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Our targeted Shoulder Pain Treatment gets you better MUCH FASTER!

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Shoulder pain is caused by joint or soft-tissue damage and injury. We Have the BEST Shoulder Pain Treatments in Malaysia. 

A common cause of shoulder pain is soreness, irritation or even tears of the tendon (a cord that attaches a muscle to bone) of the rotator cuff. Rotator cuffs are a group of highly specialized muscles around the shoulder enabling shoulder mobility and strength. Other causes of shoulder pain can include injury, malfunction or overuse of tissues and structures. Chiropractic Specialty Center can effectively get rid of your shoulder pain without the need for drugs or surgery. We have listed common causes of pain in shoulders below for your review:


What caused the pain in your shoulder?

Shoulder pain a common condition that arises from muscles, ligaments, and joints of the shoulder, but also from the neck, upper back, and ribs. Conditions such as neck pain and upper back problems can cause pain in the shoulders.

Shoulder pain is a common complaint among slipped disc patients (neck pain sufferers) is shoulder pain. Therefore, it is imperative to have the neck and upper back thoroughly evaluated when you have shoulder pain. The muscles of your chest, your ribs, collarbone and shoulder blades can also be a source of the shoulder pain. The key to recovery and stability is identifying the correct offending or injured tissue.  In other words, accurate diagnosis is a must before the start of your treatments. And that is where we shine. Our clinical team has the knowledge to properly evaluate you, identifying problematic areas and then correct them for a complete recovery. In other words, a world-class holistic in all aspects.

Far too many centers treat first without having done proper diagnostic tests or workup. In our centers, you can rest assured that we will get to the cause. Unlike others, our clinical teams possess adequate knowledge or skills. Our clinical teams of Chiropractors and physiotherapists will utilize chiropractic and physiotherapy principles of care and advanced technology to diagnose and treat the root-causes of your shoulder pain.

We have provided a brief list of the commonly injured shoulder structures below:

  • Bursas are sacs of fluids that counter friction. In the shoulder, there are four main bursae. When these sacs of fluids are compressed or injured, they get inflamed, and that inflamed state is known as bursitis. Bursitis can cause significant pain.
  • Tendons are fibrous bands that attach to bones. They are the anchors that attach muscles to bone. Tendonitis occurs with excessive use or injury.
  • Ligaments are a common cause of pain. A sprain is the medical terms for a torn ligament. Sprains (ligamentous tears) are usually accompanying tears that involve muscles or tendons.
  • Muscle and tendons can also tear leading to a condition known as stains. Strains often occur with a sprain, which is why many refer to them as “sprain strain” collectively because when you get one, you also get the other.
  • Degeneration can occur in the shoulder joint, resulting in loss of synovial fluids and wear or tears in the shoulder cartilage. It often leads to an arthritic formation, and it is almost always due to injury or wears and tear.
  • Arthritis is a common cause of shoulder. RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and OA (Osteo-Arthritis) both can cause shoulder pain. Arthritis occurs in combination with one or more of the already listed disorders above, the most common of which is the adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder).

Rotator Cuff Muscles and Painful Shoulder

Rotator Cuff muscles are a group of muscles that enable you to have the mobility you need for an active life. These muscles are the reason why the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. If the rotator cuff is involved, the pain is usually in the front or the side of the shoulder. This pain is usually worse when you raise your arm or lift something above your head. The pain can be severe enough to keep you from doing even the simplest tasks. Pain at night is common, and it may be intense enough to wake you. Rotator Cuff injuries require proper care urgently. In Malaysia, many centers and clinics claim to be able to treat the shoulder, but many chiropractic and physiotherapy centers fail because they lack the basics understanding, skill, or equipment needed to get the job done. We provide the best rotator cuff injury treatment in Malaysia.


joint capsule, cartilage are causes of shoulder pain There are NO Short-Cuts to getting Better!

Above were the most common shoulder complaints in our centers. The shoulder joint is a complex joint and highly specialized structure. The shoulder joint has eluded many doctors and therapists. Many end up having a surgical procedure for this, as therapy is often misdirected or improper. We encourage you to visit our center to experience world-class shoulder treatments at a no-surgical center. Our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are the best and most effective spine and joint team in town.

For the shoulder to recover, it needs proper care and timely diagnosis. Any shortcoming will certainly lead to failures. Non-surgical and non-invasive shoulder treatment is possible and can happen with almost any shoulder condition or problem. The key to success is the center that treats you and the team in charge of your care.

Cutting and throwing away essential body parts should never be done!

Injecting harmful chemical such as steroid should never be done. All steroidal injections in our opinion are an absolute waste of time, but a real moneymaker for many clinics and hospitals. Steroidal injections are not only wasting time but have also been the cause of rapid degeneration of the joint. Simply put, it can cause more problems and future pain than the condition itself.

So, if you are a shoulder pain sufferer what should you do and whom shall you see? First and foremost, you should not ignore your pain! Second, you should seek care from a team that specializes in the non-surgical treatments. If you go to a surgical center, their preferred method of treating you is a surgical procedure.

They prefer surgery to all others, as it is what they are trained to do. Some clinics will prefer surgery to a non-surgical procedure, as it is significantly more profitable when compared to the non-surgical means. And finally, a few surgical centers will prefer the surgical method as it requires less time as they can tend to more and more patients or that they lack the therapist or equipment needed for the non-surgical methods.

How to Find the BEST Center for Shoulder Pain or Shoulder Injury in Malaysia?

The best non-surgical methods of care are through clinical physiotherapists or research-based chiropractors. However, not all physiotherapists or chiropractors are familiar with shoulder treatments. Some are good while few are great. We recommend that you do your homework before you chose one. Or better yet, visit one of our centers where you are assured to have the best of both: Best of Physiotherapy and ad advanced clinical Chiropractic in Malaysia.

Proper shoulder treatment can restore your shoulder back to its normal state and get rid of your pain. Pain relief is part of an effective shoulder pain management program. But, few centers offer targeted shoulder treatment that improves joint function and stability. Improper or ineffective shoulder treatment can lead to flare-ups or a worsening of their shoulder pain. In our centers, you will find skilled non-surgical clinical teams that can identify and targets your shoulder issues or shoulder injuries.

Our shoulder treatments are better because of our integrative shoulder treatment methods. Best of all, once we have improved your shoulder, you can go back to the activities you love most. In other words, when we are through, you should not have any limitations at all. That is what you should expect from your shoulder treatments.

Shoulder Manipulation by Our Clinical Chiropractors Targets Shoulder Pain

The normal function can be restored with specific shoulder manipulation that is rendered by certified chiropractors with skills and knowledge. In addition to manipulations, physiotherapy procedures must be performed to undo the effects of malfunction and injury. Physiotherapy procedures should be rendered through manual means as well as machines that are specific to the patient’s condition.

The shoulder joint is a complex structure with significant motion and strength. Often the injury involves muscles, ligaments, and joints. As with any condition, the first step is to diagnose the cause of your pain properly. As mentioned above, shoulder pain can originate from different sources, and if one or more of these sources do not care for, the outcome is not favorable. Therefore, it is imperative that you seek care from professionals with experience.

Get Collaborative Shoulder Treatment by the BEST Clinical Teams in Malaysia

At our center (Malaysia), you will find competent clinical professionals with skills and experience to treat and diagnose your condition correctly. In our centers, research-based Chiropractors, and clinical Physiotherapists carefully examine all patients and will accept only those whom they believe they can help. Our expert chiropractors have personally developed specific manipulative techniques that are highly effective for a wide variety of shoulder problems. Our chiropractic methods of care are further enhanced by the efforts put forth by our clinical physiotherapists. Together they have formed a bond that is more informed, highly effective and unmatched in results. Our team of chiropractors and physiotherapists get results when all others have failed. You can find more information on clinical chiropractic when you visit the American Chiropractic Association or the ACA.

Most seek chiropractic or physiotherapy when it comes to shoulder pain. But in our centers, you no longer need to chose between a chiropractor or a physiotherapist: as the care you get for your shoulder is delivered through both. You can try others and then come to us when they have failed. Or better yet, save time and your shoulder by visiting our one of our centers at the onset of your pain. We are here to help when you are ready to start your shoulder pain treatments so that you can live a healthy active life again.

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