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Spinal Stenosis Treatment by experts with skills, knowledge, and advanced technology.

Cause and effects of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis is the gradual narrowing of the spinal canal (housing of the spinal cord) and the vertebral foramina (the opening between the spinal bone where the nerves exit). Narrowing of the spinal canal is a result of disc degenerations, disc herniations/protrusions (slip disc AKA slipped disc), osteophytes (bone spurs), and the thickening of ligaments or through a combination of one or more of these issues. Spinal Stenosis is a treatable non-surgically through our methods of integrative treatments back with technology. We have helped thousands recover. Call one of our centers today for the best non-operative treatment option today.

Back pain, pain in the buttocks or in the legs, along with weakness, is the most common symptoms of Spinal Stenosis. These symptoms are dependent on the size of the spinal canal, the degree of compression within the foramina and the extent of misalignment. Spinal misalignments are observed in almost all patients suffering from back pain. A misaligned vertebra leads to a decrease in the size of the vertebral foramina (opening between the spinal bones where the nerves exit). The degree of malfunction and pain is usually directly related to the severity of a misaligned vertebra. It is for this reason that a minor misalignment can cause moderate to severe pain in individuals inflicted with Spinal Stenosis. Stenosis can occur in virtually every person. The severity of pain can vary from mild pain to debilitating back pain.

Degenerated, bulging, herniated and prophase disc are all known as slipped disc (slip disc)
Spinal stenosis is a term that reports an actual narrowing of the spinal canal

Commonly, bed rest, massage, physical therapy, and pain medications, including steroidal injections, have been prescribed. The effectiveness of these treatments has varied, often leaving a person with a loss of hope. Most live with the pain needlessly!

At Chiropractic Specialty Center, there is hope.

We utilize State-of-the-Art technology (NSD Therapy) to render specific and specialized treatments to bring about stability. NSD Therapy is not a single method of therapy or treatment. It is a highly skilled multi-prong system of collaborative care rendered by a team of chiropractors and physiotherapists. This system of care has proven to be of significant help to those that suffer from slipped disc (slip disc or disc herniation), spinal stenosis, sciatica, degenerations, and arthritis. There is no system of the method of care that has proven more efficient when compared to NSD Therapy. Our success rate in our offices is slightly above the 95%.

Spinal stenosis in the neck can lead to paralysis as it pinches the cord

The Goal with NSD Therapy is to target specific sites or segments that are damaged. It is designed to alleviate pressure off of the nerves. Treatments are painless and completed in a few short weeks. If you have neck pain, back pain, slipped disc (disc herniations or protrusions) considers NSD Therapy. Visit us and compare our therapy option(s) to others in town. We succeed when others fail. The Spinal Stenosis treatments given by our Clinical Chiropractors in Malaysia is targeted, effective and better when compared to care you get elsewhere.

We succeed when others fail. Our successes are the result of our dedication to excellence in both chiropractic and physiotherapy. Thus, the clinical successes we achieve are the results of combining our technology, and our integrative therapy approaches in a perfect manner to bring about results other centers can not match in Malaysia. As such we are amendment when we say that we offer you the best of Chiropractic in Malaysia.

Spinal Stenosis is Treatable with our Methods and Technolgy.


Spinal Stenosis is Treatable with our Methods and Technolgy.

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