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Female Chiropractor or Male Chiropractor: The Choice is Yours!

Female Chiropractor or Male Chiropractor? Tell us which you prefer!

In our centers, you have a choice: Female Chiropractor or Male Chiropractor. So, let us know which you prefer. However, the gender of your chiropractor will not have an impact on the quality of care you can expect from us. Regardless of who attends to your treatment need, you will receive the best of the focused and targeted treatment based on latest developments and research in chiropractic. In other words, our female chiropractors are just as skilled as our male chiropractors. You can bank on it!

In fact, there are times that a female chiropractor may be better, especially for our female patients, not because our male chiropractors lack the skills, knowledge or understating of the spine and joint-related disorders but mainly due to the level of comfort a female patient may feel when being attended by a woman.

So, if you have a preference for who attends to your therapy needs, do inform our center in advance, and we shall make the necessary changes to provide the treatments that comply with your needs. Our goal is to make every patient feel comfortable. In this section of our website, we will discuss the concerns many people have in hopes of shedding light on the subject. We will start with some of the common myths regarding male and female chiropractors.

Myths About Female Chiropractors

Myths About Female Chiropractors & Benefits Of Visiting One

Male dominance is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and gender equality is now the dominant belief system. The field of chiropractic care has not been left behind. Women have a great future in the chiropractic profession, but there are still some myths about female chiropractors that should be dismissed. Here are the top three myths about getting your treatments from a female chiropractor dispelled.

Myth 1: Female Chiropractors Lack the Strength of Their Male Counterparts

Size does not matter! Yes, this statement can apply to your chiropractor! If size made a difference, chiropractic universities would have incorporated active weight lifting and body building in their curriculum. The field of chiropractic care involves no less than ten effective treatment technique options for treating patients. Some of the techniques are firm while others are light. Female chiropractors can do all of them, just like their male counterparts.

The single most critical aspect of a skilled chiropractor is his or her intellectual strength and not physical. The art and science of chiropractic are built on sound clinical knowledge and expertise of the non-invasive treatment options for muscles, ligaments, joints, spinal discs, and spinal nerves.  A research article published in the “Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutic” evaluated the chiropractic treatments of male and female chiropractors.

Myth 2: Female Chiropractors Cannot Adjust Big-Bodied Patients

Chiropractic manipulation requires knowledge of the body’s leverage points. It takes a lot of training and education to understand the alignment of joints in every area of the body. This is why chiropractors who study in the United States take nine years of university and post-graduate education to earn their D.C. degree (Doctor of Chiropractic).

Once a chiropractor has understood the intricacies of human anatomy and leveraging the body’s weight the right way to execute a particular manipulation, it is possible to perform an adjustment (chiropractic treatment) on any patient. It is not about strength or size but rather about understanding how joints operate and working with the body and not against it. This means that a female chiropractor can adjust even big-bodied patients.

Myth 3: Female Chiropractors Only Treat Children and Women

Our female chiropractors work with patients of all ages, genders, and social standing and have great success with patients of all types. Some of the patients treated include elite athletes, adult men, adult women, children, babies, or even workers under workers’ compensation.

Female chiropractors are just as skilled as their male counterparts if not more. Now that you know the top myths about female chiropractors, it is time to learn about the benefits of getting your chiropractic treatment from a female chiropractor at the Chiropractic Specialty Center in Malaysia. Our clinical expert teams of female chiropractors, as well as our male chiropractors, offers:


Our Method of Chiropractic Treatment

Our Method of Chiropractic Treatment

Our centers use a variety of chiropractic techniques in the treatment of spine and joint disorders. However, for most spine and joint conditions, we prefer the activator method to the manual, hands-on methods. The activator method of chiropractic treatment is not just the most researched method but also the safest! Additionally, the activator method enables the smallest chiropractors, regardless of gender, to be as effective as the largest, if not more so.

Why do we make this point here when we just mentioned that size does not matter? Well, we know that there are some who are adamant in their belief that a female chiropractor may not be able to get the job done. This is particularly the case for the BIG GUYS.  However, if you have been to a female chiropractor that uses Gonstead or Diversified, and during the adjustment (treatment) you feel unstable or sense that you might fall hitting the ground, the fault is not the size of the chiropractors, but the skill levels of the chiropractor treating you.

How beneficial is the Activator method of Chiropractic Adjustments?

Simply put, the chiropractic treatments given through the Activator instrument is better when compared to other methods or to the manual hands on methods as delivered through Gonstead Technique or Diversified Technique as the activator device enables precise positioning and prevents any form of rotatory movements (twisting).

Our centers utilize activator methods in treatments of the spine, joint, scoliosis and sports injuries. Activator instrument is fast becoming the primary means of chiropractic treatment throughout the world. The precision, accuracy, and conservative nature of the Activator instrument are key factors in growing popularity of this method of chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic Specialty Center was launched in 2006. Our methods of chiropractic treatments shifted towards the activator method in early 2008. Since our inception, we have treated over 10,000 patients in Malaysia with a high degree of clinical success. In fact, the activator methods of treatment have enabled us successes that would have been possible had we used Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson or other methods. In our centers, both our male and female chiropractors utilize the Activator as well as manual means to render targeted chiropractic treatments.

The Bottom Line on female chiropractor

Chiropractic care is not the preserve of men since women are proving to be as good their male counterparts if not better. If you are in need of chiropractic care, visit one of our centers and get the best of research-based clinical chiropractic treatments from either a male or a female chiropractor. The gender of your chiropractor will not impact the quality of care you get from us. Our treatments are rendered through a variety of methods and techniques. Even if you are a giant, our male and female chiropractors are more than capable of treating you. Our clinical team’s knowledge, skills, and experience are the main keys to recovery for our patients, not their gender.

However, we do understand that some have social and religious requirements and as such would prefer either a male or a female for their chiropractic treatments. In our centers, we have had men who request a male chiropractor as well as women who require a female chiropractor. The vast majority of these requests are based on religious beliefs, which we respect and honor at all times. So, please do let us know if you have a preference. Our aim is to provide efficient, clinical chiropractic treatments from everyone on our clinical team.

Our female chiropractor (chiropractors) and our male chiropractors will ensure that you are comfortable during treatment, and they are prepared to discuss any sensitive issues to provide you with the best care possible.

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