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Slip Disk Treatment By Advanced Non-Surgical Methods

Slip-disk treatment from our clinical teams and breakthrough spine technology can fix and repair your spine better; call now for an appointment with one of our non-surgical experts today!

A slip disk or slipped disk is a disorder of the spine where the spongy cushion (Intervertebral disc) between your spinal bones (vertebrae) pushes outwards or when it is forced out. The pushing out or slippage of spinal discs causes pain, numbness, tingling, and even weakness in the arms or lower extremity or legs. The medical terms for a slip-disk include bulging, herniation, protrusion, prolapse, extrusions, and fragmentations. Regardless of severity, a slip-disk is treatable without injections or surgery.

Understand slip-disk causes and best non-surgical Treatment in Malaysia. Fix the root cause of a slip-disk through our advanced methodology.

In this article, we have covered how a slip disk occurs and what you can do to recover. If you or someone you know suffers from a slip disk, please share this article with them. Our chiropractors are the non-surgical clinical experts you need for the repair and recovery of a slipped disk. You will find experienced, knowledgeable teams of research-based corrective chiropractors, clinical physiotherapists, and advanced spine technology in our centers.

How Do You Get A Slip Disk?

To understand the reasons for a slip disk, we need to take a closer look into a spinal disck. Spinal disks, spinal discs, or intervertebral discs are soft spongy cushions that bear the body’s weight and allow mobility. The spinal disk has two main parts:

  1. Nucleus Pulposus (the innermost part of the disc)
  2. Annulus Fibrosus (the outer protective ligaments)

The nucleus pulposus is the soft inner part that resembles a jelly-like substance. It is a collection of fluid matrices mainly made of water mixed and loose networks of collagen fibers. The nucleus pulposus is the primary structure allowing mobility and weight-bearing. The liquidly 0r jelly-like characteristic of the nucleus pulposus of the spinal disk makes it difficult to maintain a central position. Therefore, the spinal disk is reinforced with strong ligaments that confine and keep the nucleus pulposus at the center of the spinal disk. A slipped disk occurs when the outer fibers (annulus fibrosus) weaken and dehydrate, allowing the spinal disk to bulge, herniate, migrate, or slip.

Spinal disk weakening or dehydration is known as degenerative disc disease. In other words, to get a slipped disk, there has to be some level of degenerative changes (degenerative disc disease) present.

Now lets look at how the annulus fibrosus weaken, leading to a slip disk

We mentioned that the annulus fibrosus are the protective fibers that maintain the nucleus pulposus at the center of the spinal disc. Also, we reported that the weakening of the annulus fibrosus (outer ligaments) results in a slip-disk. However, the annulus fibrosus or the annular ligaments of the spinal disks are highly resilient structures. For them to weaken or wear out to a point where it leads to a slip-disk resulting from dehydration.

The annulus fibrosus obtains all its hydration and nutritional requirements from the nucleus pulposus. Annulus fibrosus get their water, oxygen, sugars, and proteins (amino acids) from the nucleus pulposus. A healthy nucleus provides ample nutrients to its protective barrier, the annular ligament (annulus fibrosus). In other words, it is impossible to get a slip-disk if your disc is well fed and hydrated.

However, when stress increase, the synthesis and transfer of the needed compounds (oxygen, amino acids, water, and sugars) disrupts or decreases. A disruption in the flow of nutrients from the nucleus pulposus to the annulus fibrosus weakens the annular bonds, leading to tears, swelling, and bulges of the annular ligaments.

Published medical research proves degenerative disc disease as the main factor in the development of a slip disk. Here are the common causes leading to disc dehydration or degenerative changes:

  • Prolonged sitting Sitting in a forward-leaning posture
  • Repetitive bending or twisting movements
  • A prolonged forward head and neck posture, such as during the use of mobile devices
  • With the advancing of age, the older we get, the more degenerative changes we will experience
  • Neglect of minor aches and pain in the neck and back Improper lifting techniques
  • Repetitive injuries to muscles, ligaments, and joints of the spine (slip-and-falls and sports injuries)
  • Hereditary predisposing
  • Scoliosis
  • Increased (lordosis) or decreased (kyphosis) spinal curvatures such as a sway back or a military neck and back known as kyphosis

Can A Slip Disk Heal On Its Own?

A slip-disk will not heal by itself! To heal a slip disk, you will need to address the damage caused by the hydrations or degenerative changes. As mentioned in earlier sections, degenerative changes in the spinal disks result from increased stresses that lead to decreased synthesis of needed nutrients for daily upkeeps and spinal disks. To understand the process of spinal disc degenerative changes, please watch the video below:

The video above clarifies degenerative changes that occur, leading to a slip-disk. Repair and recovery from a slip disk are possible when the degenerative changes are reversed. Slip-disk treatment programs that increase the flow of nutrients into your spinal disks are essential. In short, to repair a slipped disc, you need therapies or treatments that reverse the steps, which led to degenerative changes.

NSD Therapy® offers the best chance at recovering and reversing a slip-disk. NSD Therapy® aims to rehydrate spinal discs, repair damaged muscles, ligaments, and joints of the spine without medication or injections.

Epidural injections are steroids (corticosteroids). A newly published study contradicts the use of corticosteroid injections. A recent publication of the Journal of Radiology reports significant health hazards with corticosteroid injections. The study was so alarming that CNN in American issues a public warning.

To conclude, slip-disk needs specialized methods of treatment that reverses the impact as well as the process of degenerative disc disease that are concurrently given with corrective chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments.

Can A Slip Disk Be Repaired & Reversed Without Surgery?

We have received numerous emails asking us if a Slip-Disk can go back in. Or if the healing of a slip-disk is possible without surgery? The short answer to both the questions is a resounding yes! At least, it is a “YES” when you opt for our corrective slip-disk treatments. Our clinical teams of experienced chiropractors and physiotherapists in Malaysia are the experts you need for the non-surgical repair of spinal disks.

Unlike the typical neck or back pain treatment, slip-disk treatment requires specialized methods, skills, and technology. An essential aspect of treating a slip disk is increasing blood flow for the damaged or injured spinal disk. Increasing blood flow into the spinal disk increases the availability of nutrients needed for daily upkeeps and repairs.

Moreover, specialized methods or corrective chiropractic combined with focused clinical physiotherapy are needed to improve the spine’s muscles, ligaments, and joints. By increasing blood flow and improving joints, muscles, and ligaments of the spine, our clinical teams have repaired and reversed even severe cases of slip-discs, including severe back pain, neck pain, herniations, extrusions, and fragmentations, as well as sciatica and spondylosis.

Our methods work because of our expertise, knowledge, experience, and research-based practices that we enrich with breakthrough spine technologies and processes. Please don’t take our word for it; visit our proven treatment methods when it comes to a slip-disk.

If you have a Spine Problem: Trust our Experts and not the Novice.

NSD Therapy® is the latest and most advanced non-surgical spine therapy system with a proven record of success. We have used NSD Therapy® methods and systems of care since 2009. Our center’s success when it comes to the treatment of slip-disk is over 95%. If you have a slip-disk, visit one of our centers and discover what our clinical team of experts and our technology has to offer.

A research-based clinical doctor of chiropractic can provide their patient with an effective non-surgical solution, even if with those diagnosed with a severe spinal disc disorder. In our centers, our chiropractors in Malaysia work shoulder-by-shoulder with a highly trained and talented team of physiotherapists and spinal decompression technology. Advanced spinal technology such as the RxDecom®: A State-of-the-Art slip disk therapy device for neck or back pain, including when treating a slip disk.

Our Slipped Disk Treatment Works Better!

Our system of slip-disck treatment is better because we target the root causes and repair all aspects of a damaged or injured disc. In short, it is the most comprehensive slip-disc treatment program in Malaysia. It all starts with the first visit: the patient evaluation. Our clinical team will spend lots of time identifying all the offending structures. In other words, we will evaluate your muscles, ligaments, joints, and spinal disks.

In short, by the time we will have a perfect picture of the extent of the damage: a critical step in the repairing and retraction of a slipped disc. The key to a successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis, target-specific slip-disk treatment, and specialized rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts; believe it, we would have been the first to use them if there were. Let me clarify that a bit. When I say diagnosis, we are not talking about the diagnosis of a slip disk. That is relatively easy (written in black and white on all radiology reports). In other words, it doesn’t take a genius to diagnosis a slip-disk.

Technology has made this process all too simple. The art of diagnosis is finding all tissues involved and then identifying the actual cause and all damaged structures and tissues. When finalized, and only then, a target-specific treatment is possible. In other words, you cannot have a target-specific treatment unless you can identify every aspect of a given problem. And that is where we are better than others.

We are better at identifying your issues and at formulating a target-specific treatment plan for bulging, herniated, protruded, extruded and even fragmented spinal discs

Our unbeatable success rate when it comes to non-operative slip-disk treatments is second to none. So, why should you waste time with others? Well, it beats us why so many try unproven methods. Perhaps they are unaware of our successes or abilities. That is why we have put up this post. So, please share this with friends and family members. We can help them live a healthy, active life again.

That is a promise from us to you. If in pain, we can help. Call one of our centers today and experience the difference between what a clinical research team with advanced technology can do today. Don’t just take our word for it; come and discover it for yourself!

The clinical team of Chiropractic Specialty Center® formulates a targeted treatment plan when they have reviewed your evaluation findings. Our slip disk treatment includes technology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, neuromuscular re-education, chiropractic, and advice. Our slip-disk treatment lasts 1-2 months, depending on the severity of your condition and the frequency of your treatments. We have even achieved significant clinical success as short as with 1-2 weeks of active treatment. Put our 13-years of clinical expertise to work for you today! Over the last 13-years, we have treated over 15,000 patients with a success rate of over 90%. Contact us today and set up an appointment at a center near you for the best slip disk treatment in Malaysia.

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