Best Treatment For Sciatica & Spondylolisthesis

Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers Malaysia's most holistic non-surgical sciatica treatment for sciatic nerve pain, sciatica, and spondylolisthesis.

Sciatica & Sciatic Nerve Pain Is Treatable Without Injection Or Surgery

Sciatica refers to a condition where pain runs down the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is an interchangeable term for sciatic nerve pain.  The sciatic nerve originates from your spine. It branches out from the lower portions of the low back, or the lumbar spine, and runs through the buttocks, hips, and down the back of each leg—sciatica results from nerve impingement.

Slipped discs, arthritis (bone spurs), spinal canal stenosis, and spinal degeneration are the most common causes of sciatica. Other causes include pelvic instabilities or piriformis syndrome. Sciatica conditions that arise from the spine are more severe than those related to piriformis or muscular disorders.

Sciatica or sciatica nerve pain caused by bulging, herniated, or protruded discs (slipped discs) heal slower and may also accompany weakness in one or both legs. Thickening of ligamentum flavum, slipped discs, and spondylolisthesis is a complicated spinal condition that commonly causes pain along the sciatic nerve.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® Provides The Best Treatment For Sciatica & Spondylolisthesis

On the other hand, spondylolisthesis is a condition where your spinal bone slips forward. The slipping forward of vertebrae can result from falling injury, congenital disability, or degenerative changes, as seen with age advancement. Spondylolisthesis can occur at any spinal segment, but they are most common in the lower back, followed by the neck. Spondylolisthesis is graded on the severity of slippage. Here is the classification base on the degree of slippage:

- Grade I spondylolisthesis: Forward slippage of less than 25%

- Grade II spondylolisthesis: Forward slippage of between 26-50%

- Grade III spondylolisthesis: Forward slippage of between 51-75%

- Grade IV spondylolisthesis: Forward slippage over 75%

Spondylolisthesis can be stable or unstable. The stability of spondylolisthesis is assessed by flexion and extension x-rays. An increase of more than 2 millimeters in the slippage between flexion and extension views is classified as unstable spondylolisthesis. The unstable form requires urgent attention. Also, it is the unstable form that progresses from grade to grade. Long-standing stable spondylolisthesis may develop into an unstable one.

What Makes Our Sciatica, Slipped Disc & Spondylosis Treatment Better?

We are an integrative non-surgical spine and joint center with 15 years of clinical excellence in Malaysia. We have treated over 20,000 patients successfully through the efforts of our chiropractors and physiotherapists. Sciatica, slipped disc, and spondylolisthesis is the most common condition we see. Our clinical success rate of getting patients over their sciatic nerve pain related to spine-related disorders such as slipped disc, hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum, canal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis is over 97%.

Patients who suffer from milder sciatica will be happy to hear about our 100% success rate. Contact us today if you have milder forms of sciatica (pelvic un leveling, piriformis syndrome, or muscle tightness) or the more complicated types of sciatica. Trust our experienced clinical teams and advanced non-surgical methods.

Our experienced clinical team, advanced methodology, breakthrough spine technology, and CSC's NSD Therapy® are what set us apart, and also, it is why we get better results than competitors.

NSD Therapy®: A combination Of Advanced Chiropractic, Clinical Physiotherapy & Targeted Rehabilitation

Chiropractic combined with physiotherapy is the best treatment for sciatica. Spine-related sciatica is the more dangerous sciatica, as it can lead to loss of bowels and bladder control or paralysis.

Patients with spinal-related forms of sciatica need to be careful about the type of chiropractic and physiotherapy they get. As provided with the Gonstead or Diversified techniques, rotatory chiropractic methods can significantly worsen spine-related sciatica. Also, any physiotherapy that involves aggressive stretching of muscles or lots of twisting or bending can aggravate sciatica originating from the spine.

The best treatment for any form of sciatica, including those originating from the severe spinal condition, is NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy® is exclusively available at Chiropractic Specialty Center®.

Contact a CSC outlet near you for the best non-invasive sciatic & spondylolisthesis treatment in Malaysia today!

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