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Chiropractic Care is Better by our Research-Based Chiros

Female giving two thumbs up to chiropractic care.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is primarily aimed at healing and relieving aches and pain of the musculoskeletal system through holistic means The modern chiropractic care by our Chiro is an alternative to medication, injection or spine surgery. Our Chiros (chiropractors), targets and repairs issues with spine, joint, scoliosis and sports injuries. In other words, chiropractic care promotes healing holistically and non-invasively.





Various spine and joint and sports injuries symptoms.Pain Relief Through Chiropractic

Even though chiropractic care is concerned with spine and joint disorders, it is found extremely beneficial for headaches and migraines. Also, patients with tinnitus, jaw pain, and dizziness have found chiropractic care very beneficial. Chiros provide a range of holistic approach that includes rehabilitation, nutrition, physiotherapy, ergonomic, and postural therapies. Our Chiro (chiropractors), can improve the way you sit, stand, walk and lie down. They can help minimize the levels of stress and strain on joints and spine.

Principles surrounding chiropractic care have been researched and developed through 130 years of research. Today, chiros focus on neck pain, joint pain, slip disc and to back pain, in a manner that others do not do. The spinal manipulation (Adjustments) provided to you by our clinical research-based chiropractic can correct a host of issues that medication, surgery or injections can not.

In short, chiropractic offers the best form of mechanical solutions to mechanical spine and joint conditions. can reduce it. Recent studies have shown that the practice is beneficial for relieving different types of pain, including back and neck pain, scoliosis (skoliosis), and pain resulting from injuries like whiplash or slip-discs



Chiropractic care through spine and joint manipulations.Spinal Manipulation and Chiropractic Care

Spinal manipulations are called Adjustments. You can only get them from a Chiro. Adjustments refer to the stimulate movement or realignment of the spine or a joint in a precise manner that brings about stability. The chiropractic spinal manipulation combines the science of anatomy and biomechanics in the application of an exact amount of pressure or force on the joints for purposes of repositioning of a malpositioned segment. It also addresses manipulation of the tendons and muscles. To summarize, this type of precise manipulation can be achieved manually or through the use of different tools, instruments, and equipment.

Chiropractors place great emphasis on their accuracy when it comes to the spinal manipulations. Unlike others that manipulate the spine, chiropractors have spent over 130 years of honing their practice in perfecting their techniques.

Our clinical chiropractors provide advice and recommend techniques that address the biomechanics of the body. Therefore, chiropractic aims to offer you corrective care that relieves your pain and heals the body.



Subluxations in the spine that feel like knots.Chiros of the Chiropractic Specialty Centers

The Chiropractic Specialty Centers provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to pain management and relief. Our Chiro works closely with our Physios (physiotherapists) and other practitioners. We employ the latest spinal decompression techniques to achieve the most favorable outcome. Thus, this targeted, integrated, and advanced approach often means that we are successful where other types of treatment and therapies fail to provide pain relief.

Our clinical chiropractic care methods are not singular but rather through the collaborative efforts of chiros and physios. The Chiropractic care you get from us will address every aspect of your condition. In other words, we provide holistic options for a thorough recovery. Why do we do this? Often, one type of treatment is not enough, and our goal is therefore to find an integrated solution that works rather than focusing only on providing chiropractic care as a stand-alone treatment.