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TMJ Specialist: BEST Collaborative Jaw pain treatment in Malaysia

TMJ Specialist for jaw painTMJ Specialist In Kula Lumpur, Malaysia

It is not too hard to find non-surgical TMJ specialist (Jaw pain specialist) in Malaysia. The only thing that you need to do is go to one of our centers to receive a diagnosis as well as targeted non-operative treatment for your jaw pain by our clinical jaw pain specialist (TMJ specialist). Jaw Pain patients (TMJ patients) are treated at Chiropractic Specialty Center by a collaborative team that targets the root-causes of your jaw pain.

According to estimates, there are tens of millions of children, women, and men who suffer from TMD and TMJ who are unaware of their TMJ condition. Additionally, most are unaware of who they should be seeking treatment for their TMJ. Jaw pain, neck pain, headaches and slip-disc are the most common symptoms that those who suffer from TMJ pain. Approximately 80% of patients that have a TMJ disorder say they suffer from debilitating headaches, while more than 40% report some facial pain. Unfortunately, your TMJ condition might grow worse over time if you don’t seek out treatment from one of our non-surgical jaw pain specialists (TMJ specialists) in Malaysia.

jaw problems described by TMJ Specialist

What happens when you Neglect your Jaw Pain?

If you do not get the appropriate TMJ treatment, you could start to experience inflammation: increasing joint damage along with further breakdown and wear of your jaw joint. Continued inflammatory processes in and nearby your jaw joint can lead to increased muscle contraction, which then results in increased facial, neck and head pain. A jaw disorder may even cause nausea, vertigo, headaches, and ringing in your ears.



tmj symptoms can be fixed by TMJ SpecialistJaw Symptoms: The following are a couple of symptoms that might help to determine whether you are suffering from a Jaw Disorder

Headaches: at times they can be so severe to the point of being a migraine.

Symptoms of ear pain: hearing loss, ringing in ears, ear pain, plugged ear, feeling like you are under the water.

Clicking: In the jaw joint there is a disc or pad that ideally sits in between the mandible and temporal bone inside of the TM Joint.  The jaw disc (cushion) can sometimes slip out of place and cause a clicking sound when closing or opening. This clicking may lead to crepitus or locking and grating.

Locking: Whenever a jaw disc gets chronically displaced, it doesn’t click back into place always. That leads to the jaw joint locking which limits the range of motion and causes deflection of the jaw.

Popping: Some clicking might by nature be popping or staccato.

Jaw Pain: There are many sources that it can originate from, but the most common thing that causes jaw pain is the jaw joint’s disc, jaw joint, ligaments, and muscles in your jaws as well as your upper neck and base of your skull.

Best Jaw Treatment in Malaysia: The following are a few potential treatment options

Chiropractic or Physiotherapy: Which is best for TMJ?

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy are both good if you have a jaw problem. The main issue is the understanding and familiarity of the chiropractor of the physiotherapies that renders care for you. Targeted jaw treatments are the only way of getting rid of the jaw pain. Some chiropractors as well as some physiotherapists that do outstanding work. The only thing better than chiropractic or physiotherapy is treatments given by both chiropractors and physiotherapists skilled in the treatment of jaw pain, neck pain, and TMJ disorders.

So why should you opt for just one of these when you can get both of them and more?  At our clinic, we do not limit the effectiveness of our care by just providing you with either chiropractic or physiotherapy. The clinical non-surgical jaw pain specialists (TMJ Specialist) in our centers offer collaborative jaw pain treatment. Our combined efforts are superior to the others’ singular efforts.

According to our Non-Surgical Jaw Pain Expert, Ringing in the Ears or Ear Pain is Indicative of TMJ Disorders or TMD

If you think you might be suffering from some ear pain that relates to TMJ, the following are a list of symptoms:

Tinnitus: Usually Tinnitus is described as being a rinse noise in your head or ears. It has also been described as being a high-pitched whistling, humming, and screaming, hissing, buzzing, electric or whining sound. Tinnitus might be continuous, or it might come and go.  It frequently causes great distress. However, making adjustments to the position of the jaw, tongue, head, and shoulder may help to moderate how intense the tinnitus is. During your consultation, our TMJ specialist will be all to discuss specific treatment options with you for tinnitus.

Other Symptoms that Our Experts Associates with a Jaw Disorder:

  • A feeling of unsteadiness or loss of balance
  • Swimming or floating sensation
  • Vertigo (spinning sensation)
  • Light-headedness
  • Faintness
  • Dizziness

JAW Pain Expert of Chiropractic Specialty Center® is Your Best Option for a Speedy Recovery

Chiropractic treatment for TMJ may help to ease the pain through correcting misalignment of the nervous system and spine. Chiropractic may actually reduce pain that is associated with TMJ, through either using it by itself or for complementing other kinds of treatments. That is because, instead of modifying the teeth or changing the diet, it relaxes our muscles, adjusts your joint and utilizes specific trigger points for accurately re-positioning your jaw. When this is successfully done, it will not just relieve pain over the short term (like eating soft foods or taking medication, but it will also help to prevent TMJ from reoccurring. Fortunately for jaw pain patients who live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia can visit one of our TMJ Specialists (jaw pain specialists). We provide collaborative care that gives you the best physiotherapy as well as the best chiropractic in Malaysia.

Best Targeted Jaw Pain Treatment in Malaysia

The clinical physiotherapy treatments you get in our centers are through instrumentally and manually rendered procedures that target the root cause. We have clinical integrative teams that include both chiropractors and physiotherapists who use unique Manual physiotherapy methods specifically for jaw disorders through targeting specialized forms of deep muscle therapy, TMJ mobilization, craniosacral therapy and myofascial release.  Also, our clinical teams of physiotherapists and chiropractors will provide instruction to you on electrical stimulation, ultrasound, jaw specific exercises, postural correction and other types of treatment that you need to know.

If you currently are experiencing painful TMD or TMJ or are not sure if your facial pain or headaches are related to TMJ, please contact our top-rated, best in class, jaw pain specialist (TMJ specialist) in Malaysia by calling the Chiropractic Specialty Center® now.

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