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Chiropractic Or Physiotherapy: Which Is Better For Neck & Back Pain?

Learn Which is better: chiropractic or physiotherapy for sciatica and back pain? Understand their differences and how they can help you recover from aches and pains.

Which Is Better Chiropractic Or Physiotherapy?

Pain sufferers no longer have to choose between chiropractic or physiotherapy. As far as we are concerned, chiropractic and physiotherapy belong together. They are like honey and milk: better when combined. And that is exactly what we have done at the Chiropractic Specialty Center®. Our centers are neither physiotherapy nor chiropractic in Malaysia. We are both and so much more!

Much more part is due to our skills, knowledge, and advanced therapy technology that others do not have in Malaysia. We have made spine and joint care better through our integrative healthcare methods and technology. Today, we achieve results that others can not. We have succeeded in the non-surgical treatments of a slipped disc, frozen shoulders, scoliosis, TMJ (aches & pains in the jaws), knees, and hip problems at greater levels when compared to others in town.

We launched our multi-disciplinary method of collaborative care back in 2007, and we have been better and stronger ever since! The level of knowledge, experience and skills we have gained from each other has been enormous. The benefits we have provided our patients are unmatched. We honestly do not know why physiotherapists and chiropractors do not practice together, as we do. Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides the best chiropractic treatment as well as better physiotherapy in Malaysia. Call us today and get treated by the most advanced non-surgical treatment center.

We Offer The Best Non-surgical Treatments Through Integrative Healthcare & Technology.

Certain conditions respond well to chiropractic, while others do better with physiotherapy. However, the combination of the two is better than either one individually. Regardless of the type, form, or combination of therapies, the single most important factor is the knowledge of the practitioner administering the therapy. Besides knowledge and skills, technology and equipment are of equal importance. Therefore, don’t choose between chiropractic or physiotherapy. In our centers, you can have both and so much more. To make this point clearer, we have provided a video of how we treat slipped disc patients through the combined efforts of chiropractors and physiotherapists below:

We have always told our patients not to choose between chiropractic or physiotherapy: have your treatments done by Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. In our centers, we have managed to do that and so much more. In addition to chiropractic and physiotherapy, our technology has had the greatest impact on our clinical successes.

CSC’s integrative care and our advanced technology are the primary reasons why we succeed when others fail. Aside from specialized therapy technology, our successes are largely due to CSC’s continued commitment to working together side by side. We have tasted success and will never let it go or go back to the do-it single days of the past.

Staying Current With Your Spinal Disc Treatment Program Is Essential For A Speedy Recovery.

CSC’s chiropractors and physiotherapists will educate you on the importance of your care because you are an integral part of the treatment plan. Our job is to enable your body to recover from injuries and damage. We cannot accomplish our task if you prevent us from doing it by missing your care. Therefore, you are an integral part of the care that we give you.

Our method of care is light years ahead of other spine and joint centers. No one can compete with us in the arena of non-surgical and non-invasive care. We cannot help you if you are not following your treatment plan as well as we are. It is not just our collaborative methods but also our technology and systems. We developed a highly specialized system of collaborative care. Therefore, you no longer have to choose between chiropractic or physiotherapy. Get your care from both for better and quicker results.

This focused, targeted practice of spine, and joint care was the result years of clinical research and development. In short, what we achieve clinically is not possible by others. So, if you are in pain, don’t waste precious time or money, call us right away for your consultation. We can help even if others have failed.

At CSC, our chiropractors and physiotherapists work together with advanced technology that competing don’t have! We consider many facts when we establish your treatment plan. Our team of chiropractors and physiotherapists will focus on your spinal discs, joints, muscles, ligaments, the overall state of well-being, activity of daily living, and much more. We spend hours reviewing your case history and plan our system of care. The least we expect from you is to follow it. Your recovery depends on it. We cannot help you if you don’t want us to help. So, please help us; help you better by following your treatment plan.

For spinal disc issues, we offer the best non-surgical treatment in Malaysia. So, if you have a slip-disc, consider NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy® combines the best of spinal decompression therapy, chiropractic, and physiotherapy.

Which is better, chiropractic or physiotherapy? Well, why should you choose? The two are better together than alone.

Ours is collaborative team care that combines chiropractic and physiotherapy, so you don’t have to choose one over the other. Because at CSC, you don’t have to choose between chiropractic or physiotherapy in Malaysia.

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  1. Md Tajul Islam

    I m a physician and want to join in chiropractic adjustment courses

    1. Yama Zafer, D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

      Dear Dr Tajual Islam,
      We regretfully do not offer any courses in chiropractic adjustment.

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