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Clinical Chiropractic Treatment made better with Clinical Physiotherapy

by | Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

BEST of Chiropractic Therapy in Malaysia

Our methods of Chiropractic Therapy produce results even if others have failed. The difference between us and others is not just our chiropractors, but also, our technology and our clinical team of physiotherapists. We are Malaysia’s first and genuinely collaborative team of chiropractors and physiotherapists that work side-by-side for the greater good. We initiated our Collaborative Clinical team in 2008 and since have improved many areas; enabling us to achieve better results than ever before.

We have discovered that a Chiropractic therapy (better known as the Chiropractic Adjustment” or “Chiropractic Treatment”) is more effective when coupled with services of experienced clinical physiotherapists. In our centers, you will find teams of clinical chiropractors that work side-by-side with our clinical physiotherapists. Together, we have achieved greater results. Together, we have helped those that other could not. Our successes increased again when we introduced advanced technology. Today, Chiropractic Specialty Centers offer the best and most efficient clinical chiropractic and clinical physiotherapy backed with treatment rendered on advanced technology. Visit a center near you and reclaim your life back. Our clinical team of experts can handle even the most complicated spine or joint condition. If you are in pain, we can Help!

Chiropractic Specialty Centers offer research-based chiropractic therapy backed by clinical physiotherapy. Both Physiotherapy and Chiropractic are non-invasive (non-surgical) manual therapies that deal heavily with body structures and functions. Both methods of care have the same goals: minimize pain and improve overall body functions without the use of medication, surgeries or injections. Let’s look at how they work so that you can choose the better option.


chiropractic treatment for neck painTargeted Chiropractic Treatment and a Chiropractor’s Adjustments in Malaysia

Our Chiropractors are the non-surgical experts you need for a speedy recovery. Chiropractic treatments rendered in our centers is designed to correct the cause of your condition. The treatment you receive in one of our centers starts by seeing our chiropractor. Once our Chiropractor has identified the cause, he or she will prepare a treatment plan. The prepared treatment plan will include both chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments.  In our centers, we combine treatment from both fields for greater results. As a result of our collaborative methods of the spine and joint care, we have attained results when others have failed.

The Chiropractic therapy (treatments) given to you will depend on your condition. We will use the best and most effective procedure when we treat you. However, we are not big on twisting and popping patients. We ONLY treat (Adjust) segments that require treatments. Chiropractic treatment (chiropractic therapy or adjustment) given in our centers doesn’t involve twisting or popping of joints. Our clinical team of chiropractors uses non-aggressive methods that are safer, gentler and extremely useful. We have a very focused, highly specialized system of the spine and joint adjustments. It is our focused, targeted adjustments that deliver results even when other chiropractors fail.


Clinical Physiotherapy Enhances our Chiropractic Therapy Methods

Our Clinical Physiotherapists pay particular attention to movement and function. They frequently work in partnership with their patients, assisting them to overcome sports injuries, spinal disc related problems (slipped disc), movement disorders, which may have been present from birth, acquired through accident or injury, or are the result of aging or life-changing events. Treatment plan often includes exercises, stretches and a handful of therapeutic devices depending on the presenting condition.

Chiropractic Specialty Centers have clinical teams of physiotherapists and chiropractors working under one roof to serve residents of Klang Valley, with the best care possible. Our centers have special interests in treating sports injuries, slipped disc and all sorts of disc-related conditions. Our collaborative teams coupled with the latest technology for spine and joint ensure you get the most efficient care for your health concerns at one of our centers in Malaysia. Call or visit one of our centers today. If in pain, we can help.  Call us today for the BEST Chiropractic Therapy in Malaysia.



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