Best Clinical Physiotherapy In Malaysia

CSC’s award-winning clinical physiotherapy care for the spine, joints, sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation & neurological disorders; contact one of our centers near you today!

How To Find The Best Physiotherapy Center Or Physiotherapist?

Finding the top physiotherapy center or physiotherapist is the essential first step to recovery. Malaysia has thousands of physiotherapy centers; some are better than others. This section will explain how to find the best physiotherapy center near you.

There are several factors to consider when looking for a physiotherapy center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here are five simple guidelines for picking the right physiotherapy center near you in Kuala Lumpur:

  1. Visit a center that only has registered physiotherapists
  2. Look for physiotherapy centers that combine physiotherapy with chiropractic treatment
  3. Look for therapy centers that specialize in treating health conditions similar to yours.
  4. Avoid the “Jacks-of-all-trades” therapy centers as they are the master-of-none!
  5. Choose centers that are properly equipped with the latest therapy and rehabilitation deceives.

Make an appointment with those that meet these five points.

The best form of physiotherapy is that which targets the actual cause of a patient’s condition. Targeting the actual cause of pain, damage, or injury is not an easy task! As such, physiotherapy is better when it is combined with chiropractic treatment.

On your appointment day, you will need to assess them on their abilities before accepting care. We have four-point that you will need to assess during your initial visit to a physiotherapy center:

  • For starters, you need an accurate diagnosis.
  • Secondly, the physiotherapists treating you needs expertise in treatments of your specific condition (diagnosis). Finally, once you have secured these two, you need to make sure that your physiotherapist meets the next two criteria:
  1. They know advanced methodologies.
  2. The physiotherapy center needs to be properly equipped with the latest therapy and rehabilitation devices and technologies.

Get The Best Physioterahpy At Chiropractic Specialty Center®

We are a better physiotherapy center than the rest! What makes us better than competing physiotherapy centers is our integrative therapy solutions, our targeted methods, our advanced methodologies, and breakthrough technology!

To get the best in physiotherapy, you will need your physiotherapists to have the skills and knowledge to accurately diagnose your health condition. Unfortunately, diagnosing health conditions is a weakness in physiotherapy. Physiotherapy educational requirements lack a curriculum to focus on the diagnosis and diagnostic tests for the diploma, bachelor, and master degree programs in physiotherapy.

Accurate diagnosis is important, as without it physiotherapy is ineffective or wasteful. If your medical doctor or physiotherapist fails to accurately identify the root cause of your health condition, therapy will fail.

Accurate Diagnosis & Comprehensive Therapy Program Are The Hallmarks Of Great Physiotherapy

If you want better physiotherapy, get an accurate diagnosis of your condition first. The problem is that most doctors who refer for physiotherapy do not specify the exact diagnosis. Instead, most give general references. For example, they refer to radiculitis, frozen shoulder, disc bulge, sciatica, neck pain, or back pain. These terms are fine when describing a patient’s condition, but they lack specificity for comprehensive care. Nothing should be left to chance! As such, you will need the therapy center to assess and identify every aspect of the problematic site or tissue.

Physiotherapy centers, in general, maybe good at providing physiotherapy, but they are not sufficiently knowledgeable to accurately diagnose every aspect of a given issue. In these instances, the results are less than expected. Therefore, we advise getting physiotherapy from centers with capable diagnosticians on staff for a thorough assessment and accurate diagnosis. In hindsight, it will be better to get your physiotherapy at Chiropractic Specialty Center®.

CSC chiropractors and physiotherapists are the experts you need for a full recovery. We are the premier physiotherapy and chiropractic center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Moreover, our chiropractic doctors have the expertise to accurately diagnose your spine, joint, or sports injury with certainty. Call us today to learn more about CSC’s integrative methods.

Better Physiotherapy through CSC’s Clinical Teams Of Physiotherapists In Malaysia

Physiotherapy on golfer's elbow pain

Physiotherapy (also known as physical therapy) is the art and science of rehabilitative care manually and specialized medical equipment. CSC’s advantage of having your physiotherapy treatment is our technology and our collaborative spine, joint, and sports injury treatments.

We handpick only the best physiotherapists from a long list of candidates. Once hired, we rigorously train them until they become the experts they are today. By the time a physiotherapist treats patients at one of our centers, they are masters in their field. Their skills, knowledge, and compassion are unique to Chiropractic Specialty Center®. Furthermore, they will do whatever it takes to get you back on your feet with as little loss of time as possible.

Rest assured that our centers’ physiotherapists are clinical experts who can handle even a severe condition.

The Advantage Of Targeted Physiotherapy Treatment

Our physiotherapy methods differ from others. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology and research-based CSC chiropractic when treating the spine, joint, and slipped disc. Some centers offer only physiotherapy, while others offer only chiropractic.

We changed all that in 2007 when we initiated our collaborative care methods. Today, physiotherapy and chiropractic are two of the greatest non-surgical professions. Medical research has proved the effectiveness of both. None can doubt the beneficial impact they have had. However, it is much better if these two great professions are practiced together under one roof.

That is exactly what we have done! We have combined the clinical skills, knowledge, and methods of physiotherapists (physical therapists) and chiropractors under one roof. And we are better for it. As a result, we have succeeded when others have failed. In our center, you get the best of both worlds; chiropractic and physiotherapy. Furthermore, we are among the few centers with some of the best female chiropractors and male chiropractors working with our clinical physiotherapists of staff; the choice is yours.

Advantage Of Physiotherapy Combined With Chiropractic

The combination of chiropractic with physiotherapy has significantly improved CSC’s clinical successes. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is more than chiropractic or physical therapy (physiotherapy); we are both! Our collaborative spine and joint care methods have enabled us to treat even severe and complicated conditions. As a result, we have helped thousands of pain sufferers regain health and wellbeing. As practiced by our clinical teams, physiotherapy is a well-established therapeutic procedure.

Physiotherapy is part of our treatment plan for nearly all spine and joint pain patients. We offer 100% dedicated collaborative care because our physiotherapy combined with chiropractic is better than physiotherapy alone!

Our patients got better faster! Therefore, their combined efforts are greater than their singular attempts of either one. In 2009 we reached another milestone when we added treatments through advanced technology into our collaborative physiotherapy and chiropractic methods in Malaysia. The introduction and incorporation of treatments rendered through the RxDecom®, Spinercise®, and FD3000™ enabled us to succeed even with the severest forms of spine disorder. We have even impressed some of the best and most advanced surgical centers with our clinical successes. Our clinical physiotherapists offer better treatment options compared to others.

Best Clinical Physiotherapists & Research-Based Corrective Chiropractors

manual methods of physiotherapy shown

When you visit a Chiropractic Specialty Center®, you visit the best clinical team of a physiotherapist and research-based chiropractors in Southeast Asia. No doubt about it. This is why we succeed even if others have failed. Our physiotherapists are our patients’ coaches, healing partners, teachers, and therapists. Our physiotherapists will go over your daily living activities to help you heal faster. Our physiotherapist will also evaluate you and the evaluation you get from our research-based chiropractors.

In essence, you get the best of both worlds. In our centers, the physiotherapists and chiropractors work in collaboration. This method of non-biased cooperation is yet another reason for our success.

Competing centers claim to have a collaborative team but some do not. In some centers, you get either chiropractic or physiotherapy. Our chiropractors and physiotherapist are better because of this unique form of partnership.

Some offer mainly chiropractic or primarily physiotherapy. On each visit to our center, you will get chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. It is an all or none because we have discovered that an all-encompassing care method is far superior to all others. In addition to knowledge and skills, our physiotherapists use the latest therapeutic modalities to treat you. So if you have problems and pain, Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the place to be.

What Is Physical Therapy?

As a profession, physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) is a branch of health care that involves non-invasive treatment and therapy methods for illnesses, weaknesses, and disabilities. According to the Australian Physiotherapy Association, “Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals that treat and work to prevent diseases and disabilities by physical means.”

Physiotherapy, as an idea, has been around for centuries. Hippocrates is accredited as the first known individual that advocated massage, manipulation, manual therapy, and even hydrotherapy for his patients in 460 BC. However, the Father of Swedish Gymnastics,” Per Henrik Ling, developed physiotherapy as a profession for the first time in 1887.

First University Program Degree Program In Physiotherapy

The University of Otago in New Zealand initiated the first School of Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) in 1913, which was soon followed in other countries. In general, the profession proved its effectiveness during the polio outbreak of 1916. However, until the late 1940s, the profession concentrated mainly on massage and exercise. It was not until the 1950s that physiotherapists began to use traction and spinal manipulative therapy, in addition to massage and exercise.

The profession continued to grow and evolve into what it is today. Physiotherapists provide therapy for a host of ailments. Just like any profession, there are differences among physiotherapists. Some prefer a more hands-on approach, whereas others may prefer an approach that is assisted by specialized equipment.

The hands-on approach usually involves manual soft tissue mobilizations such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching, massage, and exercise. The equipment- or modality-assisted therapies involve sound waves (therapeutic ultrasound) and electrical stimulation (interferential current-micro current or Russian stimulation).

Technologically advanced physiotherapy machines such as shockwave therapy and high-intensity laser therapy significantly impact recovery from the spine and joint conditions. They may also use traction (like the DTS® unit produced by Chattanooga®), spinal decompression (like the RxDecom® produced by TheraMod™), and exercises performed on specialized equipment.  

What Is The Role Of A Physiotherapist?

In some regions known as physical therapists, physiotherapists are healthcare practitioners who help patients recover from injuries, sicknesses, or disabilities. They work with the disabled, the elderly, or children. Their primary goal is to regain lost motion and restore the patient’s functional ability. They perform these tasks using a hands-on approach or modality-driven method, or a combination of the twosome work in team settings, involving other health disciplines, such as chiropractic.

Regardless of the setting, physiotherapists today interact with and treat patients with various conditions. After meeting the educational requirements in their particular physiotherapy field, they may choose to work in the musculoskeletal field (spine, joint, slip-disc, and scoliosis), the neurological field (stroke recovery), or other fields. Other fields include the cardiovascular (heart and lungs), pediatrics (kids), and geriatrics (elderly) fields.

What Make CSC Physiotherapists Better Than Others?

Call us if you want the best physiotherapist. Our center provides corrective physiotherapy treatment in Malaysia. What makes us better than the competing centers are our skills, knowledge, technology, and integrative methods! None in Malaysia can offer you the same level of expertise you can get from a Chiropractic Specialty Center®.

We are the only center with proven slipped disc and scoliosis treatment methods. Our clinical research-based physical therapists (physiotherapists) treat patients through manual procedures or treatments given by machines. Treatments manually include massage, stretching, exercises, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, trigger-point therapy, or myofascial release. Sometimes they refer to a host of procedures as “manual therapy.” Manual therapy could involve two or more particular forms, or methods, that are rendered physically using a hands-on approach.

CSC’sDifference: Advanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Technology

Procedures and treatments that are rendered by using machines include, but are not limited to, specialized exercise equipment, electrical stimulation devices, sound wave therapy, shock wave therapy, traction devices, as well as heat modalities, such as infrared and diathermy. The type and form of therapy rendered are always based on the patient’s needs and the hospital or center they practice. Competing centers and hospitals are better equipped than others, and centers like ours offer ongoing training and education to improve outcomes and increase the rendered procedures’ efficacy.NSD Therapy methods incorporating physiotherapy

Therefore, the success of therapy depends not only on the physiotherapist’s knowledge but also on their understanding of the condition and the facility in which they practice. Furthermore, since the role of modality-rendered treatments (treatments provided through specialized medical devices) is fast becoming necessary, a thorough understanding of each modality’s theories and functions must also be mastered by the physiotherapist.

The clinical training and continuing education programs and courses we provide our clinical team of physiotherapists is the primary reasons our methods work better. CSC’s clinical teams understand clinical conditions better. Their understanding of clinical conditions and the medical devices we use in our center has enabled our success when others have failed. Don’t just take our word for it. Review our proven results for severe slipped disc conditions that the surgeons were all too eager to operate on.

The Surgical & Non-Surgical Settings In Physical Medicine

Today, the most common setting for physiotherapists is in a hospital setting; however, this is fast changing. There is a growing need for non-surgical and non-invasive methods of care. As a result, the number of centers that offer physiotherapy outside a hospital setting is increasing. Expert physiotherapists and published researchers have linked the skill level and knowledge of a physiotherapist to their educational background and their efforts in staying updated with the latest developments in the field. Therefore, the level of a physiotherapist’s commitment to their profession is a must for them to acquire expert skills and knowledge.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® has strict hiring and training processes for all physiotherapists, regardless of their education and experience level. The scope of practice is different and varies in the various regions of the world. Some countries have relatively light training requirements, while others have stringent requirements. CSC follows physiotherapy guidelines of the United States of America; therefore, you can expect world-class physiotherapy services from our centers.

Are There Differences In Physical Medicine

manual and therapy device methods of physiotherapy

In addition to the differences noted, physiotherapy or physical medicine is further divided into distinct areas. Today’s physiotherapists practice their art in a pre-surgical setting, a post-surgical setting, or a non-surgical setting. The pre-surgical and post-surgical settings are most commonly seen in hospitals and surgical centers. The pre-surgical and post-surgical centers’ primary roles are to prepare the patients for surgery (pre-surgical). Post-surgical physiotherapy assists in recovery once the surgery is done (post-surgical). Both types are distinct and require specialized skills, knowledge, and specific equipment for the task.

The non-surgical physiotherapeutic interventions are commonly seen in settings that offer non-invasive and non-surgical treatments. These are centers and clinics that are established outside of hospitals. The primary goal of the non-surgical method is to restore function without surgery. The non-surgical method requires a unique set of skills complemented by specialized non-surgical equipment. If you seek a non-surgical method of care, seek physiotherapeutic services outside of a surgical center.

It Would Help If You Always Opted For Therapy From A Non-surgical Center. Here Is Why!

Treatment centers outside of surgical settings are keener on getting you better without surgical intervention. It is important to note that surgical centers are always eager to find reasons that justify surgical procedures. Furthermore, the non-surgical centers will almost always have modalities that offer non-surgical treatment. Modalities such as the RxDecom®. It is interesting to note that none of the surgical centers have a modality similar to the RxDecom®. They are amazed by its results but don’t want it in their surgical centers. If they get devices such as the RxDecom®, their surgeons will not have much to do!

Integrative Conservative Treatment: Chiropractic, Rehabilitation Combined With Physiotherapy

physiotherapy treatment with various methods

Chiropractors and physical therapists have treated spine, joint, and sports-related disorders for a very long time. Both have unique philosophies and systems that they use when treating patients. The differences between the two professions are their philosophical theories. For example, “For spinal-related disorders, chiropractors may pay more attention to the structural alignment of each spinal segment (vertebrae). Physiotherapists, on the other hand, may pay more attention to the soft tissue (muscles and ligaments) that surrounds the joint.”

It is important to note many physiotherapists also work on the spine’s structural alignment. Likewise, numerous chiropractors work on the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) surrounding a joint. The objective of both physiotherapists and chiropractors is to enable their patients to regain optimal health through either manual procedures, specialized medical devices, or a combination of the two. Either profession may have a particular manner in which they render the therapy, but their goals are the same.

Advanced Methods & Technology Gets Better Results

We have always claimed to be the best at spine and joint treatments. Our claims of being the best are backed by our clinical successes in treating challenging conditions that competing centers fail. Our spine and joint treatments are collaboratively through clinical teams of physiotherapists and chiropractors. But that is not the reason why we are better.

What sets us apart from others is our research-based non-surgical treatments of spine and joint disorders. The advanced technology, coupled with research-based treatments provided to you by our integrative teams, will outshine the care you can get from others. It is just that simple. Visit one of our centers to see how we treat the spine and joint and compare our results to others. In short, if you want to be treated by the best spine and joint treatment center, visit Chiropractic Specialty Center® today.

What Is The Difference Between A Chiropractor & A Physiotherapist?

advanced chiropractic treatment

The differences between methods of care can be significant between chiropractic and physiotherapy. While it is worth knowing these differences, they should not be the main criteria for deciding who to go to. There are good and bad practitioners in both chiropractic and physiotherapy. Both professions have their strengths and weakness. If one finds a great chiropractor, the weaknesses are limited significantly, and the same holds when one finds a good physiotherapist. There are “good” and “bad” practitioners in every profession. Neither chiropractic nor physiotherapy is immune to this fact.

Many chiropractors would prefer an excellent physiotherapist to a bad chiropractor. The reason for this is that they both have proven treatment theories, and both have had a positive impact on our society.

We think chiropractors and physiotherapists would serve society better and achieve greater results if they combined their efforts. The “us or them” attitude in both these professions is antiquated, at best, and, quite frankly, it is more a product of arrogant individuals. Fortunately, a growing number of physiotherapists and chiropractors in the modern world have tossed out the “us or them” attitude and are working side by side.

The coming together of two great professions has already proved to be more effective than those still practicing with an “us or them” attitude. Discover how our clinical experts have reversed and repaired severely damaged slipped discs that surgeons wanted to operate on.

Why Physiotherapy Is Better When Combined With Chiropractic?

When we established our centers, we aimed to create a multidisciplinary treatment facility. Our focus was on offering chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment for spine and joint injuries, sports trauma, slipped disc (slip-disc), and scoliosis. We wanted a center where chiropractors and physiotherapists could work shoulder to shoulder for the patient’s benefit. As a result, we can say with 100% certainty that our treatments are far better today than they used to be. We achieve greater results, unmatched by other chiropractic and physiotherapy centers, regardless of whether their practices are separate or combined.

What has made us so good is that our care method is not achievable by others. Competing physiotherapy or chiropractic centers do not have the equipment or the training programs we have. In short, this change has had a significant positive impact on our patients’ lives and our own (the chiropractors and physiotherapists). This is why we tell patients that chiropractic treatment (chiropractic adjustment) and physiotherapy are like honey and milk— better together!

physiotherapist monitoring exercise therapy

Exercise Therapy & Programs Through CSC’s Clinical Research-Based Therapy & Rehabilitation Is Better

Strengthening and rehabilitation are common exercises and therapy procedures used to treat the spine and extremities. While exercise is helpful, it can also be damaging. Therapeutic exercise is beneficial only when performed at the right time, in the right way, and under an expert’s supervision. Doing it too soon may lead to further damage and malfunction. Doing it too late is just that: too late.

Our physiotherapists and chiropractors will customize therapeutic exercises based on your needs in our centers. Unlike others, the exercises we provide are timely and focused on your specific health issues. In summary, we have the best non-surgical clinical experts you need for a speedy recovery.

The ability to offer world-class treatments was not accidental. It took hard work.

Our training and continuing education programs for our technical team set us apart. Our physiotherapists and chiropractors no longer have to fish for themselves—they rely on us for education, research, and training.

Exercise Programs Are An Integral Part Of The Conservative Treatment You Get At CSC

When it comes to exercise programs, what to do and what not to do in an exercise are best covered by our research-based clinical chiropractors and physiotherapists! They are the experts you need. A good physiotherapist or chiropractor can cut therapy time short, maximize improvements, and avoid injuring the injured or malfunctioning areas. In our centers, you can have both great chiropractors and excellent physiotherapists. You don’t have to take our word for it; visit us and compare. We start with mild stretching and strengthening forms and then work our way to more intensive treatment.

Each patient is unique, and we fit the therapy to match the patient‘s progress. So, in our centers, we will not use the one-size-fits-all physiotherapy system that others use. Hence, each customized session is unique to the needs of our patients.

Targeted Clinical Rehabilitation Therapy & Slip-Disc

male with upper back & neck pain

Physiotherapists have been treating patients with ‘slipped discs” and disc-related disorders since the profession’s launch. However, the level of efficacy has varied from practitioner to practitioner. The human spinal disc has been a challenging and arduous entity to treat. This difficulty was poorly understood until modern diagnostic equipment such as the MRI. The amount of knowledge that has been gained as a result of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has dramatically changed the therapeutic field of spine and joint disorders.

It has been known for some time that discs can “slip” (herniated and protrude), but now we know why. Today, it is a well-known fact that spinal discs do herniate, rupture, and protrude (slipped disc) when the nutrient availability to a spinal disc is compromised. So, to maintain a spinal disc’s health or improve a damaged spinal disc, the nutrient content and nutrient availability to a spinal disc must be increased. The challenge here lies in the fact that spinal discs are avascular (no direct blood supply), so nutrients that enter a spinal disc must do so through the process of diffusion (nutrients must be sucked in).

Therefore, for physiotherapeutic procedures to be effective, it must incorporate methods that increase the chances of diffusion.

Advanced Therapy Devices Are Essential To Speedy Recovery?

Technology has improved every aspect of healthcare. Physiotherapy centers that use hands-on Methos of care are limited in providing the patient with holistic care. As such, we encourage ll spine and joint patients to avoid centers that treat using hands-on only methods. The hands-on only methods were a necessity 50 years ago when technology had not developed. Those that still practice without the use of spine and joint technology are doing their patients a disservice.

physiotherapy through NSD therapy

Some therapeutic procedures are better than others. Physiotherapists who understand and have kept up with the recent developments in spine and joint physiology should offer patients effective non-operative solutions. However, knowing to do a task is only the beginning. Having the means and the knowledge is more appropriate. In other words, they may know what to do for you, but it won’t help if they do not have the proper equipment needed for the task.

Is A Physiotherapist Enough To Fix Or Repair Spine & Joint Conditions?

Manual procedures, electrical stimulation, stretching, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, and traction are insufficient. When these methods are combined with an effective spinal decompression system, then the chances for a favorable outcome increase. Physiotherapy and physiotherapists can treat a damaged spinal disc condition if they perform the proper procedures. We have provided proof of this fact by a published case study right here on our website, proving that a slipped disc can be treated with effective methods and technology. Even if your surgeon is adamant about surgery, know that you have options.

Holistic Non-Surgical Options That Repair Damaged Spinal Discs

Visit one of our centers to discover an alternative to spine surgery that your spine surgeon forgot to mention. Our physiotherapy methods are better as it includes the best chiropractic care in Malaysia. Non-surgical methods are always better for a slipped disc (herniated or protruded disc.

Non-surgical methods are always better when it comes to a slipped disc (herniated or protruded disc). Understanding how a disc gets damaged will enable you to realize the surgical interventions are patches as they do not repair the root cause. In other words, contrary to what you may have been told, surgery is not a cure. It is a patch and often is short-lived.

CSC’s Sports Physiotherapists Are The Experts Of Spine & Joint Treatment In Malaysia

The damaged area will worsen due to scar tissue forming in the affected soft tissue and joints. Degeneration of muscles, ligaments, and joints will occur, leading to arthritic changes. Your bones will change shape because of your injuries. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to reverse the damage.

If others have failed to cure your back pain, neck pain, or sports injuries, visit our center and get holistic upper back treatment in town. We succeed when others fail. Call us now.

Importance Of Clinical Therapy In Sports Injuries

A sports injury usually involves several anatomical structures, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, bursae, and spinal discs. Therefore, you must have a trained team of non-surgical experts treat you as soon as possible. Timely care is critical but more important is getting the right treatments. Hence, do your homework before visiting a physiotherapy center. After all, you do not want to be one of the 77% that continues to have pain. Therefore, visit the best chiropractic center in Malaysia and contact one of the four centers. We have the technology, skills, and essential expert knowledge needed in providing world-class treatments right here in Malaysia.

Targeted Treatment Of Sports Injuries By Corrective Clinical Physiotherapists

Aside from neglect, the number one reason for continued pain and discomfort from a sports injury is inadequate or improper care. With this in mind, you will need to make sure that the care you get for a sports injury is by a specialized team of physios and chiros. We offer specialized holistic care for all your spine, joints, and sports injuries in our centers. Our specific care methods are rendered through our collaborative team of research-based chiropractors and clinical physiotherapists that have set us apart from the rest.

What happens when treatments are incomplete? Here are two examples of incomplete treatments:

  1. The patient neglects to comply with the recommended treatment program.
  2. Therapy centers with scope, abilities, knowledge, or a combination of various issues.

While patient education and patient information solve compliance problems, the bigger and more pressing issue is whether the physiotherapy center lacks knowledge or skills? We have had numerous patients seeking care from us for chronic conditions that others failed to rectify. One issue that stayed constant in almost every case was an incorrect diagnosis of the patient’s condition or improper therapy and treatment procedures. In both of these situations, benefits are minimal at best. However, for the most part, the centers that rendered the care for them failed themselves, their profession, and of course, most importantly, the patients they serve. That will not happen at a Chiropractic Specialty Center®.

What Happens When Your Treatments Tail To Address The Root Causes Of Your Health Issues?

For one thing, you may continue to have pain. Secondly, you may end with frequent flare-ups. And most significantly, stability will never happen, and the problem may expand and worsen.

If you get treated through chiropractic or physiotherapy alone, only one part of the problem is addressed. Therefore, we recommend a combined therapy approach through both chiropractic and physiotherapy so that all aspects of your health issues are addressed adequately to a point where the root causes of your condition are resolved. Otherwise, you risk having similar problems in the future and may need additional care for the rest of your life. Well, not in our centers. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists are highly trained, highly motivated, and equipped with the latest technology. Our means and methods are better, and so are our results.

At the Chiropractic Specialty Center®, we have both chiropractors and physiotherapists to diagnose, treat, strengthen, and stabilize your sports injury. We have specialized treatment and rehabilitation equipment unique to our center to repair and strengthen the joints, discs, and other support structures. Of course, the best treatment is prevention, and our trained staff can educate and assist you in discovering the best ways to prevent injury in the first place.

The Importance Of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy on shoulder bladeIn our centers, physiotherapists spend lots of time improving their skills, knowledge, and understanding of manual therapy. Some wrongly consider manual therapy to be a massage. Still, in our center, manual therapy is a specific, customized physiotherapy treatment rendered through our physiotherapist’s skillful hands or our chiropractors. Our clinical team is deeply knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of musculoskeletal physiotherapy procedures. Therefore, the physiotherapy services rendered for you are world-class and second to none.

We take it upon ourselves to hold training and educational classes in chiropractic and physiotherapy. Our clinical teams continually improve their skills and update their knowledge on treating you better. We are always researching and updating ourselves on the latest physiotherapy and chiropractic fields.

Our success and our patients depend on us, and we will not let ourselves or our patients down. Don’t just take our word for it; visit one of our centers to discover why we succeed when others fail. If you want the best clinical team of physiotherapists, look no further. Call or contact one of our centers today.

Manual Therapy

The Manual therapy you get in one of our centers is highly specialized, and for the most, they are a series of specialized treatments that we developed. During a manual therapy session, the procedures we use include soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, and connective tissue work, leading to better neuromuscular interaction. Our Manual Therapy methods treat damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, or fascia. Pain comes from many sources, and you have to treat everything that hurts.

Our clinical team has the skills, training, and proven knowledge in many methods of treating the spine, joint, and sports injuries. Every person‘s problem will be different. The treatment must fit the person and their problem. The trained physiotherapists at Chiropractic Specialty Center® use many manual techniques to enhance and complement other care methods.

Our centers are result-oriented. Each means of care or therapy method has one goal – to get you better faster; this is our number one priority. Results count, and it is for this reason, we have decided to offer a unique, never-seen-before collaborative spine and joint care.

manual physiotherapy of the upper backClinical Research-Based Physiotherapist For Rehabilitation Of The Spine

Your spine is the very core of your kinetic being, the center of your mobility, and the center of your peripheral nervous system. It is also at the heart of many common problems: lower back pain, neck pain & Stiffness, slipped disc, sciatic nerve pain, and much more.

We understand spines. We fix spines through our research-based chiropractic, clinical Physiotherapy, and specialized spine technology. Our methods of spine care repair the root causes of spine problems. We are the first and ONLY clinic/center in Malaysia to offer CSC’s NSD Therapy®, a multi-faceted approach to treating and correcting spinal-related conditions.

We have treated thousands of neck and back pain patients successfully. Our second to none care methods that produce highly successful outcomes are World-Class. Our Spine Physiotherapists are our clinical therapists, the like of which is not seen elsewhere. We have taken their skills, their knowledge and backed them with advanced Technology and research-based chiropractors. The results—speak for themselves. Visit one of our centers to see us in action.

electrotherapy of the lower backAdvanced Treatment For Back Pain

Eighty [80%] of the population will experience back pain sometime in their life. The US government is calling back pain the next epidemic! Back injury is the most common cause of not returning to work in the Population below 45 years of age. The good news is that back pain is a treatable condition without drugs, injections, or surgery. Even the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, recommends that their patients use non-surgical methods before thinking of surgery. Back pain is usually mechanical, and mechanical problems require mechanical solutions. Back pain usually occurs when there is damage to the spinal disc, ultimately leading to a disc bulge or disc herniation (slipped disc). Disc bulges and herniations irritate the sensitive nerves causing pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling in the arms or the legs.

We have treated thousands of neck and back pain patients successfully. Our second to none care methods that produce highly successful outcomes are World-Class. Our Spine Physiotherapists are our clinical therapists, the like of which is not seen elsewhere. We have taken their skills, their knowledge and backed them with advanced Technology and research-based chiropractors. The results—speak for themselves. Visit one of our centers to see us in action.

At Chiropractic Specialty Center®, we will treat and stabilize your low back. We have skilled teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists working together using state-of-the-art medical equipment that corrects, strengthens, and supports your low back.

Our difference is not just our skills, knowledge, or experience. Our difference is in using our knowledge, expertise, and experience as a team under one roof for our patients’ sake. This is our secret and our story. Then we went a step further: we brought in advanced technology.

manual therapy of the cervical spine by a chiropractor

Corrective Neck Pain Treatment With Targeted Physiotherapy

66% of the world‘s population experience neck pain. It is a widespread but potentially dangerous condition.

Most people feel neck pain due to daily poor posture or trauma. That poor posture can lead to disc degeneration, nerve irritation, osteoarthritic changes, and further muscle and ligament weakness and instability.

Drugs cover up problems but fix nothing. Pain comes and goes, but problems stay with you and get worse over time. Surgery fails. What is the answer? The short answer is: come to our center where recovery is through physiotherapy and chiropractic. We are not just a chiropractic center, but just as important: a physiotherapy center. That is why we get results when others fail. Our technology, but more importantly, our staff treats patients collaboratively through physiotherapy and chiropractic care.

Many people look to chiropractors or physiotherapists but only get temporary relief. Why does this happen? Because they may not fully understand the pain or don‘t adequately treat the problems causing the pain.

Visit Chiropractic Specialty Center® For Real Solution

If you are looking for a real solution, you need a team that can accurately diagnose the problem and treats every aspect of the condition. At Chiropractic Specialty Center®, we pride ourselves that we are committed to accurately diagnosing and treating your neck pain and its associated conditions. This approach begins with a complete case history and thorough examination. Our clinical team will focus on the spine’s structures and functions and their effects on the nervous system. We intend to find every aspect of your condition to correct all areas of a given issue.

We have skilled clinical physiotherapists in each center, and we have backed these clinical experts by a team of chiropractors and advanced technology. In other words, if you have neck pain, we have the cure.

In our centers, chiropractors and physiotherapists work together using state-of-the-art medical equipment specifically designed to correct, strengthen, stabilize your condition, and fix your problems.

Disc Decompression Therapy To Heal Neck & Back Pain

The spine is a stack of bones with padding in between. The cushion between each vertebra is called a disc. A damaged disc can pinch a nerve resulting in pain in the arms or the legs, or give you pain in the neck or the back.80% of people experience low back and neck pain at some point in their lives. Treatment for neck and back pain can be dangerous, expensive, and sometimes worthless.

Damage occurs when cell replacement doesn’t occur, a condition that happens all too often because of our modern lifestyle or injury. Disc Decompression is all about getting nutrients back into the discs to make new cells and repair them. The RxDecom® machine gently, painlessly, and safely decreases the pressure in your discs so the nutrients can flood in. The RxDecom® is the most advanced form of spinal decompression therapy device. Best of all, it is specifically created for slipped discs. There is no better treatment for your disc.

Is Traction As Good As The RxDecom®?

Today’s technology is the most modern traction therapy device is significantly inferior to that of the RxDecom®. Therefore, traction can never rival the clinical benefits of treatments rendered through RxDecom®.

Years ago, when technology was not advanced enough —physiotherapists used traction. Traction therapy for neck and back problems is common. They can help with a limited number of cases and conditions. However, traction therapy offers little to no benefit for those with an acute condition or those who suffer from a more severe form of a spinal disc or joint issue. In reality, traction can harm a neck or back pain sufferer if spinal disc problems such as a herniated or protruded spinal disc (slipped disc).

The World Of Physical Therapy Is Changing

This change is occurring at the speed of light. There is a change in knowledge, skills, and the most important, technology. The advances in technology have impacted all aspects of healthcare, including spine and joint care. Many centers that offer physiotherapy still rely on old and antiquated equipment.

Outdated manual therapy methods, outdated tractions, and ineffective simulations led to failures in challenging spine and joint conditions. However, when you step into a Chiropractic Specialty Center®, you will notice a State-of-the-Art facility with expert technical and clinical staff. Our physiotherapists are world-class in skills, knowledge, and abilities. Visit us and judge for yourself.

Corrective Non-Surgical Treatment Enriched With Advanced Methods Of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

CSC’s modern physiotherapy is more than just a play on words. Modern clinical physiotherapy is only available through physiotherapists with updated knowledge, specialized skills, and advanced technology. In other words, modern clinical physiotherapists are those who participate in continual research and education programs.

The physiotherapists at Chiropractic Specialty Center® are better than the rest. We only will hire the best. Once hired, our work begins. We have specialized training for all our clinical team members. CSC’s training manuals and methods are evolving to include the latest care and research methods. These efforts are the core reasons for our successes. We have the technology that others do not have. We have systems that others cannot use. We have advanced training that transforms our clinical team into expert research-based clinical physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Visit any one of our centers today and see our difference. If you have had surgical intervention and still suffer in pain, call us. Or, if you want the best non-surgical spine or joint care, call us. We can help.

Benefits Of CSC’s Focused Rehabilitative Therapy Through Clinical Non-Surgical Treatments

various types of spinal disc damage & disorders shown

Spinal disc disorders such as disc degenerations, disc bulges, disc herniations, disc protrusions, and disc extrusions are loosely referred to as a “Slipped Disc.” The number of patients suffering from a spinal disc disorder or injury is rising. Spinal disc disorders were common in middle-aged individuals involved in either manual labor or sports-related activities. However, today, no one is immune due to our modern lifestyles.

Focused & Targeted Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a system of “hands-on” therapeutic procedures and techniques performed by a skilled therapist. The definition of manual therapy and the type of manual therapy differs from profession to profession. In our centers, manual therapy is part of your physiotherapy session. Our manual therapy’s sole purpose is to improve tissue healing and decrease recovery time. Our team members dedicate time each week reading and researching to develop better and enhance their skills. Thus, the care you get from us is second to none.

What Is NSD Therapy®?

Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy is an alternative to spinal surgery. It combines technology and medical science in a manner never done before.  NSD Therapy® was created to assist physicians and healthcare providers in treating even the most severe neck or back pain. The care methods employed are specialized physiotherapy, the best clinical chiropractic (Activator), and target-specific rehabilitation.

NSD Therapy® is the most holistic neck pain, and back pain treatment physiotherapists can offer. Based on sound physiotherapy principles and state-of-the-art Technology, with clinically proven results! CSC’s clinical teams of physiotherapists and chiropractors correct spinal-related ailments without resorting to invasive surgeries.

To conclude, our physical therapy system, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation are superior to others in Malaysia. Get the best physiotherapy in Malaysia at CSC. Our award-winning center provides holistic physiotherapy services combined with corrective chiropractic. We are the top-rated physiotherapy and chiropractic center in Malaysia.

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