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We offer the BEST of the Non-Surgical Treatments for those that suffer from Runner’s Knee.

Get the Best Runner’s Knee Treatment and Reclaim Your Life Today!

An athlete with runner’s kneeRunner’s knee

Runner’s knee is a term given to knee pain experienced by runners. But, it can strike anyone, even if you do not run and even if you are not an athlete. The condition is termed runner’s knee because it is common in those that run. Now, the definition is broader because it can happen to those that walk, bend, bike or jump frequently. It can even happen to elderly or the very young.

Runner’s knee is not a diagnosis. Diagnostic terms for knee include sprain/strain, arthritis, degeneration, meniscal tear or a patellofemoral pain syndrome. A runner’s knee is more of a loose term that often is meant to group several conditions that may be the actual cause of pain. Runner’s knee as a diagnosis is weak and used by therapist or clinician as it is a more layman-friendly term.

The so-called Runner‘s Knee can be due to trauma, degeneration, arthritis or even slight bony misalignments of the knee joint. Whatever the case may be, the pain is felt at the front of the knees. Usually, the most common complaint is pain behind the kneecap.

Our centers have seen a fair share of these patients. We have almost a 100% success rate in treatments of these types of knee pain or knee condition. The key to therapy is a timely diagnosis of the actual condition. We may call it a runner’s knee, but we do it to enable your understanding of your knee injury. Our aim to correct and stabilize the reason why you have pain when you walk, run or bend. We fix the problems that have led to pain behind your kneecap.


Should you get a Knee Brace for Runner’s Knee?

Too often we have seen patients walk in with expensive knee braces that do little but waste money. Bracing is not a good idea as it weakens the soft tissues of the knee (muscles and ligaments). And as such, we rarely recommend a brace for you as a primary means of care. When we do recommend a brace, rest assured that it wouldn’t be the useless expensive one. Our methods of physiotherapy when it comes to bracing is for 1-2 weeks at the very most. Bracing if we do is for a short time. We will ask you to stop using the brace once we have corrected your condition.

Our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists use specialized knee treatments incorporating a unique hand-in-hand clinical efforts based on latest and most effective protocols in Clinical Physiotherapy and Research-Based Chiropractic. In short, the knee pain treatments you get from our centers for your runner’s knee is superior to others. We get our runner’s knee patients back to an active life faster and without surgery. Our methods are specific, best of all they are pain-free. So, you do not have to go through more runner’s knee pain to get better.

Our chiropractic centers specialize in the non-surgical Runner’s Knee Treatments.