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Opt for our chiropractic and physiotherapy center in Malaysia for clinical non-surgical treatments the fix the actual cause of your pain. Call us now to book your appointment for today!

How and why we started our Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Center in Malaysia is an interesting story.

How we began our Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Center in Malaysia is interesting. It all started early when Yama Zafer, D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) (our director) was practicing in the United States. At the beginning of 2002: he completed his in-depth study and research into spinal disc damage and the non-operative treatment options. Yama Zafer, D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) was shocked to find that there weren’t too many viable options with promising results. Granted, some case studies offered hope. The most hopeful of all procedures were those rendered through a genuine Spinal Decompression Therapy device.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about the DTS traction machines. But, referring to the real thing: an actual Spinal Decompression Unit. Back in those days, the DTS was called a traction unit. The term spinal decompression related to DTS is new and may be related to a marketing scheme, and it has stuck in since. But, the reality remains that it is a traction device. We are deeply familiar with the DTS units as our director used them in his practices in the United States from 1997 to 2001.

The DTS lacks many of the essential characteristics found in advanced spinal decompression therapy devices.

The DTS is a great Traction Unit. But, it has not been as successful in treating severe slipped discs as advanced spinal decompression devices have. Now that we have covered that, let’s get back to research.

Soon after his research, Yama Zafer, D.C., (our director) switched from using the DTS to another device: the RxDecom. The successes we have achieved using a real decompression unit (the RxDecom) are significantly better than what we could accomplish with the DTS. However, even with spinal decompression, there were several shortcomings. Specifically for those who suffered from a larger, more severe slipped disc. So, it was back to research, and in that investigation, Yama Zafer, D.C., discovered issues that, for the most, have e been ignored. With that knowledge, he implemented some changes in treatment plans for patients in need, and soon after, our centers were able to help 80% without surgery.

The Initial Years Of Chiropractic Specialty Center® In Malaysia

In 2006, our director moved to Malaysia in hopes of continuing his research and development programs. And in 2007, we launched Chiropractic Specialty Center®, which soon became the premier chiropractic and physiotherapy Center in Malaysia.

In 2008, we incorporated clinical physiotherapy services as an integral part of the care given to patients that suffered from neck pain, back pain, and sports injuries. We were among the First in Malaysia to offer collaborative spine and joint care. In 2009, we became the first center in Malaysia to use the RxDecom®, and soon after that, we started the NSD Therapy® protocols. Since 2009, we have treated thousands of slipped disc patients with the NSD Therapy® methods. Our success rate for slipped disc treatment is greater than 97%. We have succeeded when others fail. We have reversed (fixed) even some of the toughest spinal disc slippages. And in some cases, we were able to help even those with:

  • Faulty surgical intervention
  • Failed surgical interventions
  • And those that have had several back surgeries but still lie with pain

In all of those cases, we succeeded! Thus, so our chiropractic and physiotherapy centers in Malaysia gets you better fast without surgery.

Don’t waste time on ineffective treatments. Our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Center offers real alternatives to drugs and surgery.

Today, our methods and systems are even better. We honestly do not know why anyone would go through surgery when they can have it fixed on an outpatient basis. Best of all, you get to keep all your parts, and the treatments are soothing, much like going to the spa. What do you have to lose? Call us for a second opinion, even if your surgeon is adamant about surgery. It is your back and your life. Cutting and throwing away important body parts should be done ONLY if nothing can save them. Let our chiropractic and physiotherapy Center help you today.

Let us fix your slipped disc or sports and joint injury without drugs or surgery. We have the skills, knowledge, and Advanced Technology. Visit one of our chiropractic and physiotherapy Center in Malaysia to see how we can get you back to a healthy, active life again. We can help even if you have had a failed back surgical intervention. If you live in pain, we encourage you to visit one of our Chiropractic and physiotherapy centers in Malaysia.

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