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Back pain and neck pain will heal faster with exercise programs that are target and condition specific

Spinercise for Back Pain Exercise TreatmentExercise

For centuries, therapeutic exercise has played a significant role in treatments of muscles & joints. However, for the most part, the success achieved varied from center to center. Improper exercise is the number one reason why an exercise rehabilitation program fails.

Simply put, rehabilitative prescribed by the unlearned clinician could have little to no impact on your condition. Sadly, those that lack knowledge of exercise, physiotherapy and rehabilitation fields tend to avoid giving activities to their patient altogether. This injustice is inflicted on patients throughout the world on a daily basis.

In addition to the lack of knowledge, the variations of success have a direct relationship to implementation. In other words, while exercise is helpful, it can also be damaging. Therefore, it all depends on the type of workouts, when it is initiated and for how long. For the purpose of illustration, we have chosen to use the spine in our examples. However, please keep in mind that it can occur in any joint at any time.

Our bodies are excellent at adapting to the environment we place it in. However, if we look back on our lives, most of us sat in school for 12 years, and then maybe we went to university and sat some more. If you happen to work at a computer, you sit even more. If this is not bad enough, we sit on our way to work and on our way home (in the car), and when we get home we sit until it’s time to sleep!


In-depth Therapeutic Exercises

By the time we are 40, our body has gotten used to sitting, and our muscles are most comfortable in the sitting position. But all that sitting can cause some physical changes that, in turn, can lead to postural dysfunctions. If left alone long enough, these postural dysfunctions will cause muscle weakness and ligament weakness, leading to structural changes that could prematurely wear the spinal joints and spinal discs. It may even lead to chronic and debilitating neck and back pain as a result of disc herniations (slip disc).

Therapeutic exercise is beneficial only if it is prescribed timely and administered correctly. If the exercises are prescribed to soon, it may lead to further damage and malfunction. And when given too late, the outcomes may be delayed or perhaps limited.

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists have in-depth knowledge of therapeutic exercises, its proper usage, and its implementations. Often, we start our patients with mild forms of regular stretching and strengthening. Therefore, as the patient improves, he or she is given a more intense and vigorous exercise session. Each patient is unique, and we design and prescribe the therapeutic exercise to match patient condition. We take pride in what we do; there are no cookie-cutter exercises given randomly for the sake of doing.


Exercise RehabilitationExercise Rehabilitation at a Chiropractic Specialty Center

Exercise rehabilitation is the critical component of your treatment plan. Our Center will customize a specific plan for your therapeutic needs. Our goal is to get you better as fast as possible. But, we don’t stop there; we take steps to ensure that the improvements you sustain are long-lasting. And, that is where our clinical teams come in. We do more for you compared to other centers. Our methods are comprehensive, and as such, our patients get better faster. In fact, we succeed when others fail! Our methods, systems, and technology have made it possible for us to succeed when others fail.

The therapeutic exercises at our center are either through the use of stretches, range-of-motion exercises, Thera-bands®, Gym ball, weights and even Pilate‘s. Regardless of the type, rest assured that we will initiate and implement the proper form of rehabilitation specific to your condition.We ask all our patients and those who wish to be our patients to inform us of their athletic activities. Additionally, please make certain that you get competent medical advice before initiation of an exercise program.

Should you have any questions about exercise or rehabilitation, please contact our office to set up an assessment with our research-based clinical teams of Chiropractic in Malaysia. We ask all our patients and those who wish to be our patients to inform us of their athletic activities. Additionally, please make certain that you get advice from our clinical Chiropractors in Malaysia before initiation of an exercise program.

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