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Which Organs Are Extra?

The Impact Of Cutting & Throwing Away Boday Part

Which organs are Extra? It almost sounds too stupid to answer. However, we deemed it needs asking as so many are willingly lining up for elective surgical intervention that does little good in the long-term. Which Organs are extra? None! It is as simple and as short as that. So, stop cutting and throwing away body parts. Thus, so avoid surgery whenever possible, especially when an alternative route is available. Even a partial fix is better than chucking them away!

I happen to believe our maker didn‘t give us spare parts. There was a time when just about everyone had his or her tonsils removed. Since then, we‘ve come to learn that they are a vital part of our immune system. It turns out that the appendix plays a significant role in the digestive process. Yes, you can survive removing a gallbladder or with only one kidney, but true health is when you have all your parts.

Which Organs are Extra

Are There Extra Bone & Joints?

Don‘t let the surgeon take away parts when it is fixable. If you have been diagnosed with a spinal disc disorder such as a herniated disc, protruded disc, extruded disc, or prolapsed disc (forms of a slipped disc), we can help. We have the experts and the technology to treat you better.

The doctors of chiropractic and physiotherapists of Chiropractic Specialty Centers have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to treat even the most difficult and challenging spinal conditions. We believe that each neck pain, back pain, and sportsperson with an injury should try their absolute best to recover through a non-surgical means before even thinking of surgical intervention. As the saying goes, once cut, never the same again. So, never cut, never discard if salvageable. Therefore, we encourage you always to fix what is repairable, cutting, and chucking it should be reserved to part the dead and irreversibly damaged parts.

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