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    Breakthrough Spine & Joint Technology To Make You Feel Better Faster!

    At CSC, we know that pain changes everything! So instead of having to choose between chiropractic or physiotherapy, we offer award-winning chiropractic care combined with physiotherapy.

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    At Chiropractic Specialty Center® PATIENTS are always PRIORITY

    Our patients are our number one priority. Our centers, methodologies, and therapy devices or technologies are centered on getting patients better and keeping them healthy.

    From simple aches and pains to life-changing non-invasive care for severe conditions involving the neck, back, or joints; you can count on Chiropractic Specialty Center® to get you or your loved ones over everyday aches and pains or debilitating conditions such as slipped discs, sciatica, knee pain, or shoulder pain.

    You are our first priority! We are open daily, and we’re here when you need us.

    Experience CSC’s Award-Winning Integrative Spine & Joint Care 

    Combining evidence-based chiropractic, clinical physiotherapy, and focused rehabilitation through breakthrough devices and advanced methodology that target the root cause of your health issues is essential to our unparalleled levels of clinical success.

    Holistic non-invasive therapy options that fix and repair the actual cause of pain are the cornerstone of our center. Our team of physiotherapists and chiropractors are the experts you need to recognize, diagnose, treat, resolve, and stabilize acute and chronic conditions. Get the best physiotherapy treatment combined with care from expert chiropractors today. 

    Our advanced methods and technologies make us better than competing centers. Contact us today and experience the best breakthrough non-surgical spine, joint, and sports injury treatment in seven Klang Valley locations near you. CSC’s integrative methods of care combined with technology can make you feel better faster!

    CSC Services:

    Services provided at Chiropractic Specialty Center®️ include holistic treatments through our expert team of chiropractors and physiotherapists. For spine patients, we offer NSD Therapy®️, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and targeted rehabilitation. Patients with joint pain or sports injuries will receive chiropractic services combined with physiotherapy. We also provide prenatal and postnatal services for new and expecting mothers. You can learn more information about these services by visiting the related links below.

    Conditions Treated At CSC:

    At CSC, we treat the neck, back, joints, bones, and soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, spinal discs). Chiropractic Specialty Center®️ treats all types of spine, joints, and soft tissue disorders or injuries. Best of all, CSC treatments are through advanced methodologies without injections or surgery. You can learn more about the conditions we treat when you visit the related links below.  

    Our Achievements:

    CSC has been rated as the best chiropractic and physiotherapy center by Trusted Malaysia and TallyPress. Get treated by top-rated chiropractors and physiotherapists who are certified and registered through ACM (chiropractors) and MPA (physiotherapists).

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