back pain. “I decided to see a Chiropractor who educated me on proper sitting and helped get me pain-free with no medication. That’s when I decided to change my profession and study chiropractic.”

Jihad graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2003 with high honors. Since then, he has been the clinic director of Family Chiropractic in Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California, where he specialized in treating post-surgical slipped disc patients and other challenging cases. He became so proficient in diagnosing and treating patients, that the Orthopedic Doctors and Neurologists that referred him patients became his patients. Jihad was the chiropractor that other doctors would see when they required therapy. Dr. Jihad’s method of Chiropractic care enables his patients’ successes even when others have failed.

In 2004, Dr. Jihad became certified in diagnosing and treating pregnant women and children, as well as nutritional counseling. He has worked at Downey Hospital, giving chiropractic care to patients under anesthesia, achieving excellence in Chiropractic success. Results. His articles featured in health magazines throughout The United States. As taught several classes on health and wellness within the states of Arizona and California that advocated excellence in Chiropractic care.

Dr. Jihad moved to Malaysia for the majestic scenery and remained here for some time. Dr. Jihad has been a part of our clinical team since 2009. Currently, he is in California preparing to launch one of our centers there.

Dr. Se Jean Sean, D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Se Jean Sean, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Being born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Se Jean Sean always wanted to be a Chiropractor from a young age. She always had the fascination to learn more about human biomechanics and is continually doing research on the latest development in the world of medical science. She graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia, in 2014 and possessed a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic Care.

Dr. Jean, as she is more commonly known to her patients, is fantastic at diagnosing and treating patients with hip pain, shoulder pain, slip disc, and knee problems. She has achieved outstanding success in her scoliosis treatment programs and is slowly becoming the go-to person for spine problems. Dr. Jean stays up to date with the latest research and is always incorporating new therapies into her clinical practice.

Dr. Jean’s principle for holistic training allows her patients to feel better from every aspect of their daily lives. Nothing makes her happier than seeing a person who comes into our clinic with pain, leaving pain-free. Dr. Jean has been working with us for the past two years and enjoys working here because, in our center, chiropractors and physiotherapists work together for the ultimate goal, patient recovery!  Dr. Jean is keen on maintaining excellence in chiropractic care through holistic treatments based on accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Shaun Sirenjeevi, D.C. a Malaysian Chiropractor with expert knowledge of spine and joint.

Shaun Sirenjeevi, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic  

Having graduated with honors from the International Medical University (Malaysia), Dr. Shaun Sirenjeevi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chiropractic. He was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, and spreading Chiropractic awareness among the public has become his mission in life.

Dr. Shaun always loved playing football while growing up, and as he played football, he witnessed and experienced numerous sports injuries ranging from sprains, strains, tears, dislocations to fractures. He often got frustrated and felt there was more to be done than just what conventional medicine could offer when it came to helping patients in pain. He decided to do some research and stumbled upon Chiropractic as an alternative approach. The ideology behind Chiropractic, in which treatment is administered to help the body to self-rejuvenate without surgery and painkillers, captivated him. This then developed his undying passion for Chiropractic care and later on in life, led him to the path of becoming a Chiropractor.

Dr. Shaun is always striving to understand more about the mechanics and functional capability of the human body. He keeps up to date on the latest research in the field of Chiropractic to provide the best form of treatment possible for his patients. He firmly believes in the holistic approach to treatment, where you have to treat the body as a whole to achieve complete patient recovery. With prior experience in treating members of the national cheerleading team and multiple frisbee teams, he has developed an interest in treating sports-related injuries and injuries to the extremities.   

Our Excellence in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy is Due to the Tireless Efforts of our Clinical Physiotherapists

Nur Atiqah Najihah, Dip. PT

Nur Atiqah Najihah, Dip. PT

Clinical Physiotherapist

Nur Atiqah is a certified diploma holder of physiotherapy from Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University. She has extensive practice in various physical therapy fields. She is skilled at diagnosing the cause of patients’ problems and provides effective treatment for them. Nur Atiqah is passionate and dedicated to handling her patients‘ needs and is keen on exceeding our patient’s expectations within our healthcare services. She has developed as one of our best physiotherapists treating herniated discs (slip disc). She is one of our lead trainers for all new and existing physiotherapists when it comes to spinal decompression therapy. If you have a slipped disc, rest assured that Nur Atiqah has the knowledge and expertise to get you back to an active life.

Atiqah has been with our center for the last five years. She has been an integral part of our chiropractic care and physiotherapy treatments. Atiqah is one of the reasons why our centers have achieved excellence in chiropractic care. She is an excellent physiotherapist and works in close collaboration with our chiropractors in all aspects of patient care, especially during their chiropractic care and treatment rendered through physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

Muhammad Firdaus Bin Sunyip, BSc (Hons) PT

Muhammad Firdaus Bin Sunyip, BSc (Hons) PT

Clinical Physiotherapist

Muhammad Firdaus Bin Sunyip holds the position of a physiotherapist at our center. In 2014, Firdaus graduated from Asia Metropolitan University with a degree in Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons). He originates from Malacca but now resides in Kuala Lumpur.

Being a physiotherapist has always been a lifelong dream of his. He found physiotherapy fascinating since High School. Firdaus loves helping people, and in return, people love Firdaus. Many patients at our center have achieved fantastic results from spinal stenosis, sciatica, hip pain, or shoulder pain, when under his care. Firdaus’s ability to make all patients feel comfortable and at ease during every session are among his most energetic qualities.

Firdaus works hand in hand with the chiropractors at our center and is always expanding his horizons. His knowledge and clinical skills are superior to most physiotherapists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has a particular interest in sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Committing his energy, time and dedication to every patient’s care, you can rest assured that with Firdaus, you will have the best quality of chiropractic care coupled with Physiotherapy treatments; bringing about excellence in chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Nor Azirah Binti Khayron, Dip. PT

Nor Azirah Binti Khayron, Dip. PT

Clinical Physiotherapist

Nor Azirah Binti Khayron graduated in 2014 from the Pusrawi International College Medical Science (PICOMS), Kuala Lumpur, with a Diploma in Physiotherapy. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Azirah had set out since young to be a physiotherapist. She always had that burning passion in her to help people, and she was very interested in mechanical injuries to the human body. Hence, you can say that physiotherapy has always been in her blood. Azirah’s primary objective in becoming a physiotherapist was to help people close to her: namely, her family and friends, who gave her so much fulfillment in life.

Azirah is remarkable when it comes to her knowledge, communication, and clinical skills, making her a valued member of our team. All patients under Azirah’s care have only lovely things to say about her. She is also a great team player and works well with all our chiropractors and other physiotherapists. Patient satisfaction is guaranteed when she is around. Say goodbye to muscular aches, thoracic outlet syndrome, headaches, neck pain, or spondylosis. She and her fellow physiotherapists add value to our methods of chiropractic care: enabling our team excellence in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy.

Christy Hii, Dip. PT, BSc (Hons) PT

Christy Hii, Dip. PT, BSc (Hons) PT

Clinical Physiotherapist

Christy is a Bachelor’s degree graduate who received her training from Northumbria University. She has a keen interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and sports injury. She has gone to take courses in sports injury and fitness training besides volunteering as a physiotherapist for sports events. Christy is friendly and has a strong sense of responsibility. Christy enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and is passionate about assisting people in reaching their rehabilitative goals with our methods of physiotherapy and chiropractic care.

Manjeet Kaur, Dip. PT, BSc (Hons) PT

Manjeet Kaur, Dip. PT, BSc (Hons) PT

Clinical Physiotherapist

Manjeet completed her Diploma in Physiotherapy, and she further pursued her studies in Bachelor in Physiotherapy at Asian Metropolitan University. During her internship, she practiced in various hospitals in Malaysia and India, including as a physiotherapist in SUKMA 2013. Manjeet is caring, dedicated, and a great team player and has been an integral part of our collaborative methods of physiotherapy and chiropractic care.

She has a unique ability to make patients feel at ease and always provides excellent and efficient treatment that matches her friendly personality. Manjeet is passionate and committed to empowering her patients and the community to better levels of health.

Janice Khaw Yi Huan, Dip. PT, BSc (Hons) PT

Janice Khaw Yi Huan, Dip. PT, BSc (Hons) PT

Clinical Physiotherapist

Janice is a Certified Diploma holder in Physiotherapy from Asian Metropolitan University. She then continued to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy from Inti International University, during which she had a one-year internship in Mangalore and Tamil Nadu in India. Janice is proactive, dedicated, and is excellent in handling and providing effective treatments to patients. She desires to continue learning and applying her knowledge to educate patients to help them to achieve their goals. Her long-term career aspiration is to be fully qualified and to move into health care management.

Deepa Perimal, Dip. PT

Deepa Perimal, Dip. PT

Clinical Physiotherapist

Deepa is a certified Diploma holder in Physiotherapy from Integrated College Allied Health and Nursing.  Her interests in physiotherapy developed from encouragement and recommendation from her parents. The experiences she gained during her internship programs in several hospitals in Malaysia deepened her passion for physiotherapy as she felt a great fulfillment and satisfaction in helping patients to relieve pain and guiding them to lead a more independent and active lifestyle. Deepa is a caring, friendly, and dedicated team player. Her hobby is listening to music and spending quality time with family and friends. Her goal is to continue learning and improving herself to provide the best care and treatment for her patients, to focus on becoming an accomplished physiotherapist, and eventually, a leader in the field of physiotherapy.

Our Managers Are Critical to our Continued Excellence in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

Noor Ishi Masayu Binti Hamzah

Noor Ishi Masayu Binti Hamzah

Office Manager

Noor is the Office Manager of the Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam center. Ishi graduated in BSc (Hons) in Library and Information Management. Previously, she was working as a librarian cum administrator in several private schools in Selangor. She is approachable, well presented, and able to establish a good working relationship with a range of different people. Ishi is responsible for the day-to-day tasks and administrative duties of this center, including the reception area. Typically, she is the one answering the telephone calls, welcoming and providing warm hospitality to patients and guests with her easy-going manner and a pleasant smile. She always ensures that we deliver the best quality care and services in a comfortable, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. Her focus is to continue maintaining high patient satisfaction and always to have their best interest at hand.

Naily Bt. Neus, Dip. PT

Naily Bt. Neus


Naily Bt. Neus has been working with us for the past year as our receptionist. Originally from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Naily graduated in 2010 from Masterskill University College of Health with a Diploma in Physiotherapy. She always had a strong desire to help people who are in pain, and she is very interested in musculoskeletal conditions. Hence, Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the perfect place for her. What Naily liked about us is how we incorporate both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy to achieve the best results for our patients.

She carries a tremendous amount of responsibilities at our center and excels at doing them well. Besides greeting you with a pleasant smile as you walk into our clinic, Naily answers all calls for appointment bookings and inquiries. She is also in charge of the patient’s file management and cashier duties.

Naily is always cheerful and ready to serve. Being efficient and organized are among the qualities she possesses, which makes her such a vital member of the team. She loves interacting with people from all walks of life and always makes an effort to make them feel at home.   

Join Chiropractic Specialty Center®: Be a Shining Example of Excellence in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy in Malaysia

Our centers redefine excellence in chiropractic and physiotherapy.  Our methods of the spine, joint, scoliosis, and slipped disc treatments surpass what others offer in Malaysia. The difference between us and others is in our tireless dedication to research and improving every aspect of chiropractic and physiotherapy. Our integrative teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists learn from each other in a healthy, nurturing environment. If you are a chiropractor or physiotherapist and would like to join our team, please contact us. We are always on the lookout for research-based clinical chiropractors and physical therapists. To be a part of our team, you must excel in every aspect of the spine and joint care. We are eager to offer you a position as long as your committed to excellence in chiropractic or physiotherapy. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are an investor, we love to hear from you. You don’t have to be in the healthcare field to be a part of our franchise or corporate business. However, you will have to have an in-depth desire to be part of the best non-surgical treatments for the spine and joint. Contact us today and become part of our growing family. We have investment opportunities internationally and right here in Malaysia. Visit our central office to learn more about how you participate. Visit us today to learn how our excellence in chiropractic and physiotherapy (physical therapy) benefits you and our community.

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