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Showing compression of the sciatic nerve resulting in sciatica.What Sciatica Symptoms and what are the best treatment options?

Symptoms of Sciatica include back pain that runs down to the buttocks, thighs and even legs. Sciatica is a severe health issue that has far-reaching consequences. The term Sciatica refers to pain sensed by the sciatic nerve. The pain can originate from the damage within the sciatic nerve or be due disorders of structures in proximity to fibers of the sciatic nerve leading to a sciatic nerve pain. The Clinical staff of Chiropractic Specialty Center has the expertise and technology to treat even severe Sciatic nerve pain disorders. Call us today and start your recovery.

Sciatic nerve pain usually involves one side of the body, but it can affect both sides of the body simultaneously. In this section of our website, we will provide a detail description of sciatica, sciatic nerve symptoms, and sciatic pain as well as effective treatment options that can get rid of your pain once and for all.

Getting Your Sciatic Nerve Treatment at Chiropractic Specialty Center

Chiropractic Specialty Center started operation in 2007, and since we have treated thousands of sciatica symptoms and pain successfully. In fact, we offer an unsurpassed level of treatment that other centers, clinics, and even hospital don’t have. Our non-operative systems and methods are through the clinical efforts of our Chiropractors and Clinical Physiotherapists that are made better through advanced technology. If you have been diagnosed with a sciatic nerve pain or sciatic nerve disorder and wish to have the absolute best care possible, call or visit one of our centers now.


The sciatic nerve is a union of several spinal nerves that exit from the lower back.

The sciatic nerves are the largest (and longest) nerves of the body, reaching about the size of your pinkie finger, but in some the size. There are two sciatic nerves; one on the right and the other on the left. Both the right and the left nerves run down the back of the respective thigh or leg. The sciatic nerve controls every single cell from your low back all the way down to your toes. In other words, your sciatic nerve controls arteries, veins, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, bones, and even other nerves. Thus, so the sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in the human body.

Malfunction or impingements can lead to irreversible degenerative changes in the nerve as well as in tissues controlled by fibers of the impinged sciatic nerve. Once damaged or degenerated; the nerve loses function. A damaged nerve is the most common cause of sciatic pain in disabled and paralyzed patients.

Restoring Proper Sciatic Nerve Function

Nerves control every aspect of our existence. Our mobile is because of our nerve’s ability to send orders provided by our brain to muscles. Additionally, our nerves direct flow of nutrients to muscles and ligaments. Healthy nerves perform their function without fail. But, on the other hand, a damaged nerves have difficulty in transmission of information or directing nutrients (blood flow) to muscles. And as such, muscles and lose strength and function. Hence, the need for urgent care.

Sciatic nerve pain is not a common disorder. It is dangerous enough to be the leading cause of paralysis for those under the age of 50. Sciatica can happen at any age. We have had patients as young as 15 years old. Of course, urgent care is critical for the younger patients. So, the earlier we get started, the better.


Is Sciatica a Good Diagnostic Term?

The term Sciatica refers to a condition or state when there is irritation of the sciatic nerve that leads to sciatic nerve pain and symptoms. Irritation of sciatic nerve happens when compressed, rubbed, pinched by nearby tissues or structures. Some will have many causes for a given sciatic nerve pain or symptoms. In other words, they can have a slipped disc and a bone spur pinch and irritate the nerve. Patients, there can be many causes that result in the irritation of the sciatic nerve. Thus, so the term in itself is descriptive of symptoms, therefore not fit as a diagnostic term. Many health conditions cause sciatica. The need for an accurate diagnosis is critical to recovery.

Sciatica is like the fever. Fever, by itself, is not enough of a diagnosis. Fever can be due to a life-threatening condition or the flue. So, it becomes necessary to identify the exact cause. You wouldn’t want to treat a Dengue fever the same way you would a flue. The same hold true for sciatica. There are multiple causes of sciatica, so the care you get must be diagnostic specific, or you risk having the condition appear and repaper time and again.

Common Cause of Sciatic Nerve Irritation

Bulging disc, degenerated disc, herniated discs, hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum and spinal canal stenosis are common causes of sciatic nerve irritation. Once the sciatic nerve is irritated, sciatica-like pain (pain and numbness in legs or buttocks) flourish. Keep in mind, sciatica is not a diagnostic term, but rather a descriptive term for symptoms such as leg pain, numbness, and tingling sensations felt in the posterior aspect of the lower extremities (back of the thigh, knee, and leg). The clinical diagnostic term for sciatic-like symptoms is radiculopathy. Slipped Disc (herniated or protruded spinal discs) is the most common cause of sciatica: a serious condition that affects millions throughout the world.


The important thing to understand is that sciatic nerve pain is a symptom, rather than a medical diagnosis or medical disorder in and of itself.

Sciatica in itself is a condition where something has compressed the sciatic nerve, or it occurs when there is a compression of the spinal nerves at points before their union that forms the sciatic nerve.

For treatments to have a lasting impact, the actual cause of sciatica needs treatments. Lack of identifying the causes of sciatica is the main reason why so many patients keep have similar symptoms reoccur every now and again. In Short, it is important to obtain care from centers that have the skills, knowledge, and capability to diagnose and treat your sciatic symptoms and condition holistically.


Sciatic nerve pain and symptoms resulting from compressed spinal nerve.Sciatic Nerve Pain and Symptoms

For some, the sciatic nerve symptoms (sciatica) can be severe and debilitating. For others, it may be mild or infrequent: irritating but having the potential of getting worse. Sciatica can occur at any age, but it is most often seen in people between 30 to 50 years old, often developing as the result of excessive wear and tear on the vertebral discs and joints.

Sciatic symptoms of pain are dangerous conditions as it often progresses to more adverse conditions such as loss of bowel and bolder, impotence and even paralysis. As it worsens, it may impact your ability to sit, walk or even stand. Sciatica is a treatable condition. Treatments vary from center to center. Some treat it through injections, medication or even surgery, while others may choose a more natural and less invasive path such as chiropractic or physiotherapy.

Medication and Sciatic Nerve Pain

Today, many are running to their pharmacist to obtain medications for the sciatic pain. While medication may provide some relief for milder forms of sciatica, it does little to correct the actual cause at the roots. Hence, the pain returns time and again! Chiropractic and Physiotherapy have provided the best of all therapy options known to date. The treatments are natural, and as such there are no side effects, but the level of success is dependent on the chiropractor’s or physiotherapist’s knowledge, skills. Another important factor is the therapy center itself. Centers with modern therapy equipment and proper knowledge will always obtain greater results, while the traditional standalone chiropractic or physiotherapy centers may experience difficulties in rectifying the sciatic nerve pain (sciatica) thoroughly.

Sciatica and NSD Therapy

At Chiropractic Specialty Centers you will find the best and most experienced therapists backed by a team of clinical research-based chiropractors ready to diagnose and treat even the most severe sciatica symptoms and pain.

We are the ONLY center in Malaysia that offers NSD Therapy for those that suffer from sciatica, slipped disc or back pain. NSD Therapy is a non-operative, non-invasive spine method of treatment rendered by the skilled clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists utilizing advanced technology that others may not have.

The most striking difference between our centers and others is first and foremost our knowledge and skills, secondly, our methods of care and last but most certainly not least our therapy and treatment equipment. Our centers have the most technologically advanced treatment equipment in Southeast Asia. No one can achieve the clinical success we have or we can when it comes to the non-operative sciatica symptoms and pain care.

Today, most centers treat your symptoms, while neglecting the cause. Some lack the necessary equipment, knowledge, skills or time to render the needed procedures. While this may provide relief for some time, the condition will reoccur time and time again. With each flare-up, the likely-hood of additional damage increases. Our recommendation for the sciatic pain-suffering patient is to have a full and comprehensive evaluation. Once we have finalized your diagnosis; our clinical experts will initiate treatments. Treatments through our methods focus on repairing the defect and not just covering the symptom.


Teams of Sciatic Nerve Experts

Chiropractic Specialty Centers have the team of clinical experts from two great professions at your disposal. Our collaborating teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists have decades of experience treating spine, joint, and sports injuries. At our centers, Sciatica is the most common complaint. We treat sciatica and sciatic nerve pain sufferers every minute. What this means is that our team is excellent and not just good on paper, but good in real life. We have proven systems and technology that others do not have.

Sciatica is often a symptom of another condition. The most common causes of sciatic-like symptoms are said to be:

  • Herniated Disc (Slipped Disc or “Slip Disc”)
  • Disc Bulge
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Posterior Facet Syndrome
  • Muscle spasms

Our technology, expertise and clinical experiences enable our abilities to treat even the severest sciatic nerve pain (sciatica) successfully without surgery or injections in Malaysia.

Get the BEST Sciatic Nerve Treatment in Malaysia Today!

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