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RxDecom®: Spinal Decompression Therapy For the Neck & Back

RxDecom®: Provides Distraction & Decompression Therapy For the Spine

RxDecom® a therapeutic device that reverses a slipped disc.The RxDecom® is a spinal distraction, traction or decompression therapy system used in treatments of backs and neck. Neck and back pain are all too common. According to published research, up to 80% of the population will suffer from neck or back pain. For most, the pain may be limited. But, for some neck pain progressively worsens to a point in which it becomes a life-altering condition. Mechanical neck or back pain can induce intolerable pain and unimaginable changes.

The RxDecom® is used by our physiotherpits and chirorpactors to help patients recvery from symptoms back pain, slipped disc, and neck pain.

What Are The Major Causes Of Neck & Back Pain

The most common cause of neck and back pain are injuries to muscles, ligaments, joints and spinal discs. For some, recovery is faster than others. Patients with premature degenerative changes find the recovery processes lengthier. The main reason why some heal slower than others is related to the degree of nutrient availability within injured tissues. In short, if you have some degenerative changes, your muscles, ligaments, joints, and spinal discs will heal slower because of decreased blood supply. As such, therapies or treatment programs hat help tissue circulation are important for a speedy recovery.

The blood supply available to a disc is indirect and insufficient to handle recovery following an injury. Additionally, when an injury occurs, the nutritional needs of the injured segment rises significantly. This need is directly related to the degree of damage. Discs, just like any other structure, requires blood flow (nutrients) for repairs. Nutrients for a spinal disc must be brought in through the process of diffusion called imbibition. In other words, the inward flow of nutrients (blood) from nearby tissues, namely the vertebral endplate must increase to help the repair and recovery process.

The traction and distractive therapy methods and programs can enhance the imbibition of nutrients into a disc. The increased flow of nutrients to damaged tissues helps speed the rate of recovery. But, before you can understand why we need to increase blood flow to an injured disc, it might better to know how a disc gets damaged in the first place.

Is Disc Degeneration, Slipped Disc (Bulging Disc & Herniated Disc) Reversible?

The human body is capable of recovering from any illness including a slipped disc. The hurdles that some face is related to the body’s overall wellness and health levels. Some of us recover faster than others. Also, therapy programs are important in the repair and recovery state from an injury. Some therapy programs or methods are better suited to helping the recovery process. The RxDecom® is not a curative treatment device, but rather a therapy device used in conjunction with other therapies that includes chiropractic and physiotherapy. The term NSD Therapy® applies to neck and back pain treatments given by therapy devices that combine with care from chiropractors and physiotherapists.

Spinal Decompression Or Traction Therapy Is A Non-invasive Therapy

Spinal decomrpession is a new term used for therapy devices that are similar to traction like treatment programs. Spinal decompression is the most sought-after, most successful non-invasive back treatment in the United States today is decompression therapy. Decompression therapy is an effective treatment for:

Similar to a traction therapy device, the RxDecom® provides a series of mechanical pulls that targets the problematic segment in the spine. The difference between the typical traction and the RxDecom® is the monitoring systems, as well as the ease through which patients can receive the therapy. With the RxDecom®, the physical demands on a pateints are significantly lower, as the device helps with loading and unloading of patients with little effort on their part. The minimizing of physical demands placed on patients avoid irritation of the injured area, a necessity for recovery.

Our clinical team of chiropractors and physiotherapists will evaluate every aspect of your condition before recomending a therapyp program. To learn more about the RxDecom® or our services, please contact a center near you