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Scoliosis treatment requires expertise, knowledge, a specialized set of skills & advanced spine technology. Contact us today for holistic scoliosis treatment in Kuala Lumpur by the top non-surgical team today.

Our Centers Offer The Best Non-Operative Scoliosis Treatment Option In Malaysia

If you are looking to find a center for scoliosis treatment, look no further. We have the experts and the technology to offer you the best non-operative therapeutic options. Best of all, the care they provide is through specialized spine technology that others do not have.

illustration showing the 3-d component of scolisis

Scoliosis treatment by our clinical team is second to none in Asia. We have the best clinical Doctors of Chiropractic in Malaysia who are supported by excellent clinical physiotherapists and advanced technology. Our systems and methods of scoliosis treatment produced results when others have failed.

Chiropractic Specialty Centers’ clinical successes are due to our team’s skills, knowledge, and technology. But most importantly, it is due to our ability to formulate precise scoliosis treatment for kids and adults.

Our chiropractors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, have spent years studying and comprehending spine and joint biomechanics. This comprehension and understanding of the spine and joint biomechanics have enabled us to shine where others have failed. We have understood the importance of biomechanics as we apply this knowledge in all our scoliosis cases.

An enhanced understanding of scoliosis coupled with a firm grasp of biomechanics is fundamentally essential. In short, the level of care you get from us is unsurpassed by others. Our clinical teams are better at assessing scoliosis X-rays and treating scoliotic curvatures.

Our Clinical Teams Are The Non-surgical Experts In Spinal Biomechanics & Scoliosis

Understanding biomechanics is critical before you initiate spine-related treatments. The degree of importance is even higher when it comes to scoliosis! For example, when we have a patient that presents with left thoracic scoliosis, our clinical team will see if the curve is also twisting as it bends. It is not just the-sided leaning to the left, but also the twisting that we consider.

Understanding the rotational characteristic of a scoliotic curve is extremely important to our clinical teams before treatments. Unlike others, we pay attention to the smallest of details. Thus, achieving better results when compared to others. 

You Get An Accurate Assessment Of Spine From Our Clinical Teams

Scoliosis (Skoliosis in Bahasa Malaysia) is a complex deformity that needs precise and accurate assessments. We do a comprehensive evaluation at our centers, including a physical examination and radiographic analysis, before treatments. Therefore, you get focused and target a particular system of scoliosis treatment. Some centers offer therapy or bracing before a thorough assessment. In such a situation, they may even be giving you the wrong scoliosis treatment.

You can help stop these people by increasing your knowledge of scoliosis a bit. The more you learn, the better chances you have in identifying useless or ineffective procedures and methods.

Treating the spine to correct its structural anomalies is more challenging. It requires a lot more knowledge and skills compared to treatments offered for neck or back pain. In other words, not everyone can do it. Nowadays, everyone under the sun claims to be able a scoliosis specialist. But in reality, only a few possess the knowledge or skills to have even the right to such a claim.

Just because it is a physiotherapy center, massage center, chiropractic center, clinic, or specialist center, it may not be the right place for people to treat a scoliotic curve. Experience, coupled with knowledge, skills, and advanced therapeutic technology, along with an in-depth understanding of x-ray analysis systems and methods, are the foundation for proper scoliosis treatment.

The Certified US Trained Doctors Of Chiropractic

Our senior Chiropractors trained and certified in the U.S. have an unsurpassed knowledge of scoliosis. They continually provide training for our clinical team members. The training provided by our senior American chiropractors has elevated our chiropractors and physiotherapists. As a result, we now offer World-Class treatment options for the spine, joint, sports injuries, and scoliosis. Thus, we have managed to create and maintain a team that outshines all others.

The combined knowledge skills, and experience of our clinical team of chiropractors is over 100 years. They pool all their experience in treating patients. Besides our training, our knowledge, experience, and equipment also contribute to our clinical successes. Our scoliosis treatment methods are dependent on the root cause. In short, our goals with your scoliosis treatment are to undo as much bending and twisting as possible.

Goals In Of Our Treatments For The Scoliotic Spie

Our therapy goals are to stop the lateral curvature from progressing as soon as possible. Scoliosis lateral curvatures, as well as vertebral rotation, are our primary goals of corrections. We pay particular attention to rotations because a twisted spinal bone is the leading cause of progression in scoliosis patients: even more true for kids who twist or bend repeatedly or, worse, twist and flex at the waist simultaneously.

Earlier, we spoke of the fact that not everyone can treat your scoliosis effectively. Some may appear knowledgeable when, in reality, most clinics, doctors, and physiotherapists have no clue. We spoke of biomechanics and how important it is. In the coming paragraph, we have explained the basics of biomechanics as it pertains to scoliosis. Contact us today and get treated by our award-winning chiropractic center in Kuala Lumpur

Scoliotic Curve

illustration showing the difference between concave & convex curves of the spine

In a scoliotic curve, the vertebrae and spinous process in the area of a ‘Major Curve” rotate (turns) toward the curve’s concavity. The ribs are closer to the curve’s concave side and further apart on the curve’s convex aspect.

As the vertebral bodies rotate, the spinous process deviates. This deviation is always towards the concave point of the curve. If you look at the picture above, you will notice that the curve’s concave side also has shortened muscles. Conversely, the side with the long muscles is on the convex side of scoliosis.

illustration showing grading method for the rotational component of scoliosis

Understanding the underlying cause of scoliosis is not possible unless what has happened to the ribs. The ribs attach to the spine in the back, and they follow the rotation of the vertebrae (spine). Meaning the ribs will get pushed on the side of convexity. As the vertebral body rotates towards the convexity, the ribs on the rotation side will get pushed. This outward pushing of the ribs causes the much worried about “hump,” as seen in those with scoliosis. Also, to the outward bumpy appearance of the back, the front ribs will get pushed, giving it a bump-like appearance on the front of the body.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® Has The Best Non-Invasive Scoliosis Treatment Program In Malaysia

The point with all this is that scoliosis is a complex condition that needs appropriate therapy by a team with the skills and facilities. Call our headquarters at 03-2093 1000 and ask to speak with one of our expert chiropractors. Additionally, we can update you on our current places and locations that we plan on opening soon. Contact us now at 03 2093 1000 to schedule an appointment for your corrective scoliosis treatment at our award-winning center. 

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