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Opt For The Best Shoulder Impingement Treatment In Malaysia

Shoulder Impingement treatment in our centers is through targeted means of clinical chiropractic, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and advanced technology-specific for the shoulder. If you want the best, call us today!

illustration of the shoulder jointShoulder Impingement, Symptoms, Cause & Treatment Options

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a condition where tendons or ligaments of the shoulders are compressed, irritated, or pinched in shoulder joints or bones of the shoulders. The most commonly affected muscles in shoulder compression or impingement are the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles. Tendons are cords or bands of connective tissues that attach muscles to bones. The rotator cuffs are a group of four muscles that stabilize and move the shoulders.

Shoulder impingement typically described as pain in the shoulder with the lifting of the arm. Compression or impingement of the soft tissues (mostly tendons) results in persistent pain, limitation of movement, and loss of stability in the affected shoulder joint.

With compression, pain results when the rotator cuff tendons or a bursa that rubs against the acromion process with the lifting of the arm. Persistent irritation to the tendons or other tissues causes inflammation. Over time, the affected tendons or soft tissues develop rotator cuff tendinitis, and the inflamed bursa will develop into shoulder bursitis.

Neglect of rotator cuff tendinopathy may lead to degenerative changes and even tears. Therefore, timely diagnosis and targeted treatments are needed to avoid lengthy shoulder disorders and surgery.

Shoulder impingement caused by collarbone.

Symptoms Of An Impingement Syndrome

Symptoms of shoulder compression or impingement vary among individuals. Pain can occur at the front, top or back of the shoulder joint. Symptoms’ location and severity are dependent on the nature of compression as well as the site of impingement or compression.

However, in some cases, the pain may radiate to the arm or elbow. Some patients will complain of having difficulty in carrying out daily tasks such as removing their shirt or lifting their shoulders. In more severe cases, some patients even experience pain while sleeping on the affected arm, which disturbs their sleep. Whereas some patients only feel the pain when they lift heavy objects.

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Various treatments used for spine, joint and shoulder impingementBest Clinical Non-surgical Treatment For Shoulder Pain & Impingements

Impingement or compression syndromes in shoulders can occur at any age to anybody. However, it is more likely to occur in people who perform repetitive overhead activities such as swimming, weightlifting, or badminton. Occupations that require overhead lifting above shoulder level are also at higher risk of developing rotator cuff impingement. Therefore, impingement syndromes in shoulders are also more common as one age. The rotator cuff tendons degenerate with age, and they become less flexible and elastic. With constant rubbing against tendons of the rotator cuff will lead to tears. Can happen which can be extremely painful to perform simple necessary daily activities.

If not treated immediately, the impingement can be a nuisance. As mentioned, in severe cases, patients will have difficulty in performing the simplest task, and it can permanently affect one’s lifestyle. Our centers offer effective non-invasive therapeutic measures that address shoulder disorder, including the impingement syndromes. Treatments offered at the Chiropractic Specialty Centers® are through the best clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists in Malaysia. Let our expert spine and joint specialists help you recover from shoulder pain or injury, as neglect will almost always lead to more significant issues. Contact us now to book an appointment with our  Malaysia’s top corrective chiropractor to know how you can get rid of shoulder impingement with our highly effective treatments