Best Neck Exercises Targeted & Focused For Faster Recovery

CSC Neck treatment program combined best neck exercises for faster recovery from neck pain. Neck pain is a gamechanger! Our award-winning chiropractic & physiotherapy center is on your side. Together, we shall defeat your life-changing neck problems; contact us now!

The Best Neck Pain, Neck Pain Exercises & Slip-Disc Treatment For Your Neck

neck and back chiropractic treatment

Far too many suffer needlessly from neck pain. Neck pain is the most rapidly growing health problem in Malaysia today. It is a significant health condition in adults, teenagers, and kids. The key to recovery is CSC’s targeted chiropractic treatments coupled with clinical physiotherapy & customized neck exercises. We aim to fix the actual causes of your neck pain.

Neck pain can result from slip-disc, joint malpositioning, muscle, or ligament weaknesses. Regardless of the reason, the need for targeted neck pain exercises is essential to a speedy recovery. Exercise is the perfect solution for a healthy, active life. But, rehabilitation must be focused and targeted for those who suffer from neck pain, slip-disc or scoliosis.

So, the first step is to get your spine thoroughly evaluated before you initiate an exercise treatment program for your neck. And most important, don’t just turn to the so-called Youtube experts. You can undoubtedly watch them but talk to one of our clinical non-surgical experts before you start them. Consult one of our top-rated chiropractors if you are experiencing an acute episode of neck pain or neck pain that runs to the upper back. An injured neck should not due to exercises in acute stages.

The best option for acute or severe neck pain is a CSC customized neck treatment plan that includes exercises. On this page, we will provide background information on neck pain and a slipped disc. Our goal is to help our community live healthier, more active lives.

How Common Is Neck Pain?

Medical research from the United States of America has stated that about 70% of the population will complain of neck pain. Think about it; you need to do all that you can to avoid being one of these neck pain sufferers. No matter how bad you imagine, the pain can be, neck pain can get worse. It is debilitating for millions. For some, it can become life-threatening. Don’t wait until you have pain.

Even more important, don’t ignore the pain if you are a sufferer. Our neck pain patients receive specialized care from teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists. Our patients are given specific neck pain exercises and slip disc treatment exercises for faster recovery in addition to our customized integrative therapeutic options.

Get Targeted Neck Slip-Disc Treatment Combined With Customized Neck Exercises

Neck pain exercises and slip disc treatment exercises prescribed by our clinical team will depend on your condition. We will start your exercise program with lighter rehabilitation plans and progress to more challenging workouts as your condition improves. Our physiotherapists will work closely with our chiropractors in KL to ensure that you get the proper neck pain exercises. Regardless of the severity of your health condition, rest assured that we can help.

Neck pain can result from a host of issues and disorders. We can write a whole book on the subject. But, based on our collective experiences, we adamantly believe that the vast majority of neck pain patients are those that have soft tissue disorders. Soft tissue disorders include disc bulges, disc herniations, disc extrusions, collectively referred to as a “Slip Disc.” But soft tissue disorders can also include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules of the neck. Don’t let neck pain lead to disability or, worse, get treated at Malaysia’s top-rated physio & chiro-zone today.

Our Targeted Neck Exercise Program & Neck Pain Treatment Neck Will Ease Your Discomfort Or Pain

Neck pain and slip disc are all too common. Perhaps, it is all due to our increased dependencies on our handheld devices. Today, the young and the elderly spend far too much time on cell phones and pads. In short, we spend countless hours with our heads and necks in flexed positions. Well, prolonged downward flexion of the head and neck can impact your spinal joints, spinal discs, and of course, the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) of the neck.

Excessive and prolonged postures that put your neck in a flexed position can even cause nerve damage—muscle and ligament weakness impact other, more sensitive structures, including your spinal nerves and spinal cord.

The most common soft tissue disease (disorder) that we have noticed is where the spinal muscles have atrophied. Weakness in muscles and ligaments is the number one reason why many people develop a slipped disc. The spinal disc is a ligament. So, when there are problems with the soft tissues, it can easily lead to spinal disc issues.

To avoid problems with your neck, you must maintain proper posture during sleep or work. In addition to good posture, muscle and ligament strength are critical. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The key to avoiding complications such as slip disc, neck surgery, paralysis, or worse, is muscle and ligament well-being. The best way to avoid unnecessary surgical procedures on your neck is to prevent neck pain altogether.

How To Avoid Neck & Back Pain?

Avoiding neck pain and neck problems is not too difficult. For starters, mind your posture. If you happen to work at a computer, make sure the monitor is at an appropriate height for you.

Furthermore, avoid prolonged positions that require you to have your head and neck in either flexion or extension. Once you have accomplished these tasks, improve the strength and mobility of your neck. Maintain a healthy muscle and soft tissue tone is essential.

We have included in this section of our site a few neck exercises that you can do. Please get familiar with them. We recommend that you print and bring these exercises with you on your next evaluation or consultation with us. Please make sure that we have had a chance to evaluate your condition before initiating any exercise problem. For those of you suffering from back pain, please visit our back pain exercises page. However, before you start an exercise program, please visit one of our chiropractors today. It is always better to get professional advice before an exercise program.

We Are The Non-Surgical Experts You Need For Corrective Neck Treatment In Malaysia

The chiropractors and physiotherapists of Chiropractic Specialty Center® are the non-surgical experts for neck pain and neck problems. Please ensure that we have had sufficient time to evaluate your condition before you sign on to aggressive or invasive procedures. We might be able to treat your health condition naturally on an outpatient basis. NSD Therapy® is our secret weapon against neck or back pain. Our clinical team has helped even those with severe slipped disc cases (spondylosis in the neck), disc degenerations, and arthritis. We can help you too. Call our main office in Bukit Damansara for more information today.

If or when you develop any pain or problems with your neck, get professional help immediately. When we say professional advice, we mean chiropractic or physiotherapy evaluations. Surgical consultation should occur when all else fails. 

Sample Exercises for Neck Stiffness & Pain:

rotational neck exercisesNeck Exercise 1:

Starting Position: Sitting or standing with good posture.

Exercise: Slowly turn your head to the right and attempt to look over your right shoulder. Then, slowly turn your head to the left and try to look over your left shoulder. Return to the starting position.

Bending neck exercises

Sidebending Therapeutic Maneuver for the Neck 2:

Starting Position: Sitting or standing with good posture.

Exercise: Slowly tilt your head to the right and bring your right ear toward your right shoulder. Return to starting position and do the same on the left.

isometric neck exercise

Gentle Neck Rotation and Mobilization 3:

Starting Position: place your right palm on your right temple

Exercise: Gently turn your head to the right into your right hand. Your hand should resist any movement of your head. Start with light pressure, build to maximal force, then return to light pressure.

side-bending exercise for the neckIsometric Strengthening of Neck Muscles 4:

Starting Position: place your right palm over your right ear

Exercise: Gently tilt your head to the right into your right hand. Your hand should resist any movement of your head. Start with light pressure, build to maximal force, then return to light pressure.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions on targeted and focused neck exercises. Our aim is to help you towards a faster recovery with neck exercises you can do at home.

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