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Best Knee Pain Treatment Without Injections Or Surgery In Malaysia.

Our knee pain treatment protocols incorporate clinical physiotherapy, research-based chiropractic and advanced knee therapy devices for faster recovery. Don’t waste time on ineffective treatments; opt for the best non-surgical center. Call Chiropractic Specialty Center® for an appointment today!

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Effective None-Surgical & Non-invasive Knee Pain Treatment

Knees pain treatment in Malaysia is often through steroidal injections or knee surgery. The vast majority of center treats knee pain through outdated methods that are for most parts ineffective. Unfortunately, knee surgery has become an all too common as the conservative measures provided by mot physiotherapy clinics have failed. If you are knee pain patients, visit one of our centers today. Our systems of knee pain treatment are superior to what others offer. In our center, we combine the collective experiences of our clinical chiropractors and physiotherapists into a single method that is further enhanced by advanced therapy devices specific to the knees.

For knee pain treatment to work, it must be diagnosis-specific and targeted to the injured tissue. This simple fact has eluded most. Even if you were to obtain non-surgical knee treatments in hospitals, they fail. Surgical centers have spent lots of money on perfecting knee surgical procedures, and little on non-surgical methods of treatments.

The physiotherapy departments in most hospitals throughout the world are equipped for the post or pre-surgical patients. In other words, their efforts are concentrated on those who will have surgery and those that have had surgery. This is not to fault them, but a point of reality. As the saying goes, you can’t be the master of all trades. In short, your caregiver specializes. They either specialize in invasive surgical methods of care or non-invasive and conservative management that prevents patients from going through surgery. And that is where we come in: Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers the best conservative non-surgical knee pain treatment in Malaysia. We are the best chiropractic providers in Malaysia.

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What Is It Like To Get Treated At Our Center?

Upon arrival at our center, you will need to fill out our new patient form. In the hope of should take a few short minutes. Our support staff will then take you to a consultation room, where a clinical research-based doctor of chiropractic assesses your knees. Our chiropractor will ask a few questions about your knee pain, activity levels, previous knee pain treatment, pain level, and other co-conditions if present. He or she will then proceed to assess your knees through range-of-motion assessments and orthopedic tests. Rest assured, the exam and assessments phase is gentle.

We may need either an X-ray or MRI if we detect instabilities or damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, collateral ligaments, meniscus, and knee cartilage. In short, we don’t guess what caused your knee pain. Our goal during the initial assessment is to identify the actual cause of your knee pain. Once we discover the root-caused, we customize a targeted knee pain treatment plan.

Our doctor of chiropractic will explain their findings with each step. You will also be informed of the treatment plan in detail. In other words, by the time we have finished your assessments, you will know what caused your knee problems and what options you have.

On the rare occasion where surgery is needed, you will be informed. The vast majority of even severe knee pain patients recover with our knee pain treatment program. So, it is a rare occasion when we ask you to go for surgery.

Our center’s knee pain treatment program is through the collaborative efforts of our physical therapists (physiotherapists) and chiropractors. Earlier we mentioned that we provide the best chiropractic treatments in Malaysia. What we forgot to mention is our physiotherapy treatment outshines other physiotherapy centers. To conclude, opt for treatments from us as we offer you the best of chiropractic and physiotherapy.

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Painkillers & Medications For Knee Pain

Painkillers will not fix or repair knees or joint pain. They block your nerves and brain from sensing the pain. They have no therapeutic value except for pain management; therefore, they are not an effective knee pain treatment option. Doctors prescribe them in the hope of giving your body a chance to repair itself while decreasing the pain with medications. But, this is a flawed theory or principle. Strong painkillers are needed when damage to tissue is to a point where it causes severe pain.

The human body fixes and repairs itself daily, but when the degree of damage exceeds its ability to fix and repair itself, the body sends warning singles. The stronger the warning single, the more critical the need for intervention. Take a guess what these warning single are? Pain is your body’s warning single, telling you that something has gone wrong, and it needs help. In other words, it can’t fix itself and needs you to urgently address the painful area before it becomes severe or disabling.

Pain medication such as opioids tells your brain to shut up and put up. Nice! However, medication can help reduce pain. But to recover, you need corrective knee pain treatment that fixes and repairs the damage. As such, we would recommend combining your pain management (medication) with our focused knee pain treatment.

Today, opioid addiction is common throughout the world. It is common because spine, joint, and sports injury patients treated often go home with a handful of medication. All surgical patients are placed on strong pain medication, and some are given opioids.

Simply put, opioids are painkillers that can kill you. Opioid contains drugs attach to receptors in your brain to silences your brain’s ability to pain. As such, opioids are common medications given post-surgery patients or those in severe pain. Don’t get us wrong, they are great painkillers, but what makes them great painkillers can also make them patient killers. Our advice to all in pain is to limit your dependence on strong painkillers like opioids. The best means of avoiding addiction is to opt for targeted non-surgical knee pain treatment as early as possible. We are not opposed to the painkiller, just as opposed to prolonged use. We have provided a list of branded medication that contains opioids below:

  • Fiorinal with Codeine
  • Robitussin A-C
  • Tylenol with Codeine
  • Empirin with Codeine
  • Roxanol (Morphine)
  • Duramorph
  • Demerol
  • Actiq
  • Duragesic
  • Sublimaze
  • OxyContin
  • Percodan
  • Percocet
  • Tylox Dilaudid

Our advice to all pain suffering patients, including those who complain of knee pain is to opt for our targeted knee pain treatment it becomes disabling to a point where opioids or other strong painkillers are needed. Listen to your body and provide it the help it needs when it sends you warning singles. In short, be nice to knees, and they will be nice to you. Visiting our center is the nicest thing you can do for your knees. Drugging your self or cutting the knees are not therapeutic, they are patches that always fail.

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Can Surgery Or Steroid Injections Fix & Cure Your Knees?

Minimally invasive Knee surgery such as arthroscopic knee surgery and steroid injections have proven less successful than conservative knee pain treatment. Arthroscopic knee surgery is the to-go-to procedure for many orthopedic surgeons. Perhaps the most useless arthroscopic surgery is one where surgeons do a partial meniscectomy. In 2013, a grouped of highly experienced professor doctors that specialized in knee surgery took the burdens of assessing the effectiveness of arthroscopic knee surgery for the meniscus. The research was conducted through a double-blind sham-controlled clinical trial of 146 knee pain patients.

The authors concluded that the sham surgery (fake surgery) was just as good as the arthroscopic meniscal surgery.

You don’t have to take our word for it, read the PDF of this New England Journal of Medicine research here.

Steroid injections of knee pain patients are not just excruciating but also ineffective. At most, you may get some relief for a couple of weeks. But, the damage steroids do to your soft-tissues (ligaments, cartilage, and meniscus) has a lasting impact. Knee pain is a mechanical disorder that needs automated solutions. In other words, don’t go through the chemical or surgical routes when effective conservative treatments are available to you right here in Malaysia. Chiropractic Specialty Center® has been treating knee pain patients for over a decade successfully without medication or injections. The methods our centers use are those taught by Dr. Yama Zafer. Dr. Zafer (Dr. Yama, as our patients call him) is an American Chiropractor with over 20-years of conservative knee pain treatment experience.

Dr. Yama’s knee protocol calls for targeted treatments through integrative systems and knee-specific technology and focused rehabilitation. In short, it is the most comprehensive knee pain treatment available in Malaysia. Best of all, it is done without surgery, injection, or medication.

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Why Our Integrative Conservative Knee Pain Treatment Is Better Than Medication, Steroidal Injections & Surgery Combined?

Anyone can suffer from knee pain regardless of age, weight, or physical activities. Knee pain might result from an injury, fall, ruptured ligament, or overuse of cartilage (firm tissue layer, which acts as a cushion between the joints, preventing contact between the femur and tibia bone). Apart from that, the pain may also arise from gout, arthritis, or infections. The best means of treating knee pain is through a diagnosis-specific method that addresses the actual cause. In other words, it must be targeted and efficient. That is where Chiropractic Specialty Center comes in.

Our knee pain treatment is through our in-house knee protocol methods developed by Dr. Yama. The knee pain treatment you get during your session will incorporate specialized forms of physiotherapy, targeted chiropractic, advanced therapy devices, and focused rehabilitation. In other words, our clinical teams will have you back to doing what you love most fast. Call us and experience knee pain relief you need today. Visit our center today and discover excellence in knee pain treatments from our Research-Based Chiropractors coupled with the efforts of our Clinical Physiotherapists.

Knee pain treatment in our centers is through activator chiropractic methods of adjustment as taught by Dr. Yama, interferential current therapy, Russian stimulations, Premodulated electrotherapy, ultrasound, ESWT shockwave therapy, Spincersie® and targeted stabilization through focused rehab. We get your better when others fail. We can help you even if you have had a failed knee surgery. Call our center today for the best knee pain treatment in Malaysia.

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