Understanding Of Lower Back Pain Causes, Statistics & Its Impact

Understanding the cause of the back problem is the first step towards recovery. At CSC, we have an in-depth understanding of lower back pain signs, symptoms & statistics. If you have back pain, contact our award-winning chiropractic & physiotherapy center today!

Lower Back Pain On The Rise In Malaysia!

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In Malaysia, lower back pain is near epidemic levels. Today, more Malaysians suffer from back pain than they did a decade ago. What is worse is the number of back pain and leg pain sufferers is expected to increase dramatically. If you suffer from a painful back, let us help. Our center offers the best corrective treatment for the spine in Malaysia.

We have helped thousands of back pain patients heal through our combined methods of chiropractic and physiotherapy. What makes us better than the competing centers are our skills, experience, knowledge, and breakthrough spine technology. Get treated by our clinical teams. We have treated over 15,000 patients in the last 13-years. Best of all, the care you get from us is through best-researched methods enriched with advanced technology through NSD Therapy® methods.

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NSD Therapy® is the best and most effective of all. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the only center where you can get NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy® combines physiotherapy, chiropractic, and spinal decompression therapy into a single method. The collaborative methods and advanced technology provide the lasting relief you need. There is nothing more effective than NSD Therapy® when it comes to a non-surgical treatment option for back pain. We can help even if others have failed.

What Are The Key Factors In The Development Of Spinal Pains?

Several factors lead to lower back pain. Of course, lifestyle is the most critical of differences. Today’s modern lifestyle has increased the prevalence of back pain in Malaysia. Our goal for this page is to provide our readers with statistic on spinal conditions in Malaysia. However, these statistics are hard to find. So, we did the next best thing, we have brought you statistical data from across the world and America. We believe that sharing such information with you can help you avoid the pitfalls of back pain.

Why Is Lower Backache On The Rise?

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The number of adults living with painful backs has steadily increased over the years. People over the age of 65 are, particularly at risk. Most of us work very hard to secure a golden retirement. Ever wonder what life may be like when you retire? Well, if you neglect your back, chances are your golden years will be painful. Let us help you live a healthier, active life today and during your retirement.

According to published research, in 1997, 28.1% of 18-year-olds reported back disorders. Approximately 29.5% of the 65 and older reported lower back issues. The same study indicated that in 2013, 29% of those aged 18 or older reported back pain, a 1% increase from 1997. But, nearly 34% of people aged 65 years and older complained of experiencing spinal-related issues.

Improper lifting is a leading cause of pain in the back. But, lifting improperly with a weak or unstable spine is dangerous. Bending and twisting at the waist while lifting results in disc damage such as bulges and herniations (slipped disc.) Take our advice and avoid lifting improperly. Learning how to lift correctly is critical to proper spine health and speedy recovery from painful backs or slipped discs. Chiropractic Specialty Center® has the best method of slipped disc treatment in Malaysia. Our slipped disc treatment can help you even if injections or surgery fails. Visit us today.

Backaches Are More Common In Women Than Men

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A study revealed that a third of female adults suffer from lower. The incidence of painful backs in males of similar ages is as high as 26%.

What Is The Impact Of Spinal Disorder On Productivity?

men vs women statistic of back pain at work

Back pain in males interferes with daily work more than it does in females. A study revealed that over 30% of men acknowledged when their condition affected their work compared to just 20% of women.

  • In the APTA Move Forward survey, over 2,600 respondents acknowledged back pain as a limiting factor in their daily lives.
  • Average daily tasks were affected by 39% of those surveyed.
  • 38% reported pain that limited exercise.
  • About 37% of the respondents reported difficulty sleeping due to back pain.

The Link Between Office Workers & Spinal Disorders

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Sitting is bad! Sitting for prolonged periods is as bad as smoking. According to a survey, more than half of all back pain sufferers are those with desk jobs.

What Is The Frequency of Back Pain In Pregnant Women?

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Well, we have the statistics for that, as well. Nearly 50% of all pregnant women complain of significant back pain during pregnancy. Additionally, those who have a pre-existing back issue often are bedridden during the later stages of their pregnancy. As a precautionary measure, we encourage all expecting mothers to get prenatal and postnatal chiropractic combined with physiotherapy to avoid back issues during pregnancy. 

Where Can You Get The Best Treatment For Lower Back Pain In Malaysia?

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A published study in the United States reported that 40% of back pain sufferers turn to family physicians for treatment. The same survey revealed that 40% of patients turn to chiropractors, and about 20% of back pain patients visit a spine surgeon for spine surgery. However, the most alarming issue regarding back pain is that 90% of back pain sufferers do not know the root cause of their condition. In other words, the vast majority of back pain patients do not get an accurate assessment or diagnosis of their back pain. Avoid the pitfalls of back pain by opting for proven treatment for spinal disorders in Malaysia.

The Importance Of Getting Combined Care From Chiropractors & Physiotherapists In Malaysia

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The best and most comprehensive back pain treatment method is the NSD Therapy® system of treatments. NSD Therapy® fixes and repairs the source of your back pain for lasting relief. CSC is the only center in Malaysia to offer NSD THerapy. Contact one of our centers to discover the benefits of NSD Therapy® today.

Chiropractic and physiotherapy patients are amongst the most satisfied back pain patients. Of chiropractic patients, 54% were pleased with the care they received. Physiotherapy patients related a 48% satisfaction rating. So, if you have back pain, visit the best clinical teams of chiropractic and physiotherapy in Malaysia. Avoid spine surgery, injections, and painkillers. Fix the root cause, and don’t cover up your back pain any longer.

In our centers, we combine physiotherapy and chiropractics under one roof. Our combined collaborative efforts have led to successes that would not have been possible otherwise. We have discovered our collaborative chiropractic and physiotherapy methods to be useful for 97% of lower back pain patients we have treated since 2007. Contact CSC today for lower back pain treatment that gets rid of all your symptomes. Our clinical team’s expertise and understanding of lower back pain can get rid of your symptoms. Get treated by our evidence-based treatments focusing on signs, symptoms, statistics & their impact on your wellbeing are unmatched. 

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