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Holistic Non-Invasive Backache Treatment

Opt for the best backache treatment in Malaysia. Our backache treatment to repair the cause of your pain through advanced technology, evidence-based chiropractic, and clinical physiotherapy; call Us Now!

Why Should You Get Your Backache Treated By Us?

Research-based chiropractic, clinical physiotherapy, advanced spine technology, and target-specific exercise rehabilitation are the leading reasons our backache treatment is better!

Avoid Surgery visit Chiropractic Center Malaysia

Backache treatment in our centers is through collaborative teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists. In other words, both chiropractors and physiotherapists work on you, giving you the best and most holistic back pain treatment in Malaysia.

For those that suffer from severe forms of back pain, our clinical team can help your recovery better when compared to others in town. The RxDecom® is a spinal decompression treatment device that we often include in our neck pain or backache treatment programs. Get the expert care you need for your back by CSC’s clinical physios today.

Our neck pain and backache treatment programs include physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and chiropractic in Malaysia. Best of all, the care you get from experts is given manually and through some of the most sophisticated therapy devices. One such example is the RxDecom®.

The RxDecom® is the single most important therapy device in treatments of acute and chronic backaches. It helps repair and reverses spinal disc problems and issues.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the ONLY center in Malaysia to offer the NSD Therapy® method of backache treatment. It is the most advanced and most holistic (comprehensive) form of back pain treatment in Asia.

Spine Issues Are The Leading Cause Of Disability

Back pain is becoming all too common. Initially, most ignore the pain until they can’t bear it. But some fix the problem to avoid more serious health issues. The so-called common backache is the leading cause of disability in those under the age of 45. But, yet if you get your backache treatment early, you may escape the agonizing neck or back pain that most suffer from.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® has advanced spine technology, a clinical team of physiotherapists, and experienced research-based chiropractors in Malaysia. What does that mean? Well, for starters, it means that we have the kind of care you deserve.

Our methods of care are through chiropractic, physiotherapy, and specialized spine technology. In short, we can help you even if others have failed. Contact CSC today to start your care. Neglecting back issues will only lead to complicated condition. CSC has several cetners torughut the klang valley. CSC’s main center in located in Bukit Damansara near Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas neighbourhood; contact us today for advanced methods of chiropractic care.

Backache Treatment In Malaysia Is Better By Our Corrective Chiropractic, Clinical Physiotherapy & Breakthrough Spine Technology.

Our clinical physiotherapists in Malaysia can accomplish more than others can! Don’t just take our word for it. Visit us to experience clinical excellence! Our clinical team of physiotherapists’ skills, knowledge, and technology enables us to offer you world-class physiotherapy in Malaysia. Visit one of our centers to experience clinical excellence in backache treatment or treatment of neck, sports, and joint injuries. Our methods of chiropractic and physiotherapy are unique as it involves both, but yet so much more. Thus, why settle for less when you can have chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy care in KL, and treatment through the RxDecom.

Have injections, pills, surgeries, and other treatments left you with temporary or no relief for your neck and back pain? Are you frustrated about suffering from chronic conditions that affect your activities of daily living? If you are in pain, we can help.

Our Difference In Back Pain Treatment

The difference between competing centers and Chiropractic Specialty Center® is many in neck and backache treatment. For starters, we are interdisciplinary treatment centers. In other words, our physiotherapists and chiropractors treat neck and backache patients collaboratively. Secondly, we provide the best method of clinical physiotherapy for the spine, joints, and sports injuries. Clinical physiotherapy is more effective as it targets the actual cause of pain.

Last but certainly not least, we offer corrective chiropractic. Corrective chiropractic is made possible through evidence-based chiropractic treatments. Evidence-based methods of chiropractic care are better focused and provide the best means of correcting, fixing, repairing, and reversing neck and backaches caused by poor posture, injuries, or wear and tear.

Moreover, our differences lie in:

  • Skills, knowledge, and experience in backache treatment
  • Our breakthrough spine technology such as the RxDecom®, Spinercise®, FD-3000™, and Skolio-trak™
  • Advanced methods of care as provided through NSD Therapy®

Our centers offer the best and most effective back pain, neck and joint pain, and scoliosis (skoliosis) treatment in town. Backache treatment, as well as neck and joint pain treatments, must be comprehensive (holistic). In other words, every aspect of a given condition needs to be stabilized. That is what we do, and there lies our secret. The big question that many want to know is how did we manage this. Well, we started by gathering the perfect team. We were the first to combine the efforts of research-based chiropractors with clinical physiotherapists. But we didn’t stop there!

We also brought in some highly experienced trainers and purchased advanced therapy technology to help even those with severe back pain

Thus, our training, advanced technology, and a clinical team that possesses knowledge and skills have enabled us to treat the severest of conditions. Best of all, the backache treatments you get are non-invasive. They are relaxing, soothing, and you get to go home feeling refreshed after each session. Our back pain treatment program successes are well established through pre and post MRI examinations of many patients. We have often succeeded when others have failed.

So, the combined efforts of chiropractors, physiotherapists, specialized training programs, and advanced technology have turned our success to near-perfect levels. In short, we succeed when others fail. Back pain, neck, and joint pain treatment through our non-operative team are world-class and second to none.

We Get Our Back Pain Patients Better Faster

Chiropractic, physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, advanced technology are just some of our secrets in light successes of competing centers’ failures. But, the most critical ingredient in our success is the knowledge and skills of our clinical team. Our treatment program for back pain is established after having an in-depth clinical analysis of your spine with our research-based chiropractic.

Once we have identified the offending structure, we get busy fixing it. You can rest assured; the backache treatment programs at a Chiropractic Specialty Center® will get to the root cause of your back pain. Best of all, no side effects and no painful procedures. Our team can get you back to a healthy, active life again; we have done it for many before you.

Our Skilled Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy Is Through The Collaborative Efforts Of Our Clinical Team.

And that is what you will find at Chiropractic Specialty Centers. Our centers have incorporated chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy services, advanced technology, and specifically targeted exercise to ensure a holistic backache treatment approach. We will leave nothing to chance. Our clinical team well plans every aspect of your backache treatment.

All you have to do is to be present for your relaxing backache treatment. Backache, neckache, and joint pain care for today’s sufferers are different from those a decade ago. Today, more and more patients present with soft tissue and muscle weakness that was not as prevalent ten years ago. We have noticed these trends and, as such, have launched effective procedures to identify those at risk.

Exercise Is Critical Part Of Our Backache Treatment program.

Our collaborative treatment method focuses on ensuring the complete healing of joints, muscles, and ligaments through our target-specific methods of neck and backache treatment programs. Best of all, your aches and pains will disappear without injections or surgery.

The benefits of exercise are well researched and undeniable. The importance of target-specific exercises for those that suffer from spine and joint pain is significant. A clinic that neglects this fact is outdated and ineffective when it comes to the care they render.

To understand the impact of our comprehensive spine and joint care, we need to look at the mechanisms involved in spine and joint problems. For example, backache is mechanical, and mechanical problems require mechanical solutions instead of chemical or surgical interventions.

Factors contributing to low back pain at work include poor posture while sitting or standing for an extended period. Other everyday factors include driving long distances, improper lifting techniques, frequent lifting, or lifting weighty loads. In other words, backaches are not just joint problems; they also involve muscles, ligaments, discs, and joints. Therefore, to have an effective backache treatment, we rectify each of these issues through holistic back pain treatment. That is exactly what you can expect when you visit one of our centers.

Regarding occupational health: the lower back is the number one cause of disability and one of the major factors for absenteeism.

There are many reasons why we get aches and pains in the neck or the lower back. By far, sitting is the most common cause of backaches. And the most common cause of neck pain these days is texting. So, if you have a job that requires you to sit for prolonged periods, be aware, and try to increase physical activities at work and home. If your job required you to sit for hours, make sure not to sit too long when you reach home. Perhaps you can have a more active life when you get home.

Being aware of your activities is the first step in getting better. The second step should be calling one of our centers. To recover from neck and backaches, you will need focused neck and backache treatments that fix and repair the root causes of the aches and pains. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is your best option for holistic neck and backache treatment in Malaysia.

The length of time you sit is related to both low back pain and neck issues. Besides, most are addicted to electronic devices. So, to get better, you must avoid postures and habits that worsen your condition. Furthermore, poor ergonomics certainly impact their posture, explaining why back and neck pain is getting more common among teens.

However, you need not worry about your condition as we have solutions to your problems, without having the need to go for surgery.

We believe one does not have to live with pain, even at old age. In our centers, you will find a competent clinical team of research-based chiropractors backed by efficient teams of clinical physiotherapists.

Our center’s neck and backache treatments are holistic, meaning we treat the entire joint, including its ligaments, muscles, and discs. Our goals are to improve function and structures to a healthier state. We accomplish this through the collaborative efforts of our chiropractors and physiotherapists. Our comprehensive means of care have proven more effective when compared to others. Our successes in treatments of challenging cases are testaments to our unyielding commitment to our patient’s wellbeing. If you want the best backache treatment in Malaysia, consider NSD Therapy® and call us today!

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