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Get A Multidisciplinary Method Of Chiropractic Care First!

Choose chiropractic care first before other options! Learn the benefits of chiropractic care first before other forms of therapy. Our expert clinical teams of physiotherapists and chiropractors are eager to provide your first chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment today. Call us now!

Why Should You Chose Chiropractic First?

Chiropractors spend years studying in university degree programs to diagnose and treat spine and joint conditions without medication, injection, or surgery. The chiropractic treatment and profession have stood the test of time—the profession is over 130-years old. You should choose chiropractic first and before other methods, including bonesetting, tit tat, Bowen therapy, massage therapy, and physiotherapy.

Where Can You Get The Best Chiropractic Care?

The Klang Valley has several chiropractic centers. The best centers are those operated by the Chiropractic Specialty Center®. Chiropractic Specialty Cetner® has seven locations in the Klang Valley:

Chiropractic Should Always Be Your First Choice For Neck & Back Pain

If you or someone you know is in pain, try chiropractic care first before opting for injections or surgery. Far too many opt for chiropractic care as their last option. Choosing chiropractic care first will get you better sooner. The main reason why it works better is the simple fact that chiropractors focus on the root cause of pain. CSC was established over 15-years ago. Since the launching of CSC, we have treated over 20,000 patients. Our specialty is corrective care of the spine, joints, and sports injuries. Best of all, we incorporate clinical physiotherapy with CSC’s restorative chiropractic treatments. Therefore, if you suffer from joint pain, sports injuries, sciatica, muscle aches, scoliosis, spondylosis, or a slipped disc, call us.

Choose CSC’s multidisciplinary physiotherapy methods with chiropractic care first before opting for other therapy modes. The majority of Malaysians are unaware of the benefits they can get from chiropractic care. The chiropractic profession has been around for over 130-years, but there are many misconceptions. This article will cover health issues and conditions that chiropractic can help. Also, we will guide you in finding the best chiropractor. CSC’s goal is to help our community opt for chiropractic care first instead of a last and desperate option. Therefore, we will start with the benefits of chiropractic first.

What Is The Benefits Of Consulting A Doctor Of Chiropractic First?

Most believe that chiropractic care is good for aches and pain. However, chiropractors do lots more than managing or getting rid of aches and pain. The benefits of getting an assessment from a doctor of chiropractic first can help you achieve better insights into your neuro-musculoskeletal health. Neuro-musculoskeletal health involves your nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints working at optimum levels. A chiropractic doctor focuses on ways to improve the functions of your neuro-musculoskeletal systems. Chiropractors are the best neuro-musculoskeletal specialists. Treatments are non-invasive and holistic. Chiropractic care improves your nervous system as well as your musculoskeletal system.

We have compiled for you the most common benefits you get from chiropractic care below:

  • Stops premature degeneration of joints Improves recovery following an illness by stabilizing your nervous systems
  • Get rid of joint and spine pain holistically without medication, injections, or surgery.
  • Improves muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint strength and stability, increased endurance, and improved athletic performance.
  • Decrease pain and swelling. Gets rid of nerve pain.
  • Repairs nerve damage caused by compressions Improves circulation in muscle, joints, and organs.
  • Helps with infertility issues in males and females
  • It helps stop bedwetting in kids.
  • Reduces, reverses, and stabilizes scoliosis at any age.
  • Fix and repair nerve pain, sciatica, spondylosis, and slipped discs
  • Gets rid of headaches, migraines, and tinnitus
  • It helps decrease and get rid of GERD or Hiatal hernia symptoms.
  • Get rid of back pain during pregnancy (postnatal and prenatal pains)

Getting chiropractic care first helps in getting you better without medication or injections. Chiropractic is holistic, natural, and free of side effects. It is the safest method of getting your muscles, ligaments, bones, joints, and nerves to work better naturally.

When Was The First Chiropractic Treatment Given?

The first chiropractic treatment was in 1895. Dr. Daniel David Palmer (DD Palmer) is the founder of chiropractic. The chiropractic profession began to grow at an unbelievable rate, ever with the first chiropractic treatment. The chiropractic profession owes much to its acclaimed fame and success to its founder, who preached the connection to healthy living with the nervous system. His chiropractic care theories have been tested and proven right on numerous occasions. Today as it was over 130 years ago: chiropractic care is a holistic approach to well-being.

According to Dr. Palamer, you cannot have a well-balanced life unless there is balance within your nervous system. He further related that the nervous system could not function at 100% when issues impact the spine. So, he developed A system to reposition a spinal segment manually. He called this manual process of moving a bone to a better position an adjustment. The adjustment’s sole purpose was to realign a malpositioned bone, which he called “Subluxations.”

Subluxation Is The FIrst Chiropractic Term Relating To Disorders Of The Nervous System

The term subluxation is the first chiropractic term relating to the impact of nerve interference caused by compressive disorders. His subluxation theory results from disorders that impinge on the spinal cord or spinal nerves. Once a subluxated segment is corrected, the proper function returns. Harvey Lillard is the first chiropractic patient. And ever since, the profession has grown to treat a host of conditions that includes spine, joint, and sports injuries.

Today’s chiropractors or Kiropraktors do more than realign the spinal bone back into a better alignment. Today’s chiropractor looks at more than just the spine, but the entire neuro-musculoskeletal system as a whole. Today, the association of chiropractic care first to natural well-being is greatly appreciated by many. Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to wellbeing that is fast becoming common throughout the world. As such, the majority of North Americans opt for chiropractic care first.

Have You Ever Thought About How You Age?

Aging and getting older are part of life. Some do so gracefully, while others live with pain. The difference between those who age gracefully and others is the level of attention paid to health and wellness. In other words, if you want to enjoy your golden years, opt for chiropractic care first. Don’t wait until aches and pains get you down. Regular chiropractic care will help you maintain proper neuro-musculoskeletal health. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the best spine and joint treatment center in Malaysia. Please don’t take our word for it. Visit us today and compare CSC’s level of skills, technology, and treatments to others.

If you want to live a healthy, active life when you retire, take care of your body today. In other words, what your life will be like when you retire is up to you! We can help if you desire. There are no extra parts or extra organs in your body. You need each organ and body part to function normally for you to age gracefully. Contact us today for a thorough assessment by our chiropractic doctor first.

Why Should You Opt For A Consultation With CSC’s Chiropractor First?

In life, we have choices. What we chose impacts us. Choosing our chiropractic doctor before others is better because of our skills, knowledge, expertise, experience, and technology. Also, our methods are corrective and given in combination with clinical physiotherapy. Choosing a CSC doctor of chiropractic gives you the option of having chiropractic care alone or in combination with clinical physiotherapy. In other words, we give you better options! Let CSC’s clinical teams help you live a healthy, active life today.

We are the specialists you need for knee pain (acute knee injury, runner’s knee, knee osteoarthritis, or baker’s cyst). We also provide advanced treatment options for the hips, shoulder, and elbows. CSC’s trochanteric bursitis treatment can help you recover even from severe hip pain. The frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is another health issue that often leads to surgery. Don’t let frozen shoulders become disabling as you age. Let us help you now. To conclude, how you approach your health and wellness today will impact your life for decades. Avoid knee surgery, wrist surgery, or spine surgery by opting for effective non-surgical treatments early on.

flexion distraction chiropractic therapy

Many centers have chiropractors and physiotherapists working side-by-side for the greater good, and these center are providing to be more effective when it comes to spine and joint problems as opposed to the center that offers chiropractic or physiotherapy alone.

The Chiropractic Specialty Centers® chiropractors use advanced technology and collaborate with physiotherapists to provide you with the best possible treatment for your pain and injury. Ours is s holistic care system with a focused, targeted system of procedures. Through our efforts, thousands have improved, we have helped many slipped disc patients that others could not. We have even saved a few from failed surgical interventions. Let our clinical team help you live a healthy, active life today. NSD Therapy® is the most advanced non-surgical treatment for the slipped disc, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, spondylosis, and spondylolisthesis. Please don’t ignore your pain; call us now for clinical non-surgical treatments.

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Call and visit one of our Center to discover how modern chiropractic can give you wellness and active life without drugs or medication. CSC’s clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists can provide you with the best neck or back pain care methods backed by advanced spinal decompression technology. Visit one of our centers and get chiropractic care first. Chiropractic as your first option will help you avoid unnecessary delays in your recovery. Please take advantage of our corrective chiropractic care methods before opting for medication, injections, acupuncture, massage, or other therapy forms.

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