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Chiropractic is relatively new in Malaysia. Over the years our system of chiropractic has helped thousands of sufferers live a healthier more active life. In our centers, chiropractic is practice through holistic principles. In other words, we offer diagnosis specific focused treatments to restore balance and improve function. We accomplish this by identifying weakness and correcting them through chiropractic, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and advanced technology.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic practice hand-in-hand with our physiotherapists who use state-of-the-art technology when they treat spine, joint or sports injury. If you live in pain or have lost mobility and function, we can help. We have succeeded when others have failed. Our Research-based clinical systems of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy can get you back to a healthy active life faster.

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Chiropractic Specialty Center Scoliosis screening for kids of all ages

The BEST Scoliosis Management & Treatments Made Possible By Our Advanced Technology, Chiropractic, And Physiotherapy methods

Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis is descriptive of abnormal spinal curves in those aged 18 years or older. In our center, we offer scoliosis treatments through chiropractic, physiotherapy and advanced technology. Adolescent scoliosis is descriptive of curves in those between 10 and 18 years of age. Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis is the term for the same condition in children aged 4 to 10. If the patient is under the age of 4 years, the most appropriate descriptive term is Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis. Chiropractic and Physiotherapy can be of significant help. Our methods of Chiropractic care enhanced with clinical physiotherapy and advanced technology. Therefore, the chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments you get with us are better and more efficient. Most important therapy is when we incorporate NSD Therapy in with your chiropractic treatments. BY DEFINITION, A CURVE HAS TO BE GREATER THAN TEN DEGREES FOR IT TO BE CLASSIFIED AS SCOLIOSIS

Our Specialized methods Clinical Chiropractic Can Help Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis

Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis (JIS): is seen in 15% of cases and associated with progression in approximately 70% of these cases. According to most published literature, 50% of Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis patients may require some form of surgical intervention. Therefore, it is incumbent on parents to have their kids checked to ensure a timely and accurate diagnosis before initiating care. While our Chiropractic system of care is not effective for Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis patients under the age of 7, we can offer guidance and advice to parents in need.

Scoliosis is commonly diagnosed during adolescence. Efforts are being made to identify the cause, but unfortunately, there has not been an acceptable theory. However, there are varying opinions about potential causes or exacerbation, including but not limited to hormonal imbalances, asymmetric growth, and soft tissue imbalances or weakness.

Our Chiropractic Team Can Help!

Most noteworthy is that we had successes when other failed. Our Chiropractic, physiotherapy, and technology can help. So, visit one of our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy centers if you are not sure if you or your child suffers from scoliosis. Our Chiropractic Team members will be glad to check your spine. Scoliosis checks by our chiropractic team members take a few minutes and don’t hurt at all. So, drop by a center today or call us now.

Scoliosis progression and What our Chiropractic care can do:  

Scoliosis gets larger during rapid growth. Progress and potential growth can be evaluated by considering age and x-ray parameters as well as taking into consideration the first menstrual cycle for female patients. Hence, it is best to start treatments as soon as possible to avoid worsening of the curve.

Typically, girls grow until the age of 14 years, and boys continue to grow until they are 16 years old. Girls grow very rapidly until their first menstrual cycle. After the first menstrual cycle, the growth may slow down but can continue until they reach 18 years of age or up to 2 years following the first menstrual cycle.

We encourage all parents and visitors to our site or our centers to have their children checked by our clinical research-based chiropractic team. It is even more important for girls between 10-13 years of age. Stabilizing spinal curvature is difficult. For successful treatments can be accomplished when we have an accurate diagnosis followed by effective therapies. So, call one of our centers to get information on our scoliosis management and treatment system in Southeast Asia. Chiropractic Specialty Center offer the best non-surgical scoliosis treatment in Malaysia.

Collaborative Back Pain Treatments through Research-Based Chiropractic

Collaborative Back Pain Treatments enhanced through Research-Based Chiropractic

Back Pain is the most common health problem in the world today. It is the number one cause of disability in persons under the age of 45. Back pain is a problem, yet many ignore it.

Like the neck, the back can produce varying levels of pain. Some could be mild while other types can be debilitating. Back pain has been a common cause of many health problems including erectile dysfunction in men. The nerves that exit the lower portion of the spine control and innervate every tissue in our abdomen, legs, feet and toes including our reproductive organs. Visit our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Center to learn how you can bet back pain without drugs or surgery.

Collaborative Back Pain Treatments through Research-Based Chiropractic

Contrary to the common believe back problems do not always cause discomfort. Some types of back issues cause symptoms at sites that are distant from the spine, making diagnosis difficult. For example, some patients with back problems could develop digestive disturbances, bowel, and bladder issues. Our centers have the experts you deserve to diagnose and appropriately treat your neck and back pain accurately. Our non-surgical method of care is advanced and rendered through the best efforts of our research based multidisciplinary teams. In other words, our system of care through technology and chiropractic can help.

Diagnosis and Treatments of Sciatica Through Clinical Chiropractic

Sciatica is more common than most realize, here in Malaysia. The Chiropractors of Chiropractic Specialty Centers are experts at diagnosing neck and back issues. Therefore, if you are suffering from neck or back pain, our research-based chiropractic treatments, and physiotherapy is your best non-surgical option in town. The unlearned always refers to sciatica as a diagnosis, when in fact; it is a descriptive term that refers to a group of symptoms. Not to fear, our unique blend of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy that makes up NSD Therapy is your best defense against sciatica, in Malaysia. In Short, we get results through Chiropractic when others fail.

Proper diagnosis is an accurate term that denotes a problem and as such one can work towards correcting that problem. Those that continue to use sciatica as a diagnostic term do injustice to a patient and themselves. It is an injustice because the patient walks away not fully understanding what his condition is. Furthermore, the clinician that diagnosed his patient with sciatica will not know what to do for his patient, as sciatica is insufficient. Here are just very basic lists of actual diagnostic terms that do in fact cause sciatica:

  1. Piriformis Syndrome,
  2. Herniated disc, protruded disc, prolapsed disc
  3. Extruded disc
  4. Fragmented disc
  5. Disc bulge
  6. Disc degeneration
  7. Facet imbrication
  8. Nerve damage

Sciatica Term:

Each of the above can lead to sciatica. The term sciatica means inflammatory changes present within the sciatic nerve. It does not describe what type of a condition resulted in the inflammatory disorder within the nerve. To conclude, it is imperative to establish the cause before care. When you visit one of our centers, we may use the term Sciatica, but we use it correctly. Our clinical teams will provide you a detailed explanation as to the caused your sciatica. The goal with your chiropractic is to get you better faster. Because, the longer you go on suffering in pain, the more likely increase in the severity of damage. Therefore our practitioners will not take short cuts or speed you through the consultation to get to the next person.

Offering gentle chiropractic adjustments for scoliosis

Advanced Collaborative Treatments enhanced by Chiropractic for the Neck

Neck pain is becoming the number one health issue today. Regardless of how tough you think you are neck problems can be tougher. Unfortunately, here in Malaysia, many that seek our help do so as a last alternative. While this is okay, we prefer to be the first and not the last option for people. It is so much easier to fix a mild condition versus one that has progressed for a long time.

That is why our Chiropractic physicians always recommend early diagnosis followed by targetted treatments. Technology and clinical physiotherapists back the Advanced Chiropractic Treatment you get in one of our centers. Hence, we offer faster recovery compared to others.

In Malaysia, neck issues are on the rise. The increase in the number of neck cases is the result of an excessive phone or mobile device use. The problem is so enormous that many clinicians and researchers have given it a name. Text Neck is the term utilized for those that have neck pain resulting from excessive mobile device use. So, if you have neck discomfort and do have a habit of using smartphones or pads excessively, it may be that you too have “Text Neck.”

The first step towards recovery is to stop abusing your smart device. Limit your time on it and seek our assistance to undo the damage done. Neglect of even a minor condition or problem in your neck can lead to premature wear and tear.

Neck Pain Relief

Type of Neck Problems

There are many types and forms of neck pain. Some are serious while other is self-limiting. The self-limiting forms occur and never come back. However, the dangerous ones come and go over and over until they come and stay. The severe neck condition is like an unwanted relative, whether you like it or not it will be there!  Therefore, these are the ones to avoid. To avoid them, you must get care as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk developing a more serious condition such as a slipped disc.

Neck disorders that lead to headaches or that which run down to the shoulders and arms are serious in that it could be due to a slipped disc or a hidden more severe condition. The worse type of neck problem to have is that which accompanies weakness in hands and arms. A burning sensation in the upper back or shoulder is also of concern. Weakness in extremities, numbness and tingling sensation in arms, hands legs or feet are serious health issues, which respond well to our methods of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic. Numbness, tingling, and weakness are symptoms associated with a Slipped Disc. Hence, the sooner we start your neck care, the better. Therefore, call us today and start your recovery without surgery.

The dangerous kind is one that hits the left side of the neck, left shoulder, left chest and left upper back as it may involve the heart. Regardless of type, neck issues must be evaluated and diagnosed properly for therapy to be effective. Some go to centers that have no form of training other than pushing here and there. Pushing, poking, prodding is not therapy. Therapy is therapeutic only if a condition is correctly diagnosed. For better results, have your treatments from a collaborative, qualified team chiropractors and physiotherapists.

Slip Disc in the Neck and Chiropractic Treatments at our Centers

Slip-disc in the neck (slipped disc) is a highly common condition all over Malaysia. The use of mobile devices has made this condition dangerous to the point that many run the risk of paralysis.

Slip-disc is not new, but our habits and addition to technology have propelled the slip-disc to greater heights of clinical importance. Smartphone abuse is on the rise. Limit your time on smart devices and get care from experts to undo the damage there. This way you can ensure a better future for yourself. Call any of our centers; we are ready to help.

Numbness and Tingling: BEST Helped Through our Methods of Treatments 

Numbness and tingling are signs of nerve damage or nerve irritation. If you have either one of these, get help. We have seen many Malaysians that had numbness and tingling, and yet their healthcare provider was not able to diagnose their condition or assist them in.

Numbness and tingling sensations need fixing quickly. Neglect and procrastination will only lead to further damage. Nerves are sensitive structures and any harm, or potential problems must have a thorough evaluation to avoid nerve malfunction and nerve pain or worse: disability. Our non-surgical team is the experts in Malaysia. Call us and discuss your health issues. We are ready to lend a helping hand. Assistance is just a phone call away.

Targeted Clinical Chiropractic Can Get Rid of Your Headaches and Migraines

Our centers have treated thousands with headaches successfully in the past. Our methods of care have been effective and helpful in more than 90% of headaches and migraines cases seen by our collaborative teams.

Headaches and Migraines Treatment


Research has shown the cause of headaches and migraines is closely related to vascular conditions. The nerves that exit the uppermost aspect of the neck innervates the vessels supplying blood to the brain. Once these nerves are irritated (pinched), the blood vessels that they control can be affected. Our chiropractors practice modern chiropractic, meaning that we utilize technology when we treat or when we diagnose your particular condition. Furthermore, the chiropractic technique used is through an activator: allowing for a more precise chiropractic adjustment.

The cornerstone of our successes lies our ability of accurately diagnosing a patient’s condition. When it comes to headaches and migraines, finding the cause is critical for successful outcomes. Headaches or migraines that arise from vascular disorders are common. Call and speak with us and learn how we can help you. We succeed even when others have failed.

Combined collaborative scoliosis treatment by Chiropractors and physiotherapists

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Treatments Used

The Therapy devices and technologies that a Chiropractic Specialty Center has is superior to other centers. Our Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy device is second to none. The results we achieve for our slip-disc patients is better than all other methods of treatments. Aside from our skills, and knowledge our technology is the main reason whey we succeed when others fail. Technologies such as the RxDecom (Advanced Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy Device), Flexion/distraction, DTS Traction, Intermittent full spine traction, ultrasound and electro-stimulation to help reduce pain and swelling. Additional braces and supports may be prescribed to relieve pressure on your spinal joints.

Combined collaborative scoliosis treatment by Chiropractors and physiotherapists

Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy by RxDecom®

RxDecom is a state-of-the-art decompression table built specifically to treat neck pain, back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, spondylosis and Slip-disc (herniated-disc, protruded-disc, prolapsed disc or slipped disc). Treatments on the RxDecom are non-invasively, as an alternative to back surgery for our patients in Malaysia.

The RxDecom is the best and most advanced form of Spinal Decompression Therapy in Malaysia. These include but are not limited to conditions arising from herniated disc, protruded-disc, extruded-disc (Slipped disc or Slip-disc), arthritis or disc degeneration. The treatment is pain-free and quite relaxing. In fact, many patients fall asleep during their time on the RxDecom® table.

RxDecom for Back Pain


RxDecom® is the ONLY spinal decompression device that customizes each treatment to the patient‘s individual condition based on their age, weight, height, diagnosis, the severity of a condition, general health and much more. So, it is the most advanced, unique and smartest form of spinal decompression system in Malaysia and the world today. With our success rate of over 95%, we have been able to help numerous suffering individuals to return to everyday activities without having to live in pain.

Precision Chiropractic Treatments Coupled with Focused and Targeted Spine and Joint REHABILITATION: Spinercise®

spinercise for neck back and scoliosis


Spinercise® is a single muscle strengthening machine that can focus resistance on specific, isolated muscles. With the assistance of our clinical team, it is a vital part of our regimen which aids patients with the rehabilitation of spine and joint injuries and disorders. Using a specially designed harness, the patient performs specified number of repetitions for the affected area. The Spinercise® was developed to deliver non-linear resistance as it assists recovery without straining sensitive vertebrate and joints, a needed component for recovery in patients diagnosed with scoliosis, slip-disc (slipped-disc) or spondylolisthesis.

Spinal Joint and Spinal Disc Rehabilitation by FD-3000

FD-3000 is another one of our advanced therapeutic devices that complements other procedures performed by our methods of chiropractic in Malaysia. In our centers, FD-3000 is used specifically to target the spine. FD-3000 is used to treat numerous conditions that affect the neck, upper back or the low back. Conditions such as scoliosis, back pain, sciatica, neck pain, arthritis, and spondylosis have responded well when treated through the FD-3000.

Additionally, herniated-disc, protruded-disc, extruded-disc, bulging disc (which are collectively referred to as “Slip-disc” or “slipped disc”) and degenerated disc patients have had significant improvements in symptoms. Patients find this procedure soothing as it involves gentle motorized flexion and distraction of the spine.

Myofascial and Ligament Therapy Rendered Through Manual Therapy

At the Chiropractic Specialty Center®, we use condition specific methods of hands-on treatments. Unlike others, the hands-on methods of treatment you receive in our centers is specifically targeted to enhance the effectiveness of other services and to speed up the pace of your recovery. There are hundreds of muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the human body and our professional physiotherapists will ensure that your treatments are specific and targeting your unique condition. Therefore, the hands-on treatment you get in our centers is diagnosis specific and highly targeted. As a direct result, you get better faster when we treat you.

The manual therapy (Hands-on Methods of Treatments) you get in our centers is rendered either by our physiotherapists. Our clinical teams have refined our manual methods of care, and the results speak for themselves. When our method of manual systems of treatments is combined with other procedures, the efficacy is unmatched. Our means of care is not through the so-called “one size fits all,” but rather through a thoroughly researched, evidence-based procedures and techniques as employed in all systems, which also includes manual therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy

Clinical Physiotherapy

There are many types and forms of trigger point therapy. The procedure is used by our expert physiotherapists to facilitate a faster recovery. We believe that you do not have to go through more pain to get rid of the pain. The “No pain, No gain” attitude has no place in our centers. In fact, we frown on it. We believe the when the therapy has NO PAIN; the patient has MORE GAIN. Therefore, our approach when rendering trigger point therapy or other forms of treatment and procedures is to ensure that they are not causing you more pain. Unlike others, our motto is: “NO PAIN, MORE GAIN!”

Soft Tissue Repair: Ultrasound

At our centers, we go beyond traditionally rendered methods of care. We are not just a chiropractic center, but also a full physiotherapy center. In fact, the technologies we have in our center other physiotherapy or chiropractic centers do not have. Our combination of muscle strengthening programs, physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises are the key to a successful recovery.

Treatment with ultrasound is just another element of our regimen that helps to enhance the rate of recovery. It also plays a significant role in preventing recurrences of injuries. Unfortunately, most centers misuse this device, as the therapy must be rendered appropriately to the individual condition. Rest assured; we have world-class facilities with a professional staff that has successfully treated thousands of patients in Malaysia.

Electrical Stimulation / Interferential Current

Another critical element in the treatment plan, Electrical-Stimulation is ideal for assisting in strengthening the affected area without moving or aggravating painful joints. Although it has a daunting name, it provides a wonderful amount of pain relief. After a 20-minute session on our interferential current device, you will feel the difference as it helps to stabilize and strengthen at the same time. This is a big favorite with our patients here in Kuala Lumpur.

There are many different kinds of Electrical Stimulation devices on the market, and most are largely ineffective in our experience. We have selected the very best American or European electrical stimulation devices to offer the best possible therapy for our patients. Here is the list of electrical stimulation therapies we offer in our centers:

  • Interferential Current Therapy (IF)
  • Russian Stimulation (used by us to strengthen muscles)
  • Biphasic current
  • Micro-Current Therapy

Our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Differences You NEED to KNOW

Chiropractic Specialty Centers are heads and shoulders above the rest. We offer effective complementary and alternative procedures coupled with clinical physiotherapy not provided by others. We are always updating our staff with the most current research and training methods so they can better serve the public. Therefore, our practice of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy is second to none. Through our targetted means of care, we often get results when other centers fail. Visit one of our centers today for the best chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments in Malaysia. 

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists are world class with abilities and knowledge that is second to none. Chiropractic Specialty Centers have developed systems and methods for treatments of the spine and joint that utilizes advanced therapeutic techniques and technology. We are not just chiropractic or a physiotherapy center. We are both and yet so much more.

Visit one of our chiropractic and physiotherapy centers

When you visit one of our chiropractic and physiotherapy centers, you will immediately notice the difference between others and us. Technologically speaking, RxDecom® is our premier therapy device when it comes to spine related disorders. Disorders such as scoliosis, slipped disc (slip-disc), neck pain or back pain, even those that have had surgical procedures can be treated successfully in our centers.

Our clinical team chiropractors and physiotherapists will oversee every aspect of your care. The combined efforts of these two great non-surgical experts are far superior to the efforts put forth by either one. Our advantage is not just in our collaborative methods of care, but also our technology.

The combination of a knowledgeable multidisciplinary clinical team and technology has yielded successes that would not have emerged otherwise. We measure success through achievements. Our accomplishments in the field of spine, joint and sports injuries are testaments of our clinical excellence. Whether you have scoliosis, neck pain, back pain, and knee pain or hip pain, rest assured that our research-based clinical team is among the best in Malaysia. Our methods of neck pain, back pain and scoliosis classification and scoliosis treatment options is the most comprehensive therapy program you can hope for in Malaysia.


How to become a patient At the BEST Chiropractic Center in Malaysia?

If you‘re the curious type, click here and email us with your questions or concerns. We appreciate the opportunity to field questions, clarify any health problems before you visit one of our centers. You may also call our main center at 03-2093 1000 here in Kuala Lumpur or any of our branches listed on our contact page. Call us and ask to speak with one of our clinical team members. Once you get them on the line, talk to them about your health concerns. We are here to help as many as possible in their quest for a healthier life. Although we prefer appointments, we will also accept walk-in patients. Please do keep in mind that if you decide to walk-in, we may have you wait for a bit. Patients with appointments scheduled take precedence over walk-ins.

But if you walk in and have ONLY a question, let our front desk person know, and we will get one of our experts to answer your question. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists are amongst the best. We have a very stringent recruiting policy and once we identify a qualified individual. Our clinical staff is enrolled them in our training course. They only join our team with their successful completion our training program. We are very methodical when it comes to therapy and diagnosis. You will notice that when you step in one of our centers. You don‘t need a referral from a medical doctor or anyone else to begin care. Our knowledgeable staff can field most questions over the telephone or when you come to your first appointment. We make the process of getting care from us very easy.


Research-Based Chiropractic and Clinical

Physiotherapy Backed With Advanced Technology

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It can affect anyone, at any age, at any time. Don’t live in pain.


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