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Chiropractic adjustments differ depending on the chiropractor you visit in Malaysia. We offer a target specific adjustment for faster recovery.

The Chiropractic Adjustment in Malaysia

Everything You Need To Know About Chiropractic Adjustment. A spinal manipulation performed by a certified chiropractor is called a chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractors employ a variety of techniques to perform adjustments. Before making an adjustment, however, a skilled chiropractor will examine the condition of the patient thoroughly. Then, the chiropractor selects the adjustment technique that best suits the patient’s particular problem..

A chiropractic adjustment is performed through the use of either an instrument or a “hands-on” method. The “hands-on” way has been around since the inception of chiropractic medicine, in 1896. However, current research supports a better and more accurate means of chiropractic treatment, which is beneficial and eliminates the risk usually associated with treatments that involve the manual hands-on method.

Instrumentally assisted adjustments (treatments), as provided by chiropractors, are chiropractic adjustments that enable chiropractors to target a particular segment of the spine or a joint without irritating the surrounding tissues or structures. In our centers, our chiropractors utilize the activator methods when treating a spinal disc patient or a patient who presents with a complicated orthopedic condition in which hands-on method might be a contra-indication.

Chiropractic adjustment

More patients seek our methods of care for complicated and challenging cases that did not respond to the traditional methods of chiropractic adjustments.  We have even had patients that failed with the Gonstead methods of care.  And we have successfully treated patients with bulging discherniated discs, protruded discs or even extruded disc that the standard and hands-on chiropractic treatments failed.  All in all, we succeeded where others could not, and the reason for our success is our collaborative methods of therapy as well as our advanced technology.

Instruments such as the “Activator” allows only a precise, premeasured amount of force to be delivered to a particular segment at a very specific angle, which is impossible to accomplish manually. An instrument like the Activator is changing the non-surgical field of Spine, Joint, and Orthopedic conditions.

In our centers, we initiated the instrument assisted methods of adjustments in 2007 and have found them to be significantly more effective in comparison to the Gonstead Methods, Diversified methods, or even Thompson Methods of spinal or joint adjustment.

Our founder, Dr. Yama Zafer (Doctor of Chiropractic) believes the manual methods of adjustments for those that suffer from a spinal disc disorder should be avoided. Manual Adjustments, according to Dr. Zafer (our founding Chiropractor), often involve rotatory movements or positioning that require putting a patient’s spine in a rotated position. According to our Chiropractor, the instrument-assisted adjustments are the best method of joint mobilization.

In the last few years, however, chiropractors have been performing more and more instrument-assisted adjustments. One potential reason for the increase is the higher number of difficult joint and spine conditions that chiropractors see today. Another is a new, more in-depth understanding of the mechanisms involved in injury and malfunction.

Instrumental adjustments

Gentle Chiropractic Adjustment by Dr. Yama Zafer in MalaysiaInstrumental adjustments, such as those performed by an Activator, accomplish more than what the manual methods can do. Best of all, with the instrument-rendered adjustments patients, tend to relax better during their treatments.

Aside from being safer and having no risk whatsoever, you will not hear any cracking or popping noises emitted from your neck or back. The adjustments rendered by an instrument are not just safer; they are painless, more relaxing, and of course, significantly more efficient, especially if you have a slipped disc or a complicated joint condition. Other outstanding benefits of the instrument-assisted treatment include a faster and more thorough recovery from pain or injury.

In our centers, the technique used is dependent on a patient’s diagnosis and overall health. There are cases in which a hands-on method of adjustment is needed. After thoroughly assessing your condition, we will discuss the method through which we would recommend your chiropractic adjustment. We use instrumented-assisted adjustments to help your recovery. Our aim is to get you better faster while decreasing any potential harmful effects. Call or visit one of our centers to experience or understand the chiropractic adjustment as rendered by our clinical team.

Our chiropractic centers specialize in the non-surgical and safe Spine, Joint and Sports Injury Treatments.

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