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Therapeutic Ultrasound treatments can Fix and Heal you Faster.

Therapeutic ultrasound treatments of the low back.The Goals and Benefits of Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy is medically known as “Therapeutic Ultrasound” or just “Ultrasound.”  It is a physiotherapy treatment device found in almost every physiotherapy or chiropractic center. Ultrasound is one of the most researched therapeutic devices in the spine or joint rehabilitation. Therefore, has a proven record of success. So, in our centers, we utilize ultrasound therapy on spine and joint cases, which were diagnosed or complicated with soft tissue damage or injury.

Therapeutic ultrasound is not the “Diagnostic Ultrasound.” The Diagnostic Ultrasound devices are those used to diagnose organs or soft tissue disorders, and diseases. Therefore they are not for therapy, but rather for diagnostic purposes. Diagnostic Ultrasound is also used to evaluate fetal growth or potential developmental anomalies in the wombs of pregnant females. So, the diagnostic ultrasound is the most popular diagnostic tool employed in the office of gynecologists (ObGyn).

However, we utilize the therapeutic form of ultrasound to treat a host of the spine, joint and sports injuries including slipped discs, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain. In short, we have found ultrasound to be of significant help with both acute and chronic conditions.

Ultrasound treatment is through a wand-like device that emits sound waves to penetrate the skin and reach deep into the tissue. Typically, one million sound waves get generated per second. These sound waves interact with tissue of specific density.

Target tissue absorbs the sound waves as soon as the waves come in contact with it. Simply put, the interaction of sound waves with target tissue breaks damaged tissue formations. And as such, healing and recovery occurs. Ultimately, the goals with ultrasound are to build healthy tissue in damaged structures.


Conditions that respond well to ultrasound include:

  • Scar Tissue
  • Adhesions
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Arthritis

Treatments usually take 10 minutes, depending on the patient‘s needs.

In our centers, treatment on ultrasound therapy is performed by our clinical physiotherapists. We do not allow others other than our chiropractors or physiotherapists to render this treatment for patients. Having an ultrasound done by an expert makes all the difference. Far too many centers utilize this therapeutic device improperly. In short, skilled therapists performing the therapy makes all the difference. Hence, it is important to take a very close look at center and clinics where you get Therapeutic Ultrasound treatments.

Our Clinical Teams are BEST at Providing Treatments Through Therapeutic Ultrasound!