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Spinercise® Rehabilitation: Speeds The Rate Of Recovery

Opt for our targeted rehabilitation and exercise programs through the Spinercise® for lasting relief from the spine, joints, and sports injuries. Call us today for the holistic spine and joint care.

Female patient getting rehabilitative care on Spinercise.About Spinercise®

Spinercise® is the best rehabilitative device. Unlike other devices, Spinercise is an all in one unit. So, contrary to the circuit methods of training, you don’t have to jump from one machine to the next for a proper rehabilitative session. The versatility, ease of use, and patient comfort have made this therapeutic device our to-go-to modality for the rehabilitative needs of the spine and joint patients.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® was the first center to utilize this rehabilitative machine. We have treated thousands of patients, and it has played a significant role in our clinical successes. Our centers are not similar to the typical chiropractic center where you get adjustments and some limited electrical stim or hot packs. We spend lots of time getting to the source of your problem. That is where Spinercise comes in. Spinercise® has made it possible for us to succeed when others have failed. In short, our methods and systems of care are more efficient because of this therapeutic marvel.

Benefits Of Our Targeted Rehabilitation System

Our Spinercise® machine has helped us rehabilitate weak and damaged soft tissues in joints and spine. So, if you have pain and other centers have not managed to help much, contact us. We are the best holistic care providers for the spine and joints. In our centers, a clinical team of chiropractors and physiotherapists render treatments through advanced technology. Our goals are for you to get better faster. Most important, we do not want you ever to experience the same pain again. In other words, we will treat the real cause. And as such, once we have completed your care, you should be well on your way to a healthy, active life.

Spinercise® plays a critical role in our centers. It enables us to offer you the most comprehensive form of holistic care. Care through Spinercise is critical to recovery from slipped disc and scoliosis. As such, it is one of the main therapy procedures incorporated into NSD Therapy® and Scoliosis treatment. Spinercise® enriches our center ability to provide our patients with the best treatment for scoliosis and slipped disc in Malaysia. If you suffer from neck pain, back pain, slipped disc, sciatica or sports injuries, let our team evaluate your condition. Chances are we will be the better option for you in the short term as well as in the long-term. We have achieved clinical success when others have failed. We succeed time and again because we pay attention to the smallest of details.

Today, In Facilities All Around The World, Exercise Units Are Laid In Circuits

This system of rehabilitation dates back to the 1860s when Dr. Gustav Zander developed his circuit-training program. Although today’s spinal exercise units have more bells and whistles, they are not any better! All of them require the assistance of the shoulders, arms, and hands when exercising the spine!

TheraMod™ has developed this specialized rehabilitative device for the spinal rehabilitation system for the spine as it isolates the spine during rehabilitation. There are no “hand-held-pulleys” or “hand-held-levers” for spinal rehabilitation sessions. Spinercise® engages the spine directly with ease and comfort. Spinercise® is a patent-pending system of spinal rehabilitation was made possible through our unyielding dedication to research and development of new and innovative therapeutic modalities.