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Webster Technique In Kuala Lumpur At CSC For Pregnant & New Mothers

Chiropractic care is essential for all new or expecting mothers, and it’s best accomplished when your chiropractor combines the Webster technique of chiropractic with the Activator methods specific for pregnancy. The Webster technique is a safe, gentle, and particular chiropractic assessment and treatment method, which aims for healthy gestation and postpartum for mother and baby.

The Webster technique is a system of analysis and treatment incorporating specific spine, sacrum, and pelvis analysis methods before your chiropractic treatment session. the technique entails specialized systems of soft tissue release targeting the uterus ligaments (the round ligament and the broad ligament), pelvic bones, sacrum, core muscles of the pelvic floor, muscles of gluts, hips, and thigh muscles. Dr. Larry Webster developed the Webster technique in the mid-1980s to help for easier childbirth, stabilize the pelvis, eliminate pregnancy pains, and make birth easier.

The primary aim of Webster’s chiropractic treatment technique is to destress the soft tissues of the pelvis to align the hips and spine, including the tailbone and pelvic bones. In short, chiropractic care is essential for all pregnant and new mothers. Contact Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Kuala Lumpur to learn about our physiotherapy & chiropractic services for pregnant and new mothers.

How Many Webster Treatment Sessions Will You Need & How Much Does It Cost Per Session?

The number of Webster technique treatment sessions for pregnancy aches and pains depends on the condition and overall general health. In most circumstances, pregnant females presenting with pregnancy aches and pains require about 2-5 therapeutic sessions to recover from pain. Once recovered fully, we encourage our soon-to-be moms to continue with preventive and maintenance care.

Our preventative and maintenance care for pregnancy differs, and we provide them weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The treatment fee or cost for the Webster technique in chiropractic is RM100 at Chiropractic Specialty Center®. The treatment is painless and safe for mother and baby.

How Should You Chose A Webster Chiropractor?

Choosing the right Webster chiropractor is essential to your recovery and speedy healing. We have provided the critical point in selecting the right Webster practitioner below:

  1. Knowledge: Healthy is based on science and art. Knowledge and skills are the foundation on which clinical experience and expertise are built. When looking for a great healthcare provider, you seek out those with the expert who has the expert-level knowledge and skills. Mastering a skill is useless without knowledge, as knowledge is ineffective without mastery of the skills needed in providing care to patients.  
  2. Clinical Experience: The single most critical factor in healthcare is experience. Clinical experience refines a practitioner’s knowledge and expertise and helps develop advanced methods and technologies. Therefore, you should find a highly experienced chiropractor who has used Webster’s chiropractic technique for many years.
  3.  Methods & Technology: Treatment techniques, methods, and technologies are a critical and essential part of any therapy program. There are hundreds of therapy and treatment techniques and methods for aches and pains of pregnancy. The methods or therapy techniques are essential in getting pregnant women out of pain faster with lasting relief.

In short, if you are pregnant and need a Webster technique practitioner to help you recover fast, choose a highly experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor familiar with more than just the Webster’s technique in chiropractic but also one who is deeply familiar with physiotherapy methods for pregnancy care as well as other forms of treatment including the Gonstead and Activator methods of chiropractic care for pregnant females.

Are There Differences In Webster Technique?

Chiropractors using the Webster technique differ in experience, knowledge, and manipulation techniques. Moreover, chiropractic centers with experienced clinical teams that include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, personal trainers, and masters on their staff will undoubtedly provide a higher and more efficacious treatment via the Webster technique treatment versus those in smaller centers with limitations in space and therapeutic technology.

Doctor Larry Webster developed the Webster technique 40 years ago. And a lot has changed since then. However, some still use the diversified chiropractic manipulation technique and combination with the hallmark of the Webster’s technique which is the specialized manual therapy on the round ligament.

Pregnant women and new mothers should avoid Webster technique treatment coupled with the rotatory chiropractic manipulations given by the Diversified or Gonstead techniques. The rotatory chiropractic treatment is where the patient is positioned on their side as chiropractors rotate or twist the spine while leaning them forward before delivering a thrust along the side of the spine. According to published studies, rotational movement or twisting of the spine is the leading cause of spinal disc damage. Therefore, any activity incorporating twisting the spine, especially therapeutic processes, should be avoided to prevent damaging the patient.

Role Of Customized Exercise & How It Integrates With Websters Technique

The Webster method of chiropractic was developed 40 years ago. Some chiropractors believe it to be the best care method for all expecting and new mothers. However, we believe the Webster technique is a great starting point for women seeking healthier gestation. Webster’s technique, combined with pregnancy-specific physiotherapy, customized prenatal and postnatal exercises, and lifestyle modification, is the better approach in prenatal or postnatal care of pregnancy aches and pains.

Pregnancy Aches & Pain Treated By CSC’s Webster Methods Of Chiropractic Treatment In Kuala Lumpur

At Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC), our leading chiropractor in our Kuala Lumpur center has been using the Webster chiropractic treatment method for over two decades of clinical expertise. Contact us today to get treated Webster technique Doctor of Chiropractic with over 25-years of experience.

CSC’s Clinical Team

He is the most experienced Webster practitioner with over two decades of clinical experience. He has taught the Webster chiropractic treatment methods to many chiropractors and physiotherapists in Kuala Lumpur.

The Webster technique is a general term for specialized chiropractic treatment for pregnancy-related aches and pains through chiropractic care during pregnancy. This technique mainly focuses on the sacrum, pelvis, and the round ligament of the uterus. Pregnancy-specific physiotherapy combined with the Webster technique and personalized pregnancy-specific exercises is the best option for pregnant women and new mothers. 

The most important thing about the Webster technique is the practitioner’s experience. Therefore, always try to get treated by the most experienced Webster practitioner in your city.

CSC’s Clinical Team

Webster Chiropractic Technique Is Better With Pregnancy-Specific Physiotherapy & Exercise

The Webster method of chiropractic was developed 40 years ago. Some chiropractors believe it to be the best care method for all expecting and new mothers. However, we believe the Webster technique is a great starting point for women seeking healthier gestation. Webster’s technique, combined with pregnancy-specific physiotherapy, customized prenatal and postnatal exercises, and lifestyle modification, is the better approach in prenatal or postnatal care of pregnancy aches and pains.

The three primary benefits of the Webster technique combined with Pregnancy physiotherapy & CSC’s customized exercise program are:

  1. Elimination of pregnancy aches and pains
  2. Correcting breeched baby position
  3. Making delivery easier for mother and baby

Webster For Breeched Position

Breeched baby position corrections are mainly accomplished through the external cephalic version, the Webster technique in chiropractic, or abdominal effleurage. The external cephalic versions are better suited for pregnant mothers presenting with co-conditions, especially those that result in oligohydramnios. The Webster method is beneficial for breeched positions resulting from comorbidity issues such as oligohydramnios resulting from co-conditions that decrease amniotic fluid volume.

Your gynecologist is your primary physician throughout pregnancy and during your postpartum perios=d, and as such, they must be aware of everything you do during pregnancy. Therefore, you should speak with your gynecologist to see which three methods are best. Also, pregnant mothers must inform their gynecologist updated and informed on all therapies or self-help procedures they do during pregnancy.

Webster Technique For Easier Delivery & Childbirth

The Webster chiropractic and pelvic soft tissue therapies technique focus on muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerves. The aim is to relieve the built-up tensions in your ligaments through manual treatments that focus on them and with specialized chiropractic manipulations of the spine, pelvic, and scrum, allowing your pelvic girdle to be as balanced as possible before the onset of labor contraction and delivery.

A retrospective review of statistics published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine reported that pregnant women for the first time (primigravida) under chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy have a 25% shorter labor time. The same article also mentioned that women who have given multiple births (multiparous) under chiropractic care during pregnancy had a 31% faster delivery time than pregnant women not receiving regular chiropractic treatment. Please check this link to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) to review this published report. 

Learn more about our prenatal and postpartum therapy and treatment services through the combined Webster technique and Activator methods of chiropractic when you WhatsApp us or by calling our main center in Kl on 03 2093 1000. 

FAQs On Webster Technique In Treatment Of  Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Are All Webster Technique Chiropractors The Same?

There are significant differences between Webster’s technique practitioners. Some only utilize the Webster technique while combining the Webster technique with physiotherapy, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

How Many Webster Treatment Sessions Will I Need To Recover From Pregnancy Pain?

To recover from pregnancy aches and pains, including back pain, you will need approximately two to five treatment sessions of the Websters chiropractic technique.

How Soon Will Notice Improvement In Pregnancy Pains Such as Back, Groin, and pubic pain?

An adequately administered Webster’s technique combined with physiotherapy and exercise should immediately improve pregnancy aches, including back pain and pubic or groin pain.

 What Is The Cost Of Getting Treated By Webster Technique In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

The cost for getting treated by a Webster technique chiropractor in Kuala Lumpur is 100 ringgits.

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