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Our Methods of Chiropractic Treatment Gets You Better Faster 

Our Chiropractic Treatment succeeds when others fail.  If you are looking for the best, call us. We are Malaysia’s premier chiropractic and physiotherapy center.

Six images of the various chiropractic treatment.

Our Chiropractors Offer the Best Chiropractic Treatment in Malaysia.

Chiropractic treatments vary from center to center. There are a variety of chiropractic treatment methods for the musculoskeletal system, each having sets of advantages and disadvantages. In this section of our website, we will try to familiarize you with different types of treatments provided by our doctors of chiropractic in hopes of providing you the information you need to make an informed decision. But, before we start on the topic of treatments and chiropractic, we will cover most relevant information on the profession of chiropractic as well as differences among chiropractors.




chiropractic treatment for the spineWhat is Chiropractic?

Chiropractors are focused on holistic musculoskeletal system treatments with particular attention to the nervous system. In short, chiropractic treatment improves the nervous system, muscles, ligaments, spinal discs, cartilage, bones, and joints. It offers the most comprehensive methods of the spine, joints, scoliosis, and sports injury treatments. The hallmark of care by a chiropractor is the adjustment. Contrary to the common belief, an “Adjustment” is not just for the spine and joints; any joint in the body, as well as the muscles and ligaments (soft tissue). Even your range of motion can benefit from an adjustment. Since its inception, the profession has continually gained favor with medical doctors and patients wanting alternatives to drugs and surgery.




chiropractic treatment of the spine for a female patient.Published Medical Research on Chiropractic Care

Published research in Europe, Asia, and United States confirms the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. In fact, some of the most reputable medical journals have published reports from medical doctors that report treatments from chiropractors to be more effective than medication, surgery, and physiotherapy combined. Reasons for clinical successes are the holistic nature of care given to a patient.

A chiropractor’s focus on the health and wellbeing of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system is the driving force to successful clinical outcomes for acute and chronic low back pain, neck pain, and joint pain.

In short, our treatments options will improve joint mobility, soft tissues, spinal mobility, the nervous system and the musculoskeletal systems combined. Our goals are to reduce pain and improve function by treating the cause.



Male patient getting chiropractic treatment on the RxDecomAre there Differences Between Chiropractors?

Healthcare, in general, is a combination of art and science. Scientific knowledge and the application of such knowledge in varying health conditions often differ between practitioners. The differences in understanding and use of such knowledge are a critical point to the disparities in care provided. The hallmark of the care provided is the adjustment. Targeted joint or spine treatments from chiropractors can improve spinal mobility, reduce pain, improve the functionality of both the nervous systems and musculoskeletal system. There are differences between chiropractors; some use breakthrough devices while others only offer manual therapies. These differences are critical to your recovery.

Our doctors of chiropractic provide both manual therapies and treatment options through breakthrough devices such as the Rxdecom®. Furthermore, they combine their clinical knowledge and expertise with our physiotherapists. In short, the level of holistic treatment options provided for you are superior to others.

Do the Adjustments Differ Between Practitioners?

An adjustment is based on scientific facts but influenced by the art or practitioner providing the adjustment. The art of an adjustment is the cornerstone of the second most noticeable difference between professionals. As mentioned earlier, the profession is the branch of healthcare targeting proper neuromusculoskeletal health. In other words, a chiropractor concentrates on getting your nervous system, muscles, ligaments, spinal discs, cartilage, bones, and joints to work better as a whole.



Seven different chiropractic treatment for spine and jointsHow is the Chiropractic Treatment Given?

For the most part, the care you get is dependent on the caregiver’s knowledge, skills, and areas of expertise. Some are through manual means, while others offer the chiropractic treatment through an instrument or a combination of manual and tool methods. In addition to the adjustments, a chiropractor has thorough understanding and education physiotherapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders. So, some offer physiotherapy and targeted rehabilitation in conjunction with the spinal manipulation (adjustment). In our center, the chiropractic treatments are provided in conjunction with clinical physiotherapy and advanced therapeutic devices and technologies. In short, we offer integrative care enacted with technology.



Various physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment for female with back pain.Our Treatment is Through Various Methods, Systems of Care Including Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists had improved the clinical outcomes to a point where we had succeeded when other centers failed. Also, our spine specific devices and advanced methods of spine care, has played a critical role in improving the patient. The combined effort and technology makes it possible for us to provide you with the best chiropractic treatment center in Malaysia. Typically, a chiropractor has a variety of techniques for adjustments (manipulation of the spine and joint). However, before an adjustment: a clinical practitioner will thoroughly evaluate your condition. In our center, the chiropractic treatment is provided after you have been carefully evaluated. The type of adjustment your receive may involve manual methods (Gonstead technique, Thompson or Diversified technique).

The Thompson method is a manual system of care that uses a specific table known as a drop table. In most cases, we use an instrument called the “Activator” to adjust and treat patients. If you are our patient, rest assured; the care you get from us is highly targeted and based on accurate diagnosis of a complete recovery. In our centers, we use the best of activator methods in treatments of the spine, joints, scoliosis and sports injuries.


The “hands-on” Chiropractic Treatment (manual methods) has been around since the inception of chiropractic (1895).

It is also the most common method utilized. However, in the recent years, the profession has seen a rise in instrumentally assisted adjustments. One reason for this growth is possibly due to the increase in some complicated spine and joint conditions presented to Chiropractors, and another is a better understanding of the mechanisms of malfunction and injury. For the neck pain patient, the “hands-on” method provided with the patient in either a seated or lying position. A gentle thrust is administered to the site of malfunction to mobilize, realign and reposition the segment. This is not a painful or uncomfortable procedure. However, at times some may be slightly startled by the “popping” noise, which they may hear.


The Gonstead Technique and other Rotatory or Twisting Methods of Treatments

The “popping” is due to the release of the gasses that is a typical by-product of joint metabolism. For the back pain patient, the “hands-on” method of spinal adjustment through the Gonstead technique occurs when the patient is lying face down, on their side or in a seated position. Joint adjustments are always dependent on the joint and area in need. Regardless of which area we treat, the treatment you get from us not be painful or uncomfortable. Hence our motto: No Pain More Gain.

One of the more common methods of manual or hands-on methods of treatment is the Gonstead method. The Gonstead technique is an excellent system for general mobilization of the spine. However, we do not utilize this method for herniated discs, bulging discs, prolapsed or ruptured discs (slipped disc), as it can damage the spinal disc more. The Activator method provides better targeting and least stressful of all technique; therefore, making it the best treatment option for those with a slipped disc.


Benefits of the Gonstead technique and other General Methods of Spinal Mobilization or Adjustments

The Gonstead technique, Thompson methods, and Diversified techniques are great general or global means of spinal adjustments. In our centers, we use the global adjustments when ONLY mobility is needed. As a precaution, we never use the global methods (Gonstead techniques or Diversified techniques) for those that have a complicated condition. The Gonstead technique and Diversified techniques are rotatory global or general spinal manipulation methods. It is provided to the patient in a side-lying position. A gentle thrust is then provided, once the practitioner has rotated the spine. To rotational component of the Gonstead technique can irritate and even damage a herniated or ruptured spinal disc. Therefore, a slipped disc patient may obtain better results with methods and techniques that do not twist or rotates the spine. One such system of spinal adjustment is the Activator method.


Activator chiropractic treatment of a female’s upper back.ACTIVATOR Method of Chiropractic Treatment

Activator method of treatment is the best and most researched method of adjustment. Unlike the rotational manual methods, there are no “popping” sounds. Also, the “Activator” adjustment through an Activator instrument is comfortable and non-painful. The clinical benefits of an activator treatment are far superior to the manual or other methods. Activator produces faster recovery especially if the patient suffers from spinal disc disorder, arthritis or joint instabilities. We have also found the Activator instrument better for sports-related injuries such as scoliosis, TMD (jaw pain), rotator cuff syndrome, knee, hip, shoulder and foot injuries.


Female Chiropractor explaining chiropractic treatment to a male patient.

Our past experiences and the research published on Activator instrument are the reasons why we prefer the Activator to many of the other manual methods of spinal adjustments. Thus, so, when you visit one of our centers, you can rest assured that the adjustments you get are highly specific and non-painful. As great as the Activator method of adjustment is there may be times when a patient requires more manual means of care. In those instances, we may choose to enhance your recovery through a “Drop Table Adjustment,” “SOT Block” or the good old-fashioned manual method. Our ultimate aim is to get you better faster.





Chiropractic treatment of a seated female patient

Maximizing the Benefits of an Adjustment

A chiropractor is your best alternative to drugs or surgery. The level of care you get from a research-based chiropractor is better than physiotherapy and medication. However, there are differences between practitioners, and these differences do impact the rate of your recovery.  For starters, getting without an accurate clinical diagnosis is wasteful at best. The first and foremost critical aspect of an adjustment is the identification of all root-causes. In other words, if you chiropractor has not identified all causes, your recovery will be limited, and you may suffer in pain. In such circumstances, patients notice a mild-to-moderate amount of improvements, but never a complete recovery.


Male chiropractor showing chiropractic treatment of spine to a femaleOur Difference

The biggest difference between us and others is our integrative therapy options and technology. Our methods of manual therapies for acute and chronic spine and joint conditions get results even when others fail. Our centers offer the best treatments for acute or chronic low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, scoliosis and slipped disc. However, it is not just our targeted methods the differs, our skills, knowledge, and abilities to accurately diagnose health conditions is second to none.

What is the Link between an Accurate DIagnosis and Thorough Recovery?

Establishing treatment plan requires diagnosis. If your diagnosis is accurate and encompasses all root-causes, and if your treatment plan is inclusive of targeted treatments based on your condition, recovery is easy. Accurate diagnosis is the critical pillar of the care you get from our centers. Our research-based clinical teams have the experience, knowledge, and technology to accurately diagnosis and formulate the best holistic treatments. Our targeted methods of treatments are evident in our clinical successes. We are the only non-surgical center with a proven method slipped disc treatment method that reserves a slip-disc.

Why do we bring this up? Well, treating a slipped disc is difficult. Treating a severe slipped disc is even more challenging. Repair and reversal of a slipped disc cannot happen unless you have an accurate diagnosis and an outstanding clinical team and technology to target, repair and cure the slipped disc. We have done that; our proven slipped disc treatment is the best testament to our skills, knowledge, and technology. We encourage you to visit our center before opting for spine surgery. Spine surgery fails too often let our teams provide you alternative care that lasts longer than a surgical intervention. Visit our clinical chiropractor for the best chiropractic treatment in Malaysia.