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Chiropractic Treatment in Malaysia

Our Chiropractors Offer the  Best Chiropractic Treatment in Malaysia.

Chiropractic treatment in Malaysia or anywhere else on this planet varies from center to center. For the most part, the care you get is dependent on the chiropractors’ knowledge, skills and areas of expertise. Some Chiropractic treatments are through manual means while others offer the chiropractic treatment through an instrument or a combination of manual and tool methods. Chiropractors treat patients through a very specialized, well thought of treatment plans that incorporate spinal mobilizations also known as manipulations. Spinal manipulations better known as an “Adjustment” is can ONLY be rendered by a certified chiropractor. Spine and joint treatment by our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are further enhanced with Advanced Technology. The combined effort and technology makes it possible for us to provide you with the best chiropractic treatment center in Malaysia.

Typically, a chiropractor has a variety of techniques for adjustments (manipulation of the spine and joint). However, before an adjustment: a good chiropractor will thoroughly evaluate your condition. In our center, the Chiropractic treatment you get will happen after your evaluation by one of our chiropractor. The type of adjustment your receive may involve manual methods (Gonstead technique or Diversified technique). W may even use a manual method through a drop table. In most cases, we use an instrument called the “Activator” to adjust and treat patients. Rest assured that you are getting the best Chiropractic Treatments in Malaysia regardless of treatment method is used by one of our Chiropractors.

The “hands-on” Chiropractic Treatment (manual methods) has been around since the inception of chiropractic (1895).

It is also the most common method utilized. However, in the recent years, the profession has seen a rise in instrumentally assisted adjustments. One reason for this growth is possibly due to the increase in some complicated spine and joint conditions presented to Chiropractors, and another is a better understanding of the mechanisms of malfunction and injury.

For the neck pain patient, the “hands-on” method provided with the patient in either a seated or lying position. A gentle thrust is administered to the site of malfunction to mobilize, realign and reposition the segment. This is not a painful or uncomfortable procedure. However, at times some may be slightly startled by the “popping” noise which they may hear. The “popping” is due to the release of the gasses that is a typical by-product of a joint metabolism.

For the back pain patient, the “hands-on” method of spinal adjustment occurs when the patient is lying face down, on their side or in a seated position. Joint adjustments can be provided in any position and are dependent on the joint and area needing treatment. Regardless of which area, the adjustment should not be painful or uncomfortable. One of the more common methods of manual or hands-on methods of Chiropractic Treatment is the Gonstead method of Chiropractic Treatments.

ACTIVATOR Method of Chiropractic Treatment

Activator method of Chiropractic Treatment is the best and most researched method of a chiropractic adjustment. Unlike the rotational manual methods, there are no “popping” sounds. Also, the “Activator” adjustment through an Activator instrument is comfortable and non-painful. The benefits that an activator method of Chiropractic Treatment brings about are far greater when compared to other methods especially if the patient suffers from a spinal disc disorder, arthritis or joint instabilities. We have also found the Activator instrument better for sports related injuries such as rotator cuff syndrome, knee, hip, shoulder and foot injuries. Our past experiences and the research published on Activator instrument are the reasons why we prefer the Activator over many of the other manual methods of spinal adjustments. Thus, so, when you visit one of our centers, you can rest assured that the adjustments you get are highly specific and non-painful.

As great as the Activator method of adjustment is there may be times when a patient requires more manual means of care. In those instances, we may choose to enhance our Chiropractic Treatment through a “Drop Table Adjustment,” “SOT Block” or the good old-fashioned manual chiropractic method. Our ultimate aim is to get you better faster.

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The Chiropractic Adjustment such as those given by an Activator is to gets you better faster as it provides a highly accurate treatment without placing the joint under stresses that are commonly associated with manual chiropractic adjustments. The biggest difference from a patient’s point of view is that with the activator assisted treatment there will not be a popping or cracking noise. Additionally, we have discovered that most patients prefer the activator method of Chiropractic Treatment over the “hands-on method.”

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