Targeted Corrective Scoliosis Therapy For Adolescents or Adults

CSC’s holistic scoliosis therapy for adolescents & adults is through the combined efforts of our chiropractors & physiotherapists. Our scoliosis therapy methodology, technology & customized scoliosis exercises are second to none! Contact us today for a complete assessment of your spine to learn about the best non-surgical options in scoliosis treatment!

What Is Scoliosis & How Should It Be Treated?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine detected in children, especially during periods of rapid growth. It is more common in females and often passed from mother to child (daughter). Mild and moderate cases are painless, but can it cause pain as it progresses. Our Clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists have advanced technology, skills, and knowledge to offer you an effective non-operative scoliosis therapy method.

At CSC, we treat scoliosis through the combined efforts of our award-winning chiropractic and physiotherapists.

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scoliosis assessment of a girl

Scoliotic Spine Treatment For Kids Is Better By Our Clinical Teams In Malaysia!

Scoliosis is a treatable condition. On many occasions, concerned parents have asked us why their child has scoliosis. While the answer varies from case to case, generally speaking, there are few known causes. But, yet the most common cause is still unknown. It is for this reason that the treatment and cure are elusive in some cases. Although the actual cause of a scoliotic curve is elusive, our focused scoliosis therapy programs have helped many. Our approach to scoliosis therapy is through advanced corrective methods of chiropractic with physiotherapy.

Our scoliosis therapy goals stabilize the weak spine and the accessory ligaments, tendons, and muscles related to proper spinal function. Our teams will thoroughly assess your child’s spine and joints. We assess the spinal tissues (spinal joints, spinal discs, ligaments, and muscles) and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the chest, arms, buttocks, thighs, and legs. In other words, your child will receive a thorough evaluation of their spine and joints.

By definition, scoliotic curve has to be greater than 10 degrees!

Scoliosis of unknown etiology is related to the inherited form. If caught early, treatments rendered will have a better chance of success. However, treatments must be target-specific and inclusive of rehabilitation, chiropractic, CSC physiotherapy and physiotherapy, and even nutrition and lifestyle changes. A focused treatment that corrects the spine is vital to a successful treatment. In other words, it is critical to find and treat as many of the root causes as possible, thus the need for an in-depth analysis. Our clinical team will evaluate your spine, analyze your X-rays and measure your strength, mobility, and flexibility, and only then they formulate a holistic scoliosis therapy program.

Unlike others, we attempt to find all associated factors for scoliotic curvatures in children or adults. Root-cause matters, and as such, we look at multiple factors, so the care you get is targeted. Scoliosis therapy and treatment are not similar to other spinal disorders. Scoliosis patients require a set of skills and know-how to achieve clinical success without surgery.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts, and just doing random exercise is not enough. Many have turned to Yoga. While Yoga exercises and stretches are great, they are ineffective for scoliotic patients. It may even make their condition worse.

Yoga & Scoliotic Spine

Yoga is for healthy people. Once damaged, injured or diagnosed scoliosis of 20 degrees or more: avoid Yoga or any exercise that requires excessive twisting.

There are far too many bending and twisting moves in Yoga, and these maneuvers can make a scoliotic curve worse. Even worse are the pretenders; these are the uneducated, unlearned laypersons who try to pass themselves as experts by memorizing a few technical terms or lines. Some are athletic trainers, Pilate instructors, Yoga coaches, and even some massage therapists and kung-fu masters who pretend to be scoliosis experts. Don’t risk your health and well-being on therapies from trainers, coaches, or self-proclaimed experts. Scoliosis is a complicated condition requiring in-depth knowledge and expertise. Be aware of these people and try to avoid them.

Scoliosis requires in-depth knowledge that even some doctors lack. And as such, there is no way a Yoga instructor, a kungFu master, or the Pilates instructor has acquired such knowledge. Time is critical, so don’t waste it on the so-called Youtube experts. Thus, we urge all our patients to be wise in choosing a center as it impacts their health and wellbeing. In other words, there is no such thing as no harm or no foul. Therapy can either help or make things worse. So, getting treatments from centers with limited knowledge might make your scoliosis worse.

What Are The Different Types Of Scoliotic Curvatures?

There are many types and forms of scoliosis conditions. Before we dive into the types and classification, it would be superb to differentiate between structural and non-structural scoliosis. In the most basic terms, non-structural scoliosis is one where abnormal side bending is present without any spinal rotation. Non-structural scoliosis is known as functional scoliosis. They are called functional scoliosis because muscle spasms or pain often cause them. These are less severe and have the greatest prognosis.

different types of spine curvatures & scoliosis curvatures shown

Structural scoliosis is the type of curve that is better known as non-functional. It is entirely different, as it can result from a host of disorders. Structural Scoliosis involves spinal rotation towards concavity. There a variety of conditions that can give way to structural scoliosis (non-functional) type:

  1. Idiopathic
  2. Neurological
  3. Congenital
  4. Neuromuscular
  5. Post-Traumatic

Adult Idiopathic Scoliotic Spine

Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis is descriptive of curves in those aged 18 years or older. Adolescent Scoliosis is illustrative of scoliotic curves in those between 10 to 18 years of age. The term Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis is for the same condition in children aged 4-10. The most appropriate diagnostic term for scoliosis in children under 4 years is

Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis. Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis is a neural axis abnormality. A neural axis abnormality is highly uncommon and may require surgical intervention. Therefore, our center will make an appropriate referral to a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon that treats scoliosis. Neural axis abnormalities are often seen in about 18% of Juvenile Idiopathic (under the age of 4) Scoliosis patients and can be caused by:

  • Syringomyelia
  • Cyst or tubular cavity within the spinal cord
  • These scoliotic curves occur without rotation

Free Spine Check-Ups In All Our Centers In Malaysia

Scoliosis spine assessment & check

Our centers have highly skilled physiotherapists and the best evidence-based chiropractors in Malaysia. Their combined collective knowledge and skills will be of enormous help in the treatment and management of scoliosis. Visit one of our centers today to learn about our systems, methods, and technologies used. Our non-operative methods are efficient, and if you are the right candidate, we may produce a similar result for you.

There are several ways to diagnose scoliosis. A simple exam can detect the existence of a curve. You can come to any of our centers for a quick check to see if you or your child is at risk of having scoliosis. Our Doctor of Chiropractic or a clinical physiotherapist performs the quick exam and can take up to five minutes. We like to offer this as a community service so that each center will conduct this quick screening for the first five patients from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily on a first-come basis. However, if you wish to come earlier or arrive after 4:00 pm, our nominal fee will apply. To take advantage of this program, you must mention it to our front desk as soon as you walk in. 

Evaluating The Progression Of A Scoliotic Curve

Adams scoliosis sing method of exam shownScoliosis can become accentuated during rapid growth. Our clinical team will methodically assess the progress through various means such as X-ray parameters and consider the first menstrual cycle of our female patients.

Age is of vital importance. The younger the patient, the more likely the success of the scoliosis therapy. For this reason, we encourage all parents to have their kids checked before their tenth birthday or as soon as possible. Time is the biggest and most important factor when it comes to management. Therefore, we have made it easy for you.

Visit one of our centers between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. for a quick check. Make sure to mention that you are there for the free quick check. Otherwise, there will be charges. Best of all, we offer this check-up for free as part of our community service.

Another important issue when it comes to progress is the patient’s gender. Typically, girls grow until the age of 14, and boys continue to grow until 16. Also, keep in mind that girls grow rapidly until their first menstrual period. After the first menstrual cycle, the growth may slow down but can continue until they reach 18 years or up to two years following the first menstrual period.

Skeletal Maturity Evaluations Assessment By The Risser Sign:

The Risser sign is a radiographic method of assessment. Our clinical chiropractors will pay considerable attention to this when evaluating your child’s scoliosis x-rays. The Risser sign is a means by which we can keep an eye on the potential skeletal maturity. The Risser grading system rates the skeletal system’s likely maturity on a scale of 0-5. Those rated at a Risser 0 or 1 are growing rapidly, while four and five patients have stopped growing. Here are the Risser scale methods of classification and their explanation:

RIsser scoliosis x-ray sign shown

  • Grade 1 is when the calcification process of an ilium is below 25%; it corresponds to early or pre-puberty
  • Grade 2: Is an ilium is that calcified at a 25-50% level; it corresponds to the stage before or during a growth spurt
  • A Grade 3 is descriptive of an ilium is 50-75% calcified, which corresponds with the slowing of growth.
  • Grade 4 is when the ilium is almost calcified, which may mean a cessation of growth.
  • Grade 5 occurs when the ilium is fully calcified, corresponding to the end of growth.

We May Refer You For Full Spine X-Rays

If the quick test reveals the possibility of a scoliotic condition, our examiner may recommend further measures such as x-rays. If we recommend an x-ray, please make sure to do it as soon as scoliosis (side bending curvature) is suspected. The only way to evaluate the severity of the curve is by seeing it as it twists and bends. In other words, we need x-rays.

X-Rays For A Scoliotic Spine

Scoliosis x-ray screening is very different from a general x-ray. Many clinics and even some hospitals are not adequately equipped to take the recommended x-ray. The recommended x-ray for a patient that suffers from scoliosis must incorporate the following seven rules:

  1. FUll spine scoliosis x-ray front viewX-rays evaluation performed on films ONLY.
  2. X-rays taken are in weight-bearing (standing views ONLY)
  3. Must have opposing views (lateral view)
  4. Films must be “14X36” (14 inches wide and 36 inches long). A scoliosis full spine x-ray is a must for viewing and measurements.
  5. This image (x-ray) be taken (shot) from a 72” (72 inches) distance (Unfortunately, this standard is not followed locally, which complicates a thorough understanding of the condition)
  6. ONLY the Cobb angle measurement method must be employed
  7. Leg length analysis performed on standing X-rays

After performing an X-ray, we will need you to bring the X-rays back to us for detailed evaluations. Our clinical team uses multiple systems and methods of assessment, including the Cobbs method, the King approach, and of course, the Lenke method of classification. We use these methods of evaluation for a thorough understanding of the curve.

How Soon Can You Start Your Scoliosis Therapy?

Scoliosis therapy starts as soon as we have completed examinations and assessments of your curve and x-rays. Some with limited skills or knowledge may adopt a “wait and see” method. At our centers, scoliosis therapy starts as soon as we have identified some of the root causes. We do not have “a wait and see attitude” that others have. Because when there is an identifiable cause, proper scoliosis therapy can prevent worsening.

The primary goal of any therapy method should be to assist the body in the reversal of the cure or at least prevent it from getting worse. The key to treating this is early detection and competent care.

What Should You Do In Malaysia If You Have Spinal Curvature?

If you have scoliosis, you should not wait. If you wait too long, it may get worse. The type and form of care you or your child gets are just as important. Competing centers may force you to buy expensive braces, costing thousands of dollars. Some bracing may be needed, but we often recommend not bracing as bracing can further complicate scoliosis. A point worth mentioning: Avoid any spinal braces and even more so the costing thousands of dollars: the expensive ones benefit centers that sell them and not the patient in need!

Some centers and clinics offer therapy and treatments that range from massage, physiotherapy, scoliosis-specific chiropractic adjustment, or exercise to a combination of two or more. Therapy is good and needed, but you should assert yourself as to the capabilities, skills, and knowledge of the center’s clinical staff along with the equipment at their disposal for treating you or your child. Do your homework and pick the one that you are sure is the best.

Scoliosis Therapy At Chiropractic Specialty Center®

At Chiropractic Specialty Center®, we offer a broad range of scoliosis therapies and treatments for scoliosis. There is no “silver bullet,” “magical-brace,” or a “miracle pill/supplement.” Scoliosis is a mechanical disorder that will only respond to our mechanical system corrections and care. Our collaborative method of treating the spine, joint, and sports injuries has proven effective time and time again. We offer safe, gentle, and highly effective care for a broad range of conditions affecting the human frame, including scoliosis.

Our centers enrich your scoliosis therapy with breakthrough spine technology and advanced rehabilitative and exercise programs that others do not offer. If you want the most out of your scoliosis therapy, contact our center today at 03 2093 1000.

Call Chiropractic Specialty Center® now for targeted corrective scoliosis therapy for adolescents or adults; we can help!

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