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Overuse Knee Injury Treatment From Our Experts Gets You Better Fast.

If you suffer from an overuse knee injury, Call our center. We have the best knee pain treatment in Malaysia.

Icing of a knee injury.Overuse Use Knee Injury, Patellofemoral Pain, And Runner’s Knee

Overuse knee injury occurs with repetitive injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints of the knee. Patellofemoral pain, overused knee injury, chondromalacia patella, and runner’s knee are interchangeable terms to describe an overuse injury. According to published studies, over forty percent of overuse injuries involve the knee. Though common in athletes (“runner’s knee pain), it can happen to anyone.

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact cause of an overuse knee injury or “runner’s” knee. However, there are some indications as to possible causes:

  • Larger than normal knee cap
  • Knocked-knees
  • Bowed-legs
  • Premature wear and tear of the knee joints (patellofemoral and tibiofemoral)
  • Shortened and weakened muscles of the thigh or knee
  • Flat feet

To recover from an overuse knee injury, you will need to have your knees thoroughly assessed by one of our experts. Our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists are the best non-surgical specialists for the spine and joints in Malaysia. Our clinical successes are the results of our in-depth knowledge, skills, and advanced therapy devices to target and correct the underlying causes of pain or injury.

What Is The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For The Knees?

The knee is a major weight-bearing joint. A knee injury is common. We have all injured a body part. Most of the time, injuries are self-limiting, and we recover within one to two days. Lingering knee pain can have far-reaching implications. Therefore, if you have a knee issue, do not ignore knee pain. We can help

Overuse knee injury (patellofemoral pain or “runner’s” knee) is all too common. It can happen at any time, and no one is immune, even professional athletes with near-perfect muscle and ligament tone are susceptible. In an overuse knee injury, the pain can be felt immediately after an irritating event, or it could take hours to days before it is apparent to the sufferer. How soon it effects is, at times, indicative of the degree of damage.

Often, overuse can lead to knee degeneration and knee arthritis. Also, small tears that are only detectable through a microscope. This little damage can cause an inflammatory response and that inflammatory response is often the cause of knee pain. Regardless of the severity, each overuse injury or condition needs evaluation the identify the source of pain. Otherwise, it could become a chronic condition in which a person re-injures the knees over and over. Our center, we have the of experienced chiropractors in Malaysia to determine the offending structures. We also have clinical physiotherapists to help you recover at a rate better than others.

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An athlete running with overuse knee injuryHow To Avoid Overuse Injuries Of The Knee?

To prevent overuse injury or the patellofemoral pain, you must make sure not to push your body beyond its’ limits. If you are a professional athlete, make sure that you have conditioned your knee to a point where your knee can take the extra push when you need them. Pushing your body to the limit is okay, but pushing it beyond its’ limits or restrictions will undoubtedly lead to knee injury and knee pain. Gym goers, elderly, and the already injured often suffer from precursors of an overuse knee injury.

Runner’s knee or an overuse knee condition is self-inflicted injuries often seen in the mighty weekend warrior. So, to all the weekend warriors out there: enjoy your workouts, but keep in mind that your body has limits. “Pushing your body to the limit” is okay, but pushing it “beyond its’ limits” will undoubtedly lead to knee injury and knee pain. Furthermore, the weekend warrior, the elderly, and the already injured often suffer from precursors of an overuse knee injury.

Knee pain is the most common joint pain in teenagers and adults. According to researchers, it affects 25% of the population. As mentioned earlier, causes of knee pain include knocked-knees, bowed-legs, arthritis, and flat feet. To avoid an overuse knee injury, you will need to know your limits. Also, you will require focused strengthening exercises and stretches for your quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

How To Avoid Knee Pain & Injury In The Elderly?

The elderly are at a higher risk of having an overuse knee injury. Weak muscles resulting from insufficient activity or after being bedridden are the main culprits of knee pain in the elderly. Other causes include prolonged standing or excessive walking with weak, arthritic, and degenerated knees. Prolonged walks in improper shoes are also a common cause of injuries in people over the age of 60. Proper shoes that fit well are essential for all ages, but they are critical for the elderly. So, it is noteworthy to remember when you do go out with your parents.

What Is Best Remedy For An Overuse Knee Injury?

There are several things you can do at home to decrease a patellofemoral pain (runner’s knee or an overuse knee injury):

  1. Take a break from activities that cause pain
  2. Wear a brace to protect the knee joint
  3. Ice the knee for 15-minutes every 2-3 hours

Follow the homecare activities mentioned above carefully. Make sure not to ice longer than 15-minutes. You should use a timer when icing the knee. If these suggestions don’t help, you will need our experts to fully assess your knee and identify the actual cause of your pain.

Ultrasound therapy of a female patient’s Overuse Knee Injury.Best Knee Non-Surgical Treatment In Malaysia

The chiropractors and physiotherapists of Chiropractic Specialty Center® offer the best non-operative solution for knee pain. Our methods can fix your injured knee without surgery or injections. When you visit one of our centers; we will spend sufficient time to understand the etiology of your condition. It is perhaps an essential aspect of your care because it will allow us to identify the actual cause of your knee pain.

Your knee treatments will start once we have determined the primary cause and established a working diagnosed. Treatment plans for knee patients will include chiropractic and physiotherapy. In addition to the chiropractic, physiotherapy, and device rendered therapy and treatments, we will prescribe specific exercises to strengthen your knees. Exercises prescribed by our team are focused and targeted. For exercise therapy to be effective, it must be precise, progressive, and focused.

We are the only chiropractic and physiotherapy center in Kuala Lumpur that has Spinercise®. Spinercise® is a particular modality that we utilize for the rehabilitation of many joint and spine conditions, including the knees. Neglect of an overuse knee injury always progresses to a more adverse condition. Therefore, don’t ignore your knees. Let our spine and joint experts help. We have the best team for a holistic recovery from an overuse knee injury and knee pain without drugs or surgery.