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Welcome to our spine and joint archived articles and posts category of CSC bog. Our Joint & Sports injury category is where you can find information on joint and sports injuries. We provide an overview of the condition along with the best therapy options and home exercises. We hope they help you towards a speedy recovery.

Spine & joint treatments at CSC are through the combined efforts of our award-winning clinical teams of chiropractors & physiotherapists. CSC offers targeted holistic care for muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints through non-invasive measures for lasting relief.

What Is A Subluxation And How It Robes Years From You

An in-depth article about the impacts of the spine and joint misalignments is called or termed subluxations. Learn the effect a subluxated spine or joint has on the body. Also, understand the role of chiropractic as it relates to a subluxation.

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Knee Pain Treatment That Repairs Damage Without Surgery

Far too many live with knee pain needlessly. Most opt for medication, injections, or surgery. Published studies have discovered knee pain treatment to be better through conservative therapy approaches. Understand the cause of knee pain and why knee pain treatment needs specialized methods to complete recovery.

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Get Treated By The Best Clinical Physiotherapist In KL

Learn the benefits of clinical physiotherapists and the importance of specificity when it comes to physiotherapy treatment. Also, understand why a hospital-based physiotherapist is limited to get you better without injection or surgery. If you or someone you know need physiotherapy, opt for corrective physiotherapy. This article provides an in-depth look at the profession of physiotherapy and the abilities of clinical physiotherapists in helping you recover without injections or surgery. Moreover, learn why you should opt for physiotherapy from non-surgical centers.

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Physiotherapy By Clinical Physiotherapists In Malaysia

Understand the clinical impact of targeted physiotherapy by clinical physiotherapists combined with corrective chiropractic and advanced technology. Learn how a multidisciplinary treatment enriched with breakthrough technology delivers better results and lasting improvements.

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Knee Treatment Without Surgery In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Understand all you need to know about types of knee treatment. Learn about surgical knee treatments. Know the nasty side effects of the infamous steroidal knee treatment. And best of all, conservative knee treatment through chiropractic and physiotherapy. Read and learn what published research says about each and then choose the one you believe to be right.

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Best Sports Injury Treatment Center In Kuala Lumpur

Approximately 77% of Malaysians live with unresolved sports injuries. Neglect or prolonged injuries to joints or spine can result in premature degenerative changes with lasting implications. Avoid the pitfalls of unresolved trauma with our focused non-surgical sports injury treatment. Our centers specialize in targeted sports injury treatment for professional athletes and weekend worriers alike. If you are injured, we can help. Chiropractic Specialty Center® has treated spine, joints, and sports injuries for over 13-years. Our successes in getting patients out of pain are better when compared to competing centers. Best of all, the care you get from us is non-surgical. Learn about our sports injury treatment and get better without injections or surgery.

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