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How Does The Medication Find The Pain?

Understand why painkillers will not cure spine and joint pain and why you need focused therapies that repair the root cause of your pain.

Can Pain Meds Cure you? How Does Dedication Find The Pain?

chiropractic examination of back pain patientsHow does it locate the pain? In short, it doesn’t! We can stop there and go on to the next topic, but please bear with us to explain the harmful impact medication has on your body. Please keep in mind that, unlike other chiropractors, we are not opposed to medication but rather against the continued abuse of drugs.

Far too many are abusing medication today. Perhaps it is the new normal. Perhaps it is all those television showing young, good-looking, healthy people popping in painkillers. Excessive intake of painkillers can kill! That is harsh, but it is a simple truth.

So, how does the medication find the pain? Well, it can‘t! Drugs are dumb. When you ingest a prescription of any kind, it enters the bloodstream circulating through and affecting the entire body. Then your liver and kidneys swing into action in an attempt to remove this foreign substance from your body.

If you are in pain, medication can provide relief. Abuse of drugs can lead to more problems. If you are hurt, we can help. We offer the best chiropractic treatments in Malaysia backed by clinical physiotherapy. However, you may need medication to stabilize your condition. We always encourage all our patients never to self-medicate and always consult your pharmacist and family doctor before taking medication. In short, how does the medication find the pain? Well, I think we have covered this pretty well.

Use Chemicals Only When There Is A Need.

Far too many are reaching quickly for that Panadol. We are fast becoming a “Pill-Popping” society. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your family. They need you around for as long as possible. So, take better care of your body. Start by stopping painkiller abuse. Keep in mind that there is no mild or innocent painkiller.

Your kids are watching you popping pills here and there. And soon, they will pick up the same habits. Far too many teenagers are popping Panadol, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and other over-the-counter medication, just because they have seen their parents do the same. Just as with the kids of smokers who start smoking, so do the kids of pill poppers.

Lead by example! Talk to kids and let them know the medication rules. Just because they are purchased over the counter, it doesn’t make them safe. Let them know about the benefits and harm. Please share this post with many friends and family members; their life and well-being might depend on it.

So, while neck pain, back pain, and joint pain can feel so bad as though as they can kill, but they will never kill. However, a medication that treats neck pain, back pain, or sports injuries can kill hundreds of thousands. Don’t become a statistic. If you are hurt or in pain, call us, don‘t cover it up.

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