Best Treatment For Headaches And Migraines

Attention Headaches and Migraines sufferers: Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides headaches & migraines treatment options that work!  Best of all, the care you get is natural without medication or injections. Call for an appointment today.

Headaches And Migraines In Life & During Pregnancy

Pregnant women with headache sitting holding head

Headaches are relatively common as nearly everyone will experience some pain in the head at least once. Headaches that present with intense with additional or accompanying symptoms such as nausea or increased sensitivity to light are often caused by Migraines. It is important to note that headaches present with only one sign (pain in the head), while migraines present with multiple symptoms, one of which might be a headache.

Also, it is essential to understand that you can have a migraine without a headache or head pain, and migraines that present without a headache are often termed “silent migraines .”Silent migraines or migraines without headaches often present with visual disturbances and sensory symptoms, classified as “aura .”An aura is a sensory disturbance or any other disturbance or symptoms present before, during, or after a migraine headache. Common signs and symptoms of aura as experienced during a headache (migraines) includes:

  • Nausea
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Visual disturbances such as blind spots or flashes of lights

The classic migraines or the Migraines with aura are most disabling as they present with headaches, visual disturbances, and several other co-symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and vertigo.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides safe and effective therapy and treatment options for all types of headaches through the combined efforts of chiropractors and physiotherapists; contact us today to learn about our headache & migraines treatment programs, including for pregnancy headaches or pregnancy migraines (pregnancy aches and pains).

How Many Types Of Headaches Are There?

The Third Edition of the International Classification of Headaches Disorders published by the international headache society reports over 150 types of headaches, divided into two main categories:

  1. Primary headaches
  2. Secondary headaches 

Primary headaches are head pain not caused by an underlying health condition or state. Examples of primary headaches include hormonal imbalances (chemical imbalances), compressed nerves, vascular issues, overactivity, or impingement of the pain-sensing nerve of the head. Secondary headaches are always related to an underlying health condition such as injury or withdrawal symptoms from nicotine or caffeine.

Chemical & Hormonal Imbalances That Cause Headaches & Migraines

Chemical and hormonal imbalances are common causes of headaches and migraines. While chemical imbalances that cause headaches occur in both sexes, hormonal causes of headaches and migraines are more common in women. Women are more likely to develop and suffer from frequent headaches and migraines, especially during pregnancy or fertile years.

In the old days, doctors thought that headaches occurred due to changes in blood vessels, causing fluctuations in the brain’s blood flow. Recently published studies now dismiss blood vessels as the initiating causes of headaches. Technological advances in modern medicine have enabled researchers to identify estrogen (hormone) and chemical imbalances such as changes in serotonin levels as the primary culprit in patients with headaches and migraines.

Serotonin is a vital natural chemical messenger that carries signals in nerves, enabling communication between neurons (nerve cells) throughout the body. It is a neurotransmitter that acts as a mood stabilizer, and as such, most call it the “happy chemical.” Decreased serotonin levels are often caused by chronic pain, lack of sleep, stress, menstruation, and pregnancy. Reduced serotonin levels are a known cause of headaches and migraines.

Low Levels Of Estrogen Linked To Menstrual & Pregnancy Headaches Or Migraines

Estrogen is a vital hormone for general health in both men and women. However, estrogen plays a greater role in females. Estrogen levels need to be just right for your body to function correctly. Too much or not enough are both problematic. Lower levels of estrogen cause several health issues, including headaches and migraines. Learn more about estrogen by visiting our pregnancy headache page now.

Don‘t Ignore Your Headaches & Migraines.

Today, headaches and migraines are the most common health problem in the world. They can attack almost anyone at any time with varying severity and duration. The three most common forms of headaches are:

  1. Migraines headaches
  2. Tension headaches
  3. Cervicogenic headaches

Migraine headaches are the most common and severest of headaches. An individual with a migraine headache may complain of throbbing pain on one side of the head. The word “migraine” originates from the Greek word “hemicrania,”: meaning “half of the head,” as the pain often occurs on one side. But, pain can also spread to affect the entire head. A migraine sufferer will usually complain of nausea, vomiting, visual problems, and sensitivity to light and noise.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches affect both sides of the head. Sufferers often complain of a dull, steady pain that worsens at the end of the day. According to the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, tension headaches are excessive muscular contractions. In other words, the muscles attaching to the neck and the head are the root causes. Muscular strains and spasms develop due to excess stresses (loading) on the head, neck, and upper back. It is often seen in individuals who look downwards for an extended time, such as working with the head and neck flexed downward. Tension headaches are due to mechanical issues in either the upper back, neck, or skull base.

At Chiropractic Specialty Centers®, we have the knowledge, skills, and clinical team members to address the cause of headaches and migraines. Correcting the root cause is the only viable option for long-term success. Chemicals such as muscle relaxers, painkillers, or other pharmaceutical products ONLY address the symptoms. And as such, the need for continued use of these chemicals. Unfortunately, the medications given have more dire consequences than the headaches and migraines could ever have in the long term. But, many patients and doctors alike continue to use and even abuse chemicals for short-term gain.

Cervicogenic Headache

Cervicogenic headaches (headaches from the neck) are headaches that affect the occipital (the base of the skull). The pain usually radiates upward to the top of the head, the forehead, and, most often, to the eyes. A Cervicogenic headache is a disorder in the neck that leads to a headache. For example, a misaligned vertebra in the neck. This misalignment causes nerve irritation and neck pain, headaches, and migraines. The neck nerves control the blood supply to the head, the muscles and ligaments of the neck, and the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the upper extremities. It is imperative to have these structures checked and corrected.

The brain is insensitive to pain. Headaches, including migraines, occur in the tissue covering the brain. Our advanced clinical teams of expert chiropractors in Malaysia pay particular attention to the structures at the base of your skull. In other words, we will evaluate the muscles in your neck, the muscles in the upper back, or the chest. In doing so, we identify the actual cause. Besides, we will pay particular attention to the spinal nerves, spinal bones, vertebral discs, and ligaments. In short, you will have a holistic evaluation followed by a target-specific correction. Furthermore, we will also check the possibilities of compression of the nerves that control blood supply to the brain.

Blood Flow Headaches & Migraines

Not enough blood flow, your brain cells starve, and you get tired, sleepy, and experience headaches and migraines. Too much is also not suitable for it. Too much blood flow will also cause headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision, to name a few. The brain to function at optimum levels requires a constant flow of nutrients (blood). The perfect amount of blood: is an essential point that we will discuss below in the food-induced headache and migraine section of this page.

Migraines And Headaches Caused By Neck Problems

Overlook by many is neck issues that lead to headaches and migraines. We far too many cases of misdiagnosed headaches as either stress-induced, psychological (psycho-somatic), or allergic reaction when, in fact, the cause was a neck disorder. Headaches and Migraines are possibly among the most commonly mistreated health issues in our world today. Sadly, many of the so-called experts misdiagnose patients and fill them up with drugs. Some are taking multiple medicines for pain and drugs that counter the ill effects of painkillers. In short, these so-called magic pills are doing more harm than the headaches ever did. This insane and ineffective method of care needs to stop.

Almost every headache sufferer will have some level of neck involvement. Some that have the neck as a root cause may not even have neck pain. Having no neck pain is not a guarantee of health. Neck problems can manifest in many ways. Some experience neck pain, while others have shoulder or arm pain, yet some experience headaches.
Most importantly, those who have no pain at all are the main reason why our Doctors of Chiropractic will perform their root-cause analysis. Through that analysis, your neck gets evaluated. If the roots of your headaches lie in the neck, we can target and correct them. Our clinical team renders care through chiropractic and physiotherapy combined. Hence, the success we have is better than chiropractic or physiotherapy alone.

Jaw Problems: Leading Cause Of Headaches And Migraines

jaw pain and headache shown

The Temporomandibular Joint (Jaw & TMJ) is a complicated and arduous joint to evaluate and treat. It requires skills backed by knowledge to assess or treat. The difficulties in diagnosis and treatment problems are just part of why so many hospitals, clinics, and doctors fail to diagnose or properly treat accurately. In our centers, we have seen many TMJ pain sufferers who were treated and misdiagnosed for the most part.

The TMJ joint is the source of many conditions, and headaches are perhaps the most commonly associated symptom. Besides a headache, TMJ sufferers will often complain of dizziness, neck pain, nausea, and jaw pain. If you take a moment, these are some of the very same symptoms that you (a headache) sufferer may have. If you have these associated symptoms, then the chances are that you have a TMJ condition. Your TMJ (jaw joint) might be the main culprit or cahoots with your neck. Either way, they both have to be evaluated. No one in town is better equipped than our clinical team for the track. So, don’t waste time. Call us today for a healthier, clearer tomorrow.

Can Spondylosis Cause Headaches Or Migraines?

Cervical Spondylosis is a disorder brought forth through a combination of issues. Spondylosis is a loose term describing degenerative changes, arthritis formations, and slipped discs. In short, it is a Trifecta. A trio of disorders all wrapped into one. So, it really shouldn’t surprise any of its implications in headaches and migraines-like symptoms. We discovered the connection of spondylosis as an associated cause of many headaches suffering patients. We have methods and target systems of care that can effectively eliminate your spondylosis symptoms, including neck pain, numbness, tingling, headaches, and migraines.

Is Slip-Disc A Source Of Migraines & Headaches

Believe it or not, many that suffer ongoing headaches and migraines may have a slipped disc in their neck or upper back. Herniated discs, bulging discs, and even degenerated discs result in headaches and migraines. Many chronic headaches and migraines sufferers may have a slipped disc (herniated disc) or a bulging disc as the cause of their problem. What is worse is that most patients go on suffering without knowing the cause. Even some doctors are having difficulties in identifying these hidden causes.

When a spinal disc slips (herniate, bulge, or protrude) compresses the sensitive nerve fibers as they exit the neck. Nerves control the functions of muscles, ligaments, and of course: joints. An irritated nerve leads to tense muscles, ligaments, or painful joints. In short, a pinched nerve in the neck can cause neck pain, pain in the shoulders, arms, and even headaches and migraines. Thus, if you have headaches and migraines that persist or keep returning, we can help.

chiropractic treatment of the headaches & migraines shownOur Clinical Chiropractors & Physiotherapists Are Experts At Treating Migraines & Headaches

We encourage headache and migraines sufferers to visit our centers for root-cause analysis. Once the root cause is identified, we get busy fixing it. Call us today to reclaim your life. Don’t ignore headaches and migraines; we can help.

Treatments at a Chiropractic Specialty Center® by our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists have helped thousands of patients recover faster. We have successfully treated many that suffered from headaches and migraines without drugs or injections. Our chiropractors’ success is due to our understanding of this debilitating condition. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists have mastered many non-operative clinical and therapeutic procedures, and as a result, we can provide you with a better level of care. We have succeeded when others have failed.

The Foods & Other Related Causes

Headaches and migraines can have multiple triggers, and one of them is related to the type of food or drinks that we consume. Among the most common cause of migraines is alcohol consumption. Some people may have migraines due to the sulfite put in red wine for preservation. Besides that, alcohol can also start a rush of blood to your brain while dehydrating your body, inducing migraines. Like alcohol, caffeine also dehydrates your body, thus, increasing the probability of a migraine or a headache. When taking caffeine or alcohol, we encourage you not to drink, especially alcohol. But, if you insist, then at least drink plenty of water afterward to replenish the loss of water that has taken place.

Foods high in Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) are also dangerous, leading to severe headaches and migraines. A range of symptoms may follow, such as dizziness, pulsing pain on both sides of your head, stomach pain, or burning aches along your upper torso region. Cheese and dairy products are good sources of calcium and protein. When eating certain forms of aged cheeses, people tend to experience migraines because of the high level of tyramine (a natural chemical found in aged cheese).

Tyramine is a natural product often found in aged or fermented foods such as cheese, smoked fish, cured meats, pickles, olives, processed meats, nuts, and beans.

Preservatives & Additives And Your Headaches

Processed meat foods like bacon, lunch meats, and hot dogs are rich in nitrates. Nitrates are preservatives added to keep the meat fresh for a longer period. But, yet if you are sensitive to nitrates, it may lead to the dilation of blood vessels in the brain, causing headaches. Carbonated drinks can also trigger headaches and migraines because of a sweetener called aspartame.

Other foods, which may trigger headaches and migraines but to a lesser extent, would be chocolate, cultured dairy products, yeast, figs, raisins, and avocados. Still, you must remember that it is not the type of food you eat but its quantity. As it is said about life, everything must be in moderation. When you realize a particular food or beverage triggers a headache or migraine, it is best to limit consumption. Furthermore, Irregular eating schedules and bad eating habits can also cause headaches. Having a healthy balanced lifestyle is the key. Any additional stress, lack of sleep, or delayed mealtimes can cause an episode for people who suffer from chronic migraines.

What Is The Best Treatment For Headache & Migraine Sufferers in Malaysia?

By now, you should have a better idea of the possible cause of your headaches. However, if the cause is still elusive, don’t worry. We can help. The chiropractors and physiotherapists of Chiropractic Specialty Center® have one goal: to get patients better. We take care of every patient and give them 100% to help them recover faster. The faster our patients recover, the better we feel. For us, it is about helping our fellow humankind and job satisfaction. Our clinical success is better than 95%. In other words, we succeed when others fail.

They say success is addictive. Well, we do believe that. We can attest to the saying. The more our team succeeds, the better our team feel! So, now they want more. It is just that simple. So, we keep up with the latest research and training day. Regularly training and studying to keep up with the latest methods of treatments. So, rest assured, we are the center that you need for holistic (comprehensive) headache and migraine treatments. There are no shortcuts to success, and as such, we will take the time to evaluate you thoroughly and ONLY then implement corrective actions.

Our Advanced Methods GIves You The Lasting Relief You Need!

chiropractic & physiotherapy sessions

We add value to our chiropractic and physiotherapy sessions by treating you through specialized forms of modalities and trigger point therapy. In addition to manual and machine-provided care, we will provide you with customized rehabilitative exercises to help your recovery. Our goals are to give our patients lasting relief!

Best of all, these procedures will not hurt; some even consider them relaxing. We have the most experienced clinical team in treating the spine, joints, and sports injuries.

The Chiropractic Specialty Center® Difference

We use the best and most precise techniques that chiropractic and physiotherapy offer at our centers. Best of all, we do it all without the side effects of those nasty painkillers. Also, we combine the care you get from our chiropractors and physiotherapists with treatments on highly sophisticated therapy devices and advanced technology. We are the non-operative center you need for holistic, non-invasive treatment.

Most importantly, the procedures and treatments we offer in painless. You will find it most relaxing. We have the most clinical experience in the spine, joints, and sports injuries. This is why we are the most experienced and the best chiropractic center in Malaysia. At CSC, you get the best treatment for headaches and migraines.

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