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Are You Looking For The Best Slip Disc Treatment In Malaysia?

Best slip disc treatment in Malaysia from our Integrative spine experts has a proven track record of success. We succeed when others fail! Call or visit Chiropractic Specialty Center® today to recover without injections or spine surgery. 

Our Center Has The Best Slip Disc Treatment In Malaysia.

There are many chiropractors, physiotherapists, and Chines medical practitioners that advertise slip disc treatments. Many of the treatments offered have little to no benefits for those with a slipped disc. Chiropractic Specialty Centers® have the best slip disc treatment in Malaysia. We have succeeded when others have failed. In short, we are offering you a proven slipped disc system of treatment with a relatively high degree of success. Serial MRI (pre and post-treatment MRI) of slipped disc patients is a testament to our clinical success. So, we treat the actual cause of your slip disc. That is where we shine.

Should You Go To Hospital For Non-surgical Spine Care?

Hospital and surgical centers are just that! They are surgical centers, and as such, their efforts of treating a slip-disc are through spine surgery. The physiotherapy procedures they offer are typically for post-surgical patients or those scheduled for spine surgery. In short, if you want non-surgical spine or joint care, opt for a non-surgical facility.

Visit a Chiropractic Specialty Center® near you today. All our efforts and methods are focused on getting you better without medication, injection, and surgery. In addition to getting the best conservative spine care, our clinical teams will spend a great deal of time going over home care. The dos and don’ts of real-life situations are part and parcel of the therapy you get from us. We will even show you proper lifting techniques. You get all this and much more. These are the reasons why we offer the best slip disc treatment in Malaysia.

A herniated disc, extruded discs, and fragmented discs (slip-disc or slipped disc) are difficult conditions to treat. To recover, you need specific non-surgical methods and advanced breakthrough technology. Devices such as the RxDecom®, as used in our centers, have repaired spinal disc issues for many. We have reversed even severe forms of slipped discs (extruded and even partially fragmented discs).

So, opt for our methods. Avoid the general or typical treatments that most hospitals or therapy centers provide. The vast majority of hospitals that offer non-surgical slip-disc treatment lack the technology or the non-surgical methods. Most all want to resolve your surgical issues instead. So, if you are not keen on minimally invasive spine surgery, call us today for the best slip-disc treatment in Malaysia.

Best of all, our slipped disc treatment protocols are painless. In fact, most of our patients fall asleep during a session. Hence our motto: No Pain MORE GAIN! Unlike others, we believe you don’t have to go through more pain to get better.

Our founder and director, Dr. Yama Zafer, and Mr. Chong (a patient of Dr. Yama) are the guests on the Bernama Television program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mr. Chong related his experience with the technology and treatments he received from Dr.Yama. In short, the treatment rendered to Mr. Chong was superior to the previous therapies provided by others.

Our methods of care cull restored his health, while others made him worse. His story is a non-operative success, the likes of which others can not do. So, when we say we have the Best Slip Disc Treatment in Malaysia, we can back that claim up! So, call our center now to get the best slip disc treatment in Malaysia today.

Best Slip Disc Treatment in MalaysiaNSD Therapy® is the treatment of choice for those the suffer from a slipped disc. A slipped disc is exceedingly common. Nowadays, people as young as teenagers have suffered from this debilitating pain. Fortunately, in our centers, a slipped disc is treated non-surgically. The best and most efficient non-operative method of slip disc treatment is the NSD Therapy® protocols.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® Is The only Center In Southeast Asia To Utilize The NSD Therapy® Methods.

We have documented success cases with proven results. The treatments are painless and rendered through our advanced physiotherapists’ clinical efforts, advanced technology, and chiropractor in Malaysia. So, don’t wait any longer! Call or visit a center to have a second opinion before you opt for a surgical option.

Surgery should be the absolute last option. Our methods of physiotherapy and chiropractic in Malaysia for the slipped disc are 95% successful. No other system of non-invasive spinal therapy can offer you the same success. To conclude, visit one of our centers to look for the best slip disc treatment in Malaysia.

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