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Best Knee Arthritis Treatment Center In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our clinical non-surgical teams use advanced treatment methodology for knee arthritis. We get you better faster!

Man with knee pain holding his knee.Knee Arthritis: Treated Best Non-Operatively

Painful knees and limitations in knee movements can be the result of knee arthritis. Disability arising from knee pain and knee arthritis is on the rise. The good news for those that suffer from arthritic knees is that they can have an effective treatment without surgery. The latest research has proven that Knee Surgery is not as successful as once believed. Most patients continue to suffer from knee pain even after the surgery. Chiropractic Specialty Center® has treated many that have had a surgical intervention but still lived in pain. We have helped many, and we can do the same for you. In our centers, you will get the best non-surgical knee pain treatment in town.

We have seen arthritic knees in the young and old alike. Of course, it occurs more frequently in the elderly. A common cause of knee osteoarthritis is a sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays, we don’t walk as much as our parents or grandparents did. We sit too much, and when we sit, we sit for extended periods. All that sitting leads to weakness and tightness in the thigh and leg muscles.

BEST Knee Arthritis Treatment Center

Muscle And Ligament Weakness Resulting In Knee Pain & Knee Arthritis

The combined effects of weakness and tight muscles give rise to imbalances and knee pain, eventually resulting in an arthritic knee joint. The most common source of knee pain is a weakness in the knee muscles. When you experience weakness in the knee muscles, it is due to:

  1. The tightness of the thigh and leg muscles will compress the kneecap against the thigh,
  2. Tight muscles and soft tissues will stress the meniscus (padding of the knee between the thigh and leg bone); leading to meniscal degeneration,
  3. A degenerated meniscus can herniate into the leg bone (the subchondral bone of the tibia), thus initiating the knee arthritis process

Best Non-Surgical Knee Arthritis Treatment In Malaysia

Due to our lifestyles, knee arthritis (0steoarthritis) is more widespread than it has ever been before. The problem is so much the fact that it is occurring more often, but the problem is the fact that many are having surgical interventions when they do not need it. Hence, a worrying trend. The rise of ineffective knee surgical procedures was the reason why a group of professor doctors in Finland launched a multi-clinic study. We want to create awareness for those that suffer from knee arthritis, an awareness of the available alternative procedures. Such as that offered by our chiropractors and physiotherapists. Call any of our centers if you are looking for the best non-surgical knee pain treatments in town.

We have seen our share of knee arthritis, including those that have had degenerative and arthritic changes. We have succeeded in helping the recovery of almost all arthritic knee patients; our success rate with knee treatment is above 95%. Even for those that have had surgical interventions, we have made a positive difference.

Why Our Knee Arthritis Treatments Work Better?

The first and most important aspect of care is the diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is the basis of the care you can expect from our clinical teams. We will not and do not offer run-of-the-mill knee treatments. Our methods of care are condition-specific. Our knee treatment targets tissues and structures in need of correction, repairs, and fixing. Knee pain often leads to other disorder involving the hips and feet. In fact, a common complaint that knee patients have is leg pain. Other conditions such as tendinitis or bursitis are also common. Muscle and ligament weakness is prevalent in every knee pain patient. Hence, the need for a thorough analysis of your knee, hips, and ankle. Our chiro (chiropractor) is the knee arthritis expert you need for quick and thorough healing.

The knee arthritis therapy procedures in our center are target specific and based on accurate diagnosis. The point here is that knee pain treatment work ONLY if the given knee treatment is target-specific. Our chiropractors in Malaysia have combined their skills and know-how with our physiotherapists: together they can succeed even if others have failed. Don’t just take our word for it, visit us to discover the best non-surgical knee pain treatment in town. Our non-surgical methods of treatments work better than injections, surgery, or medication. Yes, you get better results without drugs or surgery!

Our Arthritic Knee Treatment Is Better Through Our Advanced Technology & Methods

In our center, the knee arthritis treatments you receive are diagnosis-based. In other words, our knee pain treatment programs are focused on issues needing immediate attention. And as such, we get results when others fail. Our clinical teams utilize the best and most efficient non-invasive knee therapy protocols developed by our clinical teams of chiropractic in Malaysia. In addition to clinical chiropractic care, you will also receive targeted physiotherapy treatments when you visit one of our centers. In short, we treat you better.

Our technology, collaborative teams, skills, and clinical success are testaments as to why and how we treat you better! We use an advanced knee treatment protocol through a step-by-step process of evaluation, diagnosis, and therapeutic procedures all aimed at getting your knee repaired, fixed, or cured of injuries and pain fast. In short, we can get you back to a healthy, active lifestyle again.

Our chiropractors have combined their knee treatment methods with therapy rendered by our clinical physiotherapists. The two are now getting results unmatched by others. Our knee pain treatment will get rid of your knee pain faster and without drugs. Don’t just take our word for it, visit us and discover knee arthritis treatment systems that work. It works better than injections, surgery, or medication.

What Are The Most Common Surgeries For Knee Arthritis?

The knees are one of the most commonly operated joints. The three most common surgical procedures for an arthritic knee are:

  1. Partial Knee Replacement
  2. Total Knee Replacement
  3. Knee Osteotomy

Partial knee replacement or the unicompartmental knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that replaces a single part of the knee as defined by knee compartments. Here are the three knee compartments:

  1. Medial compartment: It is the innermost aspects of the knees
  2. Lateral compartment: The outermost part of the knee
  3. Patellofemoral compartment: This is knee cap as it meets the thigh bone (femur)

Partial knee replacement is a precursor to a total knee replacement

In a total knee replacement surgery, a prosthetic device replaces the entire knee joint. A prosthetic knee joint is not as sturdy or durable, and as such, it lasts for 10-15 years. It is for those over the age of 65 who did not respond favorably to a targeted non-surgical treatment program.

Osteotomy involves the shaving and reshaping of knee joints. This type of surgery is best for those under the age of 50. The vast majority of patients who undergo an osteotomy will need additional surgical interventions such as partial or total replacements. In most cases, they start with partial knee replacement, and years later, follow up with a total knee replacement.

To summarize, knee surgery is not a cure. It renders the knees weak and susceptible to injuries or damage.

The failure rates associated with the conventional surgical interventions for knee arthritis is the main reason why many have encouraged a focused conservative knee treatment. Call our center today to learn about advanced non-surgical methods of knee treatments not offered by others. We get you better without surgery or injections.

Should You Reconsider Knee Surgery?

Far too often, knee pain sufferers undergo surgical procedures too early. Knee surgery should always be your last option. The surgical procedure for the arthritic knee is extensive and requires prolonged recovery time. Besides, there are no guarantees that knee surgery would last. Far too many patients end with multiple surgeries for the knees.

Unfortunately, we have encountered this too many times in the past. In one particular case, the patient had three surgical repairs on one knee and two supposed repairs on the other knee but still lived with knee pain. What we mean by this is that she had three different surgeries on one knee and two separate surgical procedures for the other. The patient is not even 50! The surgeon was recommending additional surgical procedures for each knee.

She was to have knee replacements surgery done on both knees. That was when the patient had enough and came to us for care. Although our systems can still help her, we prefer not to see patients in this condition. If your surgeon is recommending a TKR (total knee replacement surgery), visit us to see how our targeted conservative treatments can help.

Our goal is to get patients like her in our office to avoid unnecessary surgery in the first palace. Our method of knee pain treatment is designed to fix the damage to your knee. So, when we finish your knee pain treatment program, your knee should be stable and without any discomfort.

Why Knee Osteoarthritis Is Often A Scapegoat Diagnosis?

Today, the most common knee surgery is arthroscopic. Arthroscopic knee surgery discredited by eye-popping European research. It is beyond us why some are still doing it.

Osteoarthritis results from neglect or, worse, poorly treated knee injuries. Both of these are avoidable, both of which you can control. If you have injured, do not neglect or ignore a knee injury. Thus, so call or visit one of our centers for precise diagnosis and target specific non-invasive treatment that fixes the damaged tissue. This way, you can give your body a fighting chance for recovery.

If you opt for timely care from our experts, you can avoid knee surgery. Replacements are the surgeons’ answer to such wear and tear. Ours is therapy, exercise, and rehabilitation. Sometimes, surgery is needed. Today, people are being cut first, which needs to stop. What is even worse is that many go through repeated surgical procedures time and again. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but yet expecting different results. Try us if you have knee pain and see our difference. We might be able to save your knees.

Surgery can be a distant second option. That is if we fail. But, we rarely fail, and that is good news for many knee pain patients. Contact one of our centers today for the best Knee arthritis or knee pain treatment options by the best teams of chiropractors in Malaysia.


Chiropractic treatment of spine, joint, sports injuries and KneesChiropractic Treatment In Our Center Is Backed By Clinical Physiotherapy

Knee pain and knee arthritis are treatable by our corrective chiropractic methods. Chiropractic treatment of arthritic conditions has been effective for a wide variety of spine and joint conditions. We have the premise of our knee arthritis treatment on the latest developments in clinical rehabilitation. We succeed when others fail. The arthritis foundation recommends targeted methods of chiropractic. Please read the Arthritis Foundation remarks on chiropractic and arthritis. Call any Chiropractic Specialty Center® today and opt for corrective treatment of your knee arthritis today.