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Fix Neck and Back Pain today through NSD Therapy.

It is not difficult to treat Neck pain and back pain. Well, at least not in our centers. Our systems and methods of care are targeted, meaning we get to roots of your condition, and as such you get better faster. We treat neck and back pain with advanced technology that others do not have. Our methods and systems of care can fix your neck pain and back pain today through NSD Therapy. Visit one of our centers to discover how we differ when compared to others.

The fields of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy has provided much relief for those in pain. Some centers are just better at getting results faster. We are one of those centers. Our technology and systems of care allow us success even if other therapy centers have failed. Our clinical team’s of chiropractic and physiotherapists have a thorough understanding of joints muscles, ligaments, and discs. Perhaps the most important structure besides the spinal cord and the spinal nerve is the spinal disc.

Spinal discs are the most common sources of neck and back pain today. Our Clinical team has the skills, knowledge, and technology to correct and fix your pain today.

Chiropractic Specialty Center can help you Fix Neck and Back Pain today through NSD Therapy

Fix Neck and Back Pain today through NSD TherapyLet’s take a look at the spinal disc and see how it becomes a major source of pain in either the neck or the back. The intervertebral disc acts as shock absorbers and a point through which the spinal bones connect to one another. Therefore, their role in neck or back pain is of vital importance. The vast majority of pain sufferers today suffer from a slipped disc. A slipped disc (in the neck or the back) is a treatable condition.  It does not require surgery, and our team can help you get there faster.To the spine whereby they control our movements and maintain our posture at the same time. Research showed that a good disc does not bulge or slip as easily. In fact, a disc could only slip when it has undergone degeneration process. Below are some of the slipped disc causes:

  • Jobs that require a lot of sitting
  • Poor posture
  • Normal aging
  • Excessive load bearing
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Heavy lifting

We can fix your Neck Pain and Back Pain Today through NSD Therapy.

Our technology can fix and correct most discs. Our methods of care increase the flow of nutrients into your discs, joints, muscle and ligaments. The result is a greater success when it comes to recovery. Our knowledge of how a disc gets damaged and our abilities to understand the underlying cause of your neck pain or back pain are the reasons why we have clinical success like no other center in town. The coming together of knowledge, technology, and skills will certainly have a dramatic impact on any outcome. Expectations should be nothing less than good. That is where we are, and that is how we can fix your neck pain and back pain today through NSD Therapy. So, call us now for a healthier tomorrow.

The intervertebral discs are avascular in nature. Hence it is dependent on the vertebral end-plates for diffusion of nutrients to sustain. Diffusion is the process through which a spinal disc receives nutrients it requires. The diffusion of nutrients is called imbibition. However, when there is an increase in pressure on the discs due to load bearing, the discs are leaked, and with the nutrient, there may be some proteoglycans.

Prolonged disc compression will lead to an increased rate of nutrients outflow as compared to the rate of diffusion inwards. This, in turn, reduces elastin and aggrecan production where they are responsible for keeping the discs hydrated. As a result, the disc gets unhealthy and dehydrated which makes it easily susceptible to disc problems such as slip disc which includes disc bulges, disc prolapse or disc herniation.  In short, if you suffer from neck pain, back pain or slipped disc let our clinical team Fix Neck and Back Pain today through NSD Therapy. The Chiropractors and Physiotherapists of Chiropractic Specialty Centers can fix neck and back pain today through NSD Therapy.

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