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A slipped disc is becoming too common. Perhaps it is our lifestyles. Regardless of the cause, effective non-surgical intervention is key to success. Slipped disc care at Chiropractic Specialty Center is second to none. The care yu get from is based on latest research and most efficient therapeutic procedures that involving our chiropractors and physiotherapists. Best of all, their collective efforts are improved even more by our advanced non-surgical spine technology: the RxDecom. Thus, so the Slipped Disc care you get from our chiropractor in Malaysia (Chiropractic Specialty Center) is better when compared to physiotherapy or chiropractic. We have repaired even severe spinal disc cases.

Too many back and neck pain sufferers are having surgery when they can have an effective non-surgical option. Surgery for the spine is best as a last option. However, many are too eager in performing a surgical intervention on their patient, rather than trying a non-operative method. The Slipped Disc care at Chiropractic Specialty Center has proven very useful on many occasions. We have even helped those with failed or botched-up surgical. Slipped disc care at Chiropractic Specialty Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

So, wouldn’t it be better to try a non-operative Slipped Disc solution first before jumping into cutting important body parts? Of course, it would. The problem is that those in pain are not aware of advances in technology or the types of non-surgical interventions available to the. Many not knowing well, attempt to get a non-surgical solution from a surgical facility. In other words, they attend physiotherapy at hospitals that are geared more towards surgical interventions.

This is the number one reason why much non-surgical interventions in hospital setting fail. Not that they want it to fail, but rather they do not have the proper non-surgical equipment or technology needed to accomplish such a task. The physiotherapy department in almost all hospitals on this planet is set up to provide physiotherapy for lung patients, heart patients, cancer patients, stroke patients, sports injury patients, knee replacement patients, hip replacement patients, gastrointestinal pains and more. In fact, much more. The point is that the department has to be the “Jack of All Trade,” but as the saying goes: Jack of all trade is the Master of NONE!

Non-surgical Slipped Disc Care at Chiropractic Specialty Center

Slipped disc care at chiropractic Specialty CenterNumerous surgical centers throughout Malaysia do offer surgery for those with a slipped disc. But, always try a non-operative route first. According to the world-renowned MayClinic: Spinal surgery should be done when all else has failed. In other words, try your best to obtain a nonsurgical solution and if all your efforts have failed, then attempt surgery. However, avoid certain things should as they can cause more injury. Here is my list of what to avoid:

  • First and foremost, Don’t ignore the pain or become complacent.
  • Avoid centers that lack specific methods, systems or technology that treats a slipped disc. Most of the so-called slipped disc centers offer nothing but the regular physiotherapy or the typical chiropractic services for those with a slipped disc.
  • Avoid heating packs or hot packs. A slipped disc is an inflammatory disorder. Those that instruct you to heat the area are relying on old knowledge that was proven wrong some 20 years ago.

  • Avoid Massage, unless it is a form of myofascial release performed by a well versed and experienced physiotherapists. Too many lay persons and now even some Kung-Fu masters are claiming to be a Slipped disc expert. Don’t fall a victim of these individuals.
  • Avoid exercise including swimming! Exercise and swimming are a great way to keep in shape. However, they can cause further slippage of a slipped disc.
  • Above all, avoid any rotatory spinal manipulations when you have a slipped disc. I am a Gonstead Practitioner. I learned manual chiropractic adjustments from the best. The point I am making is that even my expert manual methods of spinal manipulations will not be suitable for those with a slipped disc. Therefore, if you have a slipped disc, don’t let anyone perform a rotatory adjustment (twist your back or your neck). Rotatory adjustments are great, but not for those that have a slipped disc!  It is just that simple.

The Non-Operative Methods of a Slipped Disc Treatment Needs to be Clear, Detailed and Target Specific Similiar to the Slipped Disc care at Chiropractic Specialty Center.

Let’s look at what you should do for relief and correction. The reason why I am bringing these up is that we have many patients that have tried useless procedures that did more harm than good. We like to change that, by sharing our knowledge with you. Without further delay, here is my list of what you need to do for your slipped disc has ONLY one option, and that is to visit one of our centers.

A slipped disc is a difficult condition to treat. Many centers attempt it, but they often fail. On the other hand, we rarely fail to get a slipped disc patient better. We have even made those with severe slipped disc recovery fully without surgery. We should be able to do the same for you. Try our experienced clinical teams of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists backed with the most advanced slipped disc technology in SouthEast Asia.

There is no one better than us in the non-surgical treatment of a slipped disc. None have the technology systems in place. The Slipped Disc care at Chiropractic Specialty Center is better than any other non-operative method. If you are looking for an effective non-surgical solution for a slipped disc, visit one of our centers. The Slipped Disc care at Chiropractic Specialty Center will have you back in action in no time at all. We have helped thousands of slipped disc patients and can offer the same to you.

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