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All About Preventive Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Treatments

Prevention is the ultimate way of staying healthy and fit. Understand the importance of preventive chiropractic care combined with physiotherapy care.

Preventive Chiropractic Is Essential To Spine & Joint Health

Human nervous system chartStaying fit and healthy is a goal we all share. However, few go for it. I mean, really, go for it! To stay fit and healthy, you will need all your organs, muscles, nerves, ligaments, joints, and spine to work well. As long as things are working well, you should do well.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® has treated over 20,000 patients who suffered from the spine, joints, and sports injuries over the last 15-years. We are the best chiropractic and physiotherapy center in Malaysia. Our methodology and technology are superior to competing physiotherapy and chiropractic centers. As a result, we achieve greater success! But even with our level of expertise, preventive care is essential once you have completed your treatments with us.

Our preventive chiropractic care and is combined with physiotherapy treatments. Our preventive care aims to avoid complications, flare-ups, or reinjury. We do this by having you come back for full or partial treatment once a month or quarterly. Patients who continue with our maintenance or preventive chiropractic care do better.

Why Should You Continue WIth Preventive Care?

It would help if you continued or opt for a preventive treatment program At chiropractic Specialty Center® because it is better for you. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure! Our preventive physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment are to avoid flare-ups or worsening. The decision to opt for a preventive program is yours, but we encourage you to opt for it.

What Happens If You Discontinue Your Care Once You Feel Better?

Well, for one thing, the pain may come back. Feeling no Pain is not a sign of Good Health. There are conditions in which the pain goes away very quickly, but the cause remains. One great example is a slipped disc. Far too many times, neck pain and back pain caused by a herniated disc disappear only to return. Often, when it comes back, the severity heightens. Thus, so the need for holistic care. Holistic treatments are difficult to achieve especially if you discontinue your care too soon.

Our centers pride themselves on our accurate diagnosis abilities targeted holistic treatments of even challenging conditions. Our goals are to get rid of your pain, correct the underlying issues discovered during your assessments, improve and stabilize you holistically so that the pain never returns. We want all our patients to achieve 100% recovery, and that is only possible when we get rid of the cause of their condition. We have the highest success rate for degenerated discs, bulging discs, and herniated discs.

Our care methods are proven; we ask our patients to comply with their treatment regimens. Clinical success takes effort; we are readily available to help you. So, your compliance with the treatment plan is critical to your complete recovery. Thus, to avoid future recurrences or worsen your condition, we ask you not to discontinue your care until completing the entire therapy program.

Thus, so we plead with all our current and potential patients to take measures and keep with our recommendations.

Our job is to get you better, and we will not do it without your help. Chiropractic treatments at Chiropractic Specialty Centers are through a team effort: our chiropractors in Malaysia, our physiotherapists, and our patients. We all have a role to play, and success comes when everyone involved keeps up with the therapy plan and goals. There are no shortcuts. Believe us, and we would have been the first to implement them. So, if you discontinue your care earlier than our recommendations, you may not recover fully. You will have a flare-up of your condition. Keep in mind that each flare-up damages tissues and nerves more. Please, help us, help you more by keeping with our recommended treatment plan.

Besides the fact that we‘ll miss you, you‘ll predispose yourself to relapse. Symptoms are the last thing to show up and the first thing to leave. Muscles and ligaments supporting the spine complete their healing after symptoms subside. We warn all our patients about frequent recurrence when they don’t follow our treatment plan.

We have always encouraged our patients to finish their recommended treatments session for a full recovery. There are times that the pain subsides while the actual cause (problems) persists. This fact alone is sufficient reason we encourage all our patients to complete our recommended treatment program.

Far too many times patient return when they stop treatments prematurely. The same may happen to you if you discontinue your care too Soon.

Please take our advice. We are your helpers, and we have dedicated ourselves to make sure that you recover from the pain. If you discontinue your care too soon, we can help if the pain returns.

The chiropractors and physiotherapists of Chiropractic Specialty Centers work tirelessly to ensure patient recovery. Some of our patients suffer from knee problems, while others have a shoulder or a slipped disc. Each patient’s condition is unique, requiring customized treatment plans and programs. The treatment plan establishes one goal: to get our patients better as fast as possible.

Our goal is to make our patients happy. Happy patients are satisfied patients. We want nothing less than our patients’ satiation. In return, we ask for ONLY one thing from our patient: Keep up with our recommendations if you want a complete recovery.

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