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Can a Slip Disk go back in? YES, IT CAN! We have Succeeded when others Failed.

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Our chiropractors are the non-surgical clinical experts you need for repair and recovery of a Slip Disk. In our centers, you will find the experienced, knowledgeable teams of Research-Based Chiropractors, Clinical Physiotherapists, and Advanced Slip-Disk Technolgy.

Slip disc Treatment

Can a Slip Disk be FIXED?

We have received numerous emails asking us if a Slip Disk can go back in. Or, if healing is possible without surgery? The short answer to both the questions is a resounding YES.  At least, it is a “YES” in our centers. Our clinical teams of experienced Chiropractors and Physiotherapists use advanced spinal disk technology to fix and repair a slip-disk without injections or surgery. We have backed up our team of research-based chiropractors with some of the most talented clinical physiotherapists in Malaysia. In addition to our clinical teams of experts, we have advanced technology that others do not have. So, the care you get at Chiropractic Specialty Centers is second to none in Malaysia. We honestly, believe that no one in can get you better results! It is just that simple.

If you have a Slip Disk: Trust our Experts and not the Novice.

NSD Therapy is the latest and most advanced non-surgical spine therapy system with proven record of success. We have used NSD Therapy methods and systems of care since 2009. Our center’s success when it comes to treatment of slip disc is over 95%. If you have a slip-disk, visit one of our centers and discover what our clinical team of experts and our technology has to offer.

A research-based clinical doctor of chiropractic can provide his or her patient with an effective non-surgical solution, even if with those diagnosed with a severe spinal disk disorder. In our centers, our chiropractors in Malaysia work shoulder-by-shoulder with highly trained and talented team of physiotherapists and advanced spinal decompression technology. Advanced spinal technology such as the RxDecom: A State-of-the-Art slip disk therapy device for neck or back.

Our methods of treatment for a spinal disk patient work better because we treat the root-cause of a Slip Disk.

It all starts with the first visit: the patient evaluation. Our clinical team will spend lots of time to identify all offending structures. In other words, we will evaluate your muscles, ligaments, joints, and disks. In short, by the time we will have a perfect picture of the extent of the damage: a critical step in the repairing and retraction of a slipped disc. The key to a successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis, target specific treatment, and specialized rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts, believe me, if there were; I would have been the first to use them. Let me clarify that a bit. When I say diagnosis, I am not talking about the diagnosis of a slip-disk. That is relatively easy (written in black and white on all radiology reports). In other words, it doesn’t take a genius to diagnosis a slip-disk.

Technology has made this process all too simple. The art of diagnosis is finding all tissues involved and then identifying the actual cause along with all damaged structures and tissues. When finalized, and ONLY then, a target-specific treatment is possible. In other words, you cannot have a target-specific treatment unless you can identify every aspect of a given problem. And that is where we are better than others.

We are better at identifying your issues and at formulating a target-specific treatment plan for a Slip Disk.

Our unbeatable success rate when it comes to the non-operative slip-disk treatments is second to none. So, why should you waste time with others? Well, it beats us why so many try unproven methods. Perhaps they are unaware of our successes or abilities. That is why we have put up this post. So, please share this with friends and family members. We can help them live a healthy active life again. That is a promise from us to you. If in pain, we can help. Call one of our centers today and experience the difference a clinical research team with advanced technology can do today. Don’t just take our word for it,  come and discover it for yourself.

The clinical team of Chiropractic Specialty Centers formulates targeted treatment plan when they have reviewed your evaluation findings. Our slip disk treatment includes technology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, neuromuscular re-education, chiropractic, and advice. Our slip-disk treatment lasts 1-2 months depending on the severity of your condition and the frequency of your treatments. We have even achieved significant clinical success as short as with 1-2 weeks of active treatment. Contact us today and set up an appointment at a center near you for the best slip disk treatment in Malaysia.


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