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High-Intensity Laser Therapy

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High-Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) is used in progressive healthcare centers such as ours. It is an exciting addition to our treatment arsenal. HILT produces impressive clinical benefits in a shorter time than any other therapy modality. It is one of the best therapy devices for the spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons injuries or pain. HILT or High-Intensity Laser Therapy can repair tissue damage, decrease swelling, increase blood flow in a manner not possible by other therapy devices. This article provides information about the efficacy of HILT (High-Intensity Laser Therapy), and it enriches your chiropractic and physiotherapy session at our center.

High Intensity Laser Therapy

High-Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) is a technological advancement of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Unlike the older version (LLLT), HILT (High-Intensity Laser Therapy) offers higher power coupled with a specific wavelength to allow for deep penetration into tissue. HILT devices provide a natural energy transfer process called biostimulation and photomechanical effect. The natural process of transferring energy (biostimulation and photomechanical effects) significantly speeds up healing and tissue regeneration (repair).

Biostimulation and photomechanical effects of laser therapy result in stimulating the treated area at the cellular level, leading to faster recovery, reduced inflammatory reaction (swelling), increased tissue circulation, relaxation, decreased pain, and rapid repair (healing).

Is High-Intensity Laser Therapy Safe?

HILT is a safe therapy procedure when provided by trained clinicians or physiotherapists. Our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists will go over the safety precaution with you before your treatment. Two main concerns with laser are tissue warming and eyes. Laser of any kind is dangerous to the eye. Even if the eye is closed, it can cause damage. Therefore, our physiotherapists or chiropractor will give you specialized safety goggles before therapy is started. Both patient and therapist must wear safety goggles throughout the therapy session to protect the eye. Our clinical team member will also inform you that the therapy may cause mild warming. They will ask you about the intensity of warming to keep it kept at a mild level.

How Many Session Of High-Intensity Laser Therapy Do I Need?

The number of therapy sessions through High-Intensity Laser Therapy depends on your condition’s severity and chronicity. The mild condition may only need three sessions. A complicated or severe condition may need ten or more sessions.

Is High-Intensity Laser Therapy Painful?

Therapy should never be painful. One of the benefits of HILT is the reduction of pain. The most appealing aspect of HILT is that it is an entirely painless procedure. Most find it soothing.

How Often Should I Get HILT treatment?

For excellent benefits, it is recommended to get High-Intensity Laser therapy 2-5 times per week. We encourage patients to get this procedure on an alternate day basis in our center.

Joint & shoulder pain helped with HILT

What Are The Side-Effects Of High-Intensity Laser Therapy?

There are no side-effects with HILT treatment. Few may experience redness or some discomfort directly after therapy. The increased discomfort and slight redness should disappear within hours.

HILT Offers Faster Relief From Neck Pain, Back Pain & Sports Injuries

Recovery from musculoskeletal pain and injury requires a specialized set of skills and advanced technology. HILT offers robust pain management therapy programs that remove pain and repair the injured area. It is one of the best means of recovering from discomfort, pain, and injury through specialized and targeted advanced therapeutic systems that offer a non-addictive form of therapy. High-Intensity Laser Therapy is an excellent therapy procedure for neck pain and back pain, slipped disc, joint, and sports injuries. The benefits are even more when this specialized therapeutic procedure is combined with treatments given by our evidence-based clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists.

High Intensity Laser Therapy device

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