Eliminate Backaches & Lumbago

Backache and lumbago are common conditions suffered needlessly by millions. Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) has been treating patients with backache and lumbago for 15 years. CSC’s integrative and collaboration through advanced therapy devices has produced fantastic results for all types of backaches, including those caused by slipped discs, spondylolisthesis, and spinal canal stenosis.

What Types Of Backaches & Lumbago Related Conditions Do We Specialize In

We are the leading chiropractic and physiotherapy center, specializing in the treatment of all types of back pains, from simple muscle spasms to ligamentous, spinal joints, and spinal disc disorders, including challenging conditions such as:

All kinds of slipped discs (bulging, prolapsed, protrusion, ruptures, herniation, extrusion & partially fragmented discs)

  • Post-surgical pains & failed ailed back surgery syndrome
  • Sciatica, sciatic nerve pain & sciatica-like pain syndromes
  • Spondylosis, spondylolisthesis & spondylolysis
  • Posterior facet syndrome, facet mediated pain (facet pain) & facet imbrications
  • Osteoarthritis & bone spurs
  • Spinal joint arthritis (facet arthritis)
  • Spinal stenosis (spinal canal stenosis & intervertebral foraminal stenosis
  • Spinal nerve impingement & compression
  • Spinal cord compression or impingement
  • Radiculopathy & radiculitis (tingling, numbness, burning, or pain down the legs)
  • Spinal soft tissue injuries (muscles & ligaments)
  • Sports injuries & whiplash injuries

CSC’s Integrative Back Pain Treatment: Chiro, Physio, Rehab & Therapeutic Devices

CSC is an award-winning chiropractic and physiotherapy center. Our clinical team of chiropractors and physiotherapists treat backaches and lumbago with evidence-based methods incorporating several manual techniques with treatments through specialized medical equipment. CSC is a fully equipped physiotherapy and chiropractic center. We have some of the most sophisticated medical and therapy equipment for spine and joints, including:

  1. Advanced spinal decompression by the RxDecom®
  2. High-intensity laser therapy
  3. Shockwave therapy
  4. Cryo-thermal therapy by QMD
  5. Spinal traction & DTS decompression therapy
  6. Flexion-distraction therapy
  7. Intersegmental traction therapy
  8. Electrotherapy (interferential, tens, Russian, nerve block)
  9. Therapeutic ultrasound=

Treatment via the therapy devices mentioned above depends on your diagnosis, overall health, and severity of your condition. Patients with chronic backaches, acute back injuries, or complicated spinal issues may require therapy using multiple devices to eliminate the source of pain.

This archive page of our website brings you a collection of articles published on our blog to help you understand What caused your back pain and what you need to do to eliminate them quickly with lasting relief. Please feel free to share any portion of posts related to backache and lumbago with friends and family.

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